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Erding turns 0: 4 behind


Both decisive hits are doubled.

Both decisive hits are doubled.


Erding– The gladiators demonstrated great morale on Sunday evening. After a 4-0 deficit they came back again. In the end they won at EHF Passau with 6: 5 (1: 4, 3: 0, 2: 1) goals.

When the gladiators left the ice after the first third, they didn't know why they were 1-4 behind. They had delivered a fight at eye level to the Lower Bavarians for 20 minutes. But the host was smarter. While the Erdinger failed twice due to goalie Clemens Ritschel, the second in the table struck immediately. Christoph Schedlbauer had only been able to deflect a shot from the blue line forward. Dominik Schindlbeck was there and scored the 1-0. It was annoying 0-2 when Lars Bernhardt lost the puck in the forward movement, which immediately punished Christoph Gawlik (7th). The result lasted ten minutes, then a covert shot by the Czech Jan Sybek struck the Erdinger box. The 4: 0 was a brilliant crash from Benedikt Böhm from five meters in a central position. Schedlbauer was powerless again. But Erding did not put up. Florian Zimmermann outnumbered a Passau pass. He ran alone to Ritschel and pushed the puck through the schooners of the goalie to 1: 4 (19th).

It was the start of a great race to catch up. The gladiators had already come back against Passau after a 0: 3. It got even more dramatic this time. Mark Waldhausen shot the target near the blue line towards the gate. And Marko Babic finally extended it to 2: 4 on the net. Then it was Christian Poetzel who turned the Passauer Tor in Powerplay and put it back on Zimmermann, who marked the 3: 4 (33.) one day after his 27th birthday. A double outnumber seemed to stop the chase. No way! When the fourth Erdinger was back on the ice, Passau made the next bad pass. Philipp Michl pulled from the outside in the middle and outwitted the goalie with a body deception. 4: 4 - everything in there again.

Then the final third: Patrick Geiger shot a low shot from the blue line to 5: 4 in the Erdinger Tor (44th). But the gladiators still got their chance. They patiently played a double overpower until Mark Waldhausen was free and scored 5: 5 in the corner. Passau had to serve another sentence - still five against three. This time Daniel Krzizok took the chance. With his goal of 6: 5, he actually turned the drama into a happy ending.

Goals / Assists: 1: 0 (5./5-4) Schindlbeck (Sulcik, Kreuzer), 2: 0 (7./5:4) Gawlik (Sulcik), 3: 0 (17.) Sybek (Kreuzer, Stettmer ), 4: 0 (18.) Böhm (Fischer), 4: 1 (19./4-5) Zimmermann, 4: 2 (24./5-4) Babic (Michl), 4: 3 (33./ 5-4) Zimmermann (Lachner, Lorenz); 4: 4 (40./4:5) Michl (Babic), 5: 4 (44.) Geiger (Gawlik) 5: 5 (57./5:3.) Waldhausen (Michl) 5: 6 (58./ 5: 3) Krziziok (Michl) - penalty minutes: EHF 26, TSV20 - spectators: 926.

Source: merkur

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