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At the banquet: Rummenigge with a special gesture towards Flick - has his future now been clarified?


With Hansi Flick as coach, FC Bayern is back on the master course. Can he stay longer? The boss of the record master's board now praised Flick in the highest tones.

With Hansi Flick as coach, FC Bayern is back on the master course. Can he stay longer? The boss of the record master's board now praised Flick in the highest tones.

  • Hansi Flick took over as head coach at Bayern from Niko Kovac in November.
  • The FCB coach will have his job until the end of the season, and a decision on whether to continue will be taken in May.
  • Bavaria flourished again under Hansi Flick - now Karl-Heinz Rummenigge praised him.

Update from February 26, 2020, 3:05 p.m .: If Hansi Flick would remain Bayern coach, he would be a distant successor to Pep Guardiola. He meets Real Madrid with ManCity in the Champions League on Wednesday evening. We accompany this cracker in the live ticker. After the gala against Chelsea the shock for Bayern: Robert Lewandowski has been injured and has been out for weeks. Meanwhile, Hertha BSC is simply not at rest. A recently leaked diary by Jürgen Klinsmann shows what the former Bayern professional really thinks about Hertha.

Bayern: Rummenigge with a special gesture towards Hansi Flick - future clarified?

Update of February 26: Special gesture at a special time: Bayern coach Hansi Flick had to wait until late after midnight after the 3-0 gala over Chelsea to be given a birthday present by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge . The CEO of Bayern took his traditional banquet speech after the Champions League games as an opportunity to hand over a small but nice present to Flick: a red pen!

For his birthday, Hansi Flick gets a red pencil from Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. “This is used to sign papers,” says Rummenigge with a smile. A murmur goes through the hall. The new contract? Probably just a matter of form! #fcbayern @SPORTBILD @BILD_Sport

- Tobias Altschäffl (@ altobelli13) February 25, 2020

"You use it to sign papers," added Rummenigge , and there was a murmur through the hall. Flick , who up to now had given prayer wheel-like answers to questions about his future that he only wanted to concentrate on the upcoming tasks at Bayern and did not want to speculate about a future connection contract, now seems to be particularly firmly in the saddle with Bayern . A new contract is only a matter of form after this special gesture by Rummenigge.

As already mentioned, Bayern celebrated a deserved win at Chelsea. After the game, Thomas Müller was also in a good mood - and caused a lot of laughter in the Sky interview.

Here is the banquet speech by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge:

“First of all, I would like to congratulate the team and the coaching team, because today was a Mardi Gras as we wanted it - it was great! You get the impression that when you come to London, they like us.

Since 2013 when we won the Champions League here against Borussia Dortmund, when we played 7-2 against Tottenham a few months ago and now 3-0 - this is a city that we like. She likes Bayern Munich and we can get a lot of strength from it for the next weeks and months. We need it without a question.

I don't want to pour water into the wine now, but: We have important weeks ahead of us. On Saturday away game in Hoffenheim, then on Tuesday DFB Cup on Schalke. These are all groundbreaking games that we now have in front of our chest. And with 3: 0 in the Champions League we made a huge step towards the quarter-finals. That is still our big goal, we have to finalize it now in Munich.

FC Bayern: Banquet speech by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the wording

I think the team will succeed. But I think you just have to keep your focus and will high so that by the end of this year you can still achieve the great goals we have in mind at the end of the day. You have a great character, you saw that again tonight. And I think this great character will take you far if you continue in the style.

We had a birthday yesterday: Our trainer has turned 55. That is a good age. We started off last night, but I would like to give him a little present this evening: Dear Hansi, congratulations, all the best. For those who don't know what's in the red packet - it's a pen and sometimes with FC Bayern pens you also sign papers. I wish you all the best (whispers go through the audience), keep it up, do it well. Stay as you are, we are very, very satisfied with how the team plays, how the team also the results and also with the football that they celebrate here. ”

Hansi Flick at FC Bayern: tennis legend full of praise

Update of February 25: Before the crash in the round of 16 of the Champions League between Chelsea and FC Bayern, tennis legend Boris Becker spoke about the future of coach Hansi Flick .

Before the game at Stamford Bridge , the 1985 Wimbledon winner told Sky : "He would have my vote." Becker also attested Flick "good work at a difficult club". Before the first knockout round at Stamford Bridge, Becker said: "I'm not doing well today." Becker is a big fan of both Chelsea and Bayern.

Before the game, there was apparently an incident at the stadium. FC Bayern fans probably wanted to get entry to the guest block without tickets. The police clarified the situation.

Bayern: Rummenigge praises Flick in high notes - "Like Pep, van Gaal and Heynckes"

Update from February 23: After Hansi Flick took over completely unsettled Bayern in early November, it suddenly went back to the record champions. The 54-year-old mastered the turn with the record champion and catapulted his team into first place in the table. Now the CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge found clear words about the success coach in the kicker .

Bayern under Flick: Rummenigge enthusiastic about flicks "to the team"

"He has a clear match plan," said Rummenigge. "The team is tactically aligned as with Louis van Gaal, Jupp Heynckes or Pep Guardiola, " praised the 310-times Bayern player coach Hansi Flick, under which Bayern went back to the "offensive, dominant ball possession football ".

"An important step was that with the coach Hansi Flick the FC Bayern philosophy came back into the team," said Rummenigge. Flick also "has an empathetic connection to the team and does it very well in public ." Contrary to all hymns of praise, a stay beyond the summer is not certain and should be discussed in May.

FC Bayern under flick: in a good position in all three competitions

Update from February 19: The sporting world at Bayern Munich could hardly be rosier at the moment. The German record champion dances at all three weddings, just as he expects of himself, and is at the forefront in the Bundesliga.

Self-image and self-awareness are celebrated on the square again. Excluding the difficult top game against RB Leipzig, the offensive machinery rolls inexorably. Munich have scored 20 goals in the remaining five games since the turn of the year.

FC Bayern under Hansi Flick unstoppable: Contract talks still on hold

Nevertheless, there is still no clarity on the coaching question . And Hansi Flick will obviously have to wait a long time before he knows how things will go in summer.

The (still) Bayern coach reacted almost astonished when SportBild had recently spoken to him about the plans of the club bosses at a press conference. "Beginning of May or end of May?", His astonished counter-question to the confrontation with the statement by FCB board member Herbert Hainer that he only wanted to deal with a possible contract extension in May .

FC Bayern apparently lets coach Hansi Flick fidget much longer than the 54-year-old likes. Behind the scenes, some things don't seem quite as pink as the sporting situation would make one believe.

Hansi Flick: FC Bayern bosses not completely convinced by the coach?

For one thing, it looks as if the Bayern bosses are still not 100 percent convinced of their trainer. Hansi Flick must first prove himself in the knockout games of the Champions League before you want to make him a coach in the long term. And that despite the record mark in the group stage.

Last winter Salihamidzic and Co. delayed the contract issue as long as possible. Only after the last round game was it clear: Hansi Flick will stay until summer.

According to SportBild , this is something that the former Löw Assistant * is really upset about. Does he have to get the triple before he can hope for a contract extension? Appreciation looks different, the paper quotes him.

Hansi Flick and Hasan Salihamidzic: The contract issue is probably also linked to their relationship

To make matters worse, the allegedly difficult relationship with FCB sports director Hasan Salihamidzic . Flick's public and vehement demand for winter access had triggered a transfer discussion, the traces of which have not yet been forgotten. It is also known that Salihamidzic had already made a commitment to the former Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino in autumn.

Is Bayern beating Hansi Flick? For the extension he probably needs titles

The club management hopes to keep the tension up with an unresolved contractual issue. The same applies to the stars, whose working papers expire in the summer. However, caution is advised, as this could spoil Hansi Flick . Some other clubs are said to have already contacted the Bayern coach , and some have even submitted an offer.

Hansi Flick and his future: Bayern suddenly under pressure

Update from February 13: FC Bayern Munich are still unbeaten in the second half of the season. Hertha, Schalke and Mainz were clearly dominated. There was a goalless draw in the top game against RB Leipzig last weekend. Next Sunday it's against 1. FC Köln.

One thing can finally be seen again at the record champions : the handwriting of the coach . But its future has not been clarified beyond the summer. Will Hansi Flick stay or not? Coach legend Jupp Heynckes demands in the kicker : "Basically, clarity is desirable until mid-March so that the club and the coach can schedule."

Triple-Jupp is not alone in this. Ottmar Hitzfeld also sees it similarly: "At the beginning of March it is ideal so that both sides can plan and concentrate on the essentials," says the "General" in the kicker .

There will be a special meeting for Hansi #Flick at #KOEFCB on Sunday. For both clubs he was a Bundesliga professional. #FCBayern #MiaSanMia

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 12, 2020

Bayern Munich: remains Hansi Flick coach of FCB?

The fact is: So far, the Bayern bosses have been very satisfied with the work of Flicks . But it is striking how the Bayern coach himself avoids the discussion. When it comes to topics for the coming season - especially transfers and team planning - Flick always avoids and claims that he would not deal with that at all.

Bayern would need clarity especially on the coaching bench if the top transfers (Sané, Havertz) and the planned contract extensions (Neuer, Müller) are to be implemented. We already have it in mid-February. So everything could happen very quickly now ...

At Hertha BSC, Klinsmann's chaos seems to be carefully considering the next steps. That became clear at the press conference.

Hansi Flick (FC Bayern): Hainer with a strange appeal to the coach - "Don't do this to me ..."


Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (left) and Herbert Hainer.

© dpa / Marius Becker

Update from February 9: Will interim coach Hansi Flick stay with Bayern? Herbert Hainer , president of FC Bayern for about three months, spoke about Flick in a picture interview. The ex-Adidas boss still seems to be convinced by the coach of the record champion. "We all see a steady upward trend since Hansi took office," said the 65-year-old. He had already "emphasized several times" that he wanted to continue working with Flick, but a final decision on how to proceed in the future is still pending. Hainer said: "We want to wait a while, but everything we've seen so far is excellent."

The Bayern president sees FC Bayern * in a good starting position in the championship fight before the game against RB Leipzig (all information in the live ticker). However, the players and the coach must win it. Hainer, who started his post just eleven days after Flick's promotion, now said that he approached Hansi Flick * with a special concern. "Don't do that to me that we won't be champions in my first season as president," Hainer asked the FCB temporary coach.

A world-famous trainer was a guest in the Allianz Arena. Wrapped up thick, he would have remained almost undetected, but in the end the TV cameras caught him.

While Bayern Munich played against RB Leipzig, Bayern fans demanded Dorothee Bär's departure. The politician is a member of the administrative advisory board.

Hansi Flick: Herbert Hainer speaks power word about staying with FCB

Update of February 4 : FC Bayern Munich has extremely stabilized under Hansi Flick . It only lasted three games in the new year - and the Reds greet again from the top of the table. In the Bundesliga you suddenly have the feeling that you have known for years: FC Bayern Munich * is dominance, sovereignty - and a victory against the record champions seems almost impossible.

The share of Hansi Flick * seems to be huge. But it has not yet been decided whether he will also be Bayern coach next season - or is everything clear now? President Herbert Hainer has now spoken a word of power.

Hansi Flick: Long-term contract with Bayern Munich? President Herbert Hainer speaks power word

“We want to play successful and enchanting football, like now under Hansi Flick. If he continues to win like this, there is no alternative, ”he said during a fan club visit last Sunday in Simbach, Lower Bavaria.

"I think he does an excellent job and I say that not only because we won the three games this year, but also because of the way we play," added Hainer. He had "rarely seen such a convincing Bayern victory as last against Schalke, where the opponent barely crossed the center line in the second half".

Hansi Flick: Will he stay at Bayern Munich? Results speak for him

CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had recently expressed a similarly positive opinion about the head coach. In addition, he already announced to Flick in December that from Bavaria's point of view he was also an option beyond the summer. He may even be able to greet Leroy Sané on Säbener Straße.

Captain Manuel Neuer again emphasized his high esteem for Flick, which he publicly praised from the start. It was different with him than under the predecessors, said the national goalkeeper. “Because he is a very communicative person - but not just towards me because we have known each other for so long, but also with all other players. He responds to everyone, tries to take everyone and make us better every day. ”Only winter newcomer Alvaro Odriozola under Flick should be anything but happy.

© @Manuel_Neuer in an interview with the # Säbener51 about his captaincy, Bayern-Dusel and half-time speeches. #MiaSanMia

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 4, 2020

Will the Bayern coach react to the statements on Tuesday? From 1.30 p.m., Flick will answer journalists' questions at the press conference before the DFB Cup match against Hoffenheim. The media round is accompanied by * in the live ticker. Flick also reported a shock during training at the PK - an offensive star broke his ankle.

Lothar Matthäus talks about the future of Hansi Flick - comparison with a Bayern legend

First announcement of January 16 : Munich - After Niko Kovac's release in early November, his assistant coach Hansi Flick took over the reins at Bayern Munich . After the weak ideas in autumn, the native of Heidelberg put the Reds back on the road to success.

Hansi Flick leads FC Bayern back on the road to success - discussions with Hasan Salihamidzic

Despite one of his record streak of four wins and 16 goals * from the first four games, his future is still in the balance. At least until the end of the season, he has the confidence of the Bayern bosses . The Munich team did not convince in every game under Flick, but overall the performance of the team stabilized.

ℹ️ Hansi Flick remains head coach of #FCBayern until the end of the season.

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) December 22, 2019

The coach, who laced his own shoes for the record champions from 1985 to 1990, is very popular with fans of the Reds. This is also because he gives young players from his own youth a chance, like Joshua Zirkzee, who also convinced with two goals.

Flick immediately took on his role as head coach * and publicly called for reinforcements for the thinned-out squad in the winter training camp in Qatar. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic didn't like that. He criticized Flick: “I was surprised by the media's management planning. I'm not a friend of that. "

Lothar Matthäus on Flick's future at Bayern: "Not an easy situation"

Shortly after his promotion, there is stress with the club leadership. A bad omen for collaboration beyond the summer? For former world footballer Lothar Matthäus , continued employment at Bayern also depends on the results: “That will be decided in the next four months. Of course, it is measured by results. If the success is there, and success does not only mean several titles, then Bavaria should continue with it. "

In an interview with the kicker , however, he clearly praised Flick and compared him to the young Jupp Heynckes : “He can convince the players, make them laugh. That is important in Munich. It is also about the atmosphere - one should not forget that it was not an easy situation for him. For example, to replace Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery. ”Bayern's bad start to the season didn't make it easier either. Nevertheless, Matthäus von Flick is convinced: "I trust Hansi to be a Bayern coach in the long term." In the kicker interview, Matthäus also spoke about the Nübel change to Bayern.

And Lothar Matthäus now also expressed his opinion about Hasan Salihamidzic. It doesn't seem too good.


* is part of the Ippen-Digital editors network

Bayern and Leipzig split 0-0 in the top game. Thomas Müller thinks he knows why nothing went forward in the end - and makes a statement about Joachim Löw.

Thomas Müller is back on top at FC Bayern and under Hansi Flick. However, his favorite coach in his many years at FCB is different.

FCB coach icon Ottmar Hitzfeld believes that a criticism of Hansi Flick actually speaks for him. He also makes a claim to a Bayern professional.

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Matthias Balk

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