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Bayern one size too big for Chelsea - the highlights of the FCB gala in the video


FC Bayern cleans in the first round of the Champions League Chelsea London. The first leg in our ticker for reading and the highlights in the video.

FC Bayern cleans in the first round of the Champions League Chelsea London. The first leg in our ticker for reading and the highlights in the video.

  • Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich 0-3 (0-0)
  • FC Bayern Munich clearly beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
  • Kingsley Coman had to be replaced injured.

Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich 0-3 (0-0), kick off 9pm, Stamford Bridge

Chelsea FC: Caballero - James, Rüdiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta (76. Pedro), Alonso - Kovacic, Jorginho - Barkley (61. Willian), Mount - Giroud (61. Abraham)

Bank: Kepa - Zouma, Gilmour - Emersom

Bayern Munich: Neuer - Pavard, Alaba, Boateng, Davies - Kimmich, Thiago (90th Goretzka), Müller - Gnabry (85th Tolisso), Lewandowski, Coman (66th Coutinho)

Bank: Ulreich - Odriozola, Hernandez - Zirkzee

Goals: 0: 1 Gnabry (51.), 0: 2 Gnabry (54.), 0: 3 Lewandowski (76.)

Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA)

+++ Update from February 26, 2020: On Wednesday there will be another cracker duel in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Real Madrid welcomes Manchester City - we also accompany the game in the live ticker. After the gala against Chelsea the shock for Bayern: Robert Lewandowski has been injured and has been out for weeks.

+++ Update from February 26, 2020: The press reviews about the game Chelsea vs. FC Bayern Munich were not good for Frank Lampard, but all the better for Hansi Flick.

+++ Update from February 26, 2020: After the game, there was a special gesture at the banquet speech by Bayern. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge subsequently gave Hansi Flick a gift that caused a stir in the hall and could also have an impact on Flick's future as a Bayer coach.

But not only the Bayern boss was in a good mood after the game, Thomas Müller also caused a lot of laughter in the Sky interview after the game at Chelsea.

+++ Update from February 26, 2020: What a gala! The Bavarians show a concentrated and courageous performance over almost the entire season and clean up the "Blues" at the end at Stamford Bridge with 3: 0. Here are the highlights of the game again.

Live ticker: Bayern one size too big for Chelsea

11.45 p.m .: This ends our live ticker of the match between Chelsea and FC Bayern Munich. We thank you for reading and wish you a nice week.

11.40 p.m .: Further information on Kingsley Coman's injury can be found here.

11.30 p.m .: Who was the best Bayern player against Chelsea? Vote here for your favorite.

23:01: For Robert Lewandowski, the hit is also a personal success. The Pole, who has often been accused of not knocking out in knockout matches, impressively silences his critics with a goal and two assists.

10:58 pm: The bottom line is that FC Bayern Munich was one size too big for Chelsea today. In the first half, Frank Lampard's team was able to keep up, but in the second half the Munich team went up a gear and almost dominated the Londoners.

10:54 p.m .: "Mr. London “personally gave Bayern the lead with a double pack. Robert Lewandowski prepared twice before Gnabry could put the ball in the goal. In the end it was the Pole himself who made it 3-0 after a world-class solo by Alphonso Davies.

FC Bayern gives Chelsea no chance: Gnabry double pack makes the decision

Turpin looks at the watch again and has seen enough. The game is over! FC Bayern Munich beats Chelsea 3-0 at Stamford Bridge and is already with one leg in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The Londoners would almost need a little miracle in the Allianz Arena to annoy the clearly superior Bayern again. The Londoners would need four goals in Munich in order to advance directly.

94.Minute: Bayern let the ball circle and seem happy with the result. Why not? With three away goals you can go into the second leg with confidence.

90th minute: Turpin has four minutes of replay.

90.Minute : Bayern let it spin quietly. Trainer Flick meanwhile pulls the third change option. Midfield engine Thiago is allowed to pick up the applause he deserves. Leon Goretzka comes for the Spaniard.

87 minutes: The last five minutes run. Maybe Bayern outnumber a fourth goal?

85 minutes: Naschter change at Bayern. Tolisso comes for the man of the evening: Serge Gnarby.

83.Minute: dismissal for Alonso! Müller drives the ball on the right outer lane while Lewandowski wants to position himself in the middle. Alonso seeks the duel with the Pole, presses him and ultimately slaps his hand over his shoulder in the face. While Lewandowski is on the ground, referee Turpin Alonso shows the yellow card first. After a short backlash with the VAR, however, he decides whether to act and shows the Spaniard the red card.

82nd Minute: Abraham penetrates into the Bayern penalty area, where Boateng separates the Chelsea striker with a perfectly timed tackle from the ball, but remains lying on the floor distorted with pain. But the defender can go on.

80.Minute: After Lewandowski's goal, Bayern stand with one leg in the quarterfinals. So far, the Munich are one size too big for Chelsea.

Chelsea FC - Bayern: Lewandowski raised after Davies' mega-solo

76th minute : 3-0 BAVARIA! WHAT A SOLO FROM ALPHONSO DAVIES. The Canadian again with a brutal start. First, the 19-year-old leaves Jorginho, then he is one step faster than the approaching Christensen on the ball and can penetrate the penalty area, where he still has an eye for Lewandowski in the middle. The Pole only has to hold out his foot and hits the 3: 0.

74 minutes: Last change in the home side. Pedro is another offensive for defense chief Azpilicueta.

73 minutes: Bayern have the game under control and are closer to a third goal than Chelsea to the first. Davies starts a solo run from his own half and leaves two opponents. The flank at the end of his solo, however, misses the Canadian. Still a nice action.

68. Mintue: sign of life from Chelsea. Mount intercepts a pass from Kimmich and pulls off from 20 meters. The shot goes far, however.

67.Minute : If the score is 2-0, bring a player of the Countinhos format The Bayern squad is really impressive in the Champions League.

Chelsea FC - Bayern: injury shock at Coman - Coutinho is coming

66 minutes. Shock for Bayern fans! After a sprint, Coman touches his thigh and goes down. The Frenchman is treated and it quickly becomes clear that he cannot go on today. Flick reacts immediately and brings Coutinho for Coman.

64.Minute: excitement in the penalty area of ​​the home side. After a corner, Thiago comes to a close from almost five meters and hits Christensen on the arm from a short distance. Bayern call for a penalty, but the referee waves it off.

62 minutes: And Frank Lampard reacts. The Londoners change twice. Top scorer Tammy Abraham takes the place for Giroud. Wing racer Willian comes for Ross Barkley. Two changes that send a clear signal: Lampard wants at least one goal here.

60th Minute: Chelsea is visibly shocked. The Bavarian Blitz double pack left the home side with hardly any air to breathe.

57 minutes: Kimmich sees the yellow card after a foul.

56th Minute: Incredible this Serge Gnabry! Trained at FC Arsenal in north London, Bayern's No. 22 team is meeting for the sixth time this season in a London stadium.

Bayern: Gnabry also shocked Chelsea - double in two minutes

54th minute: DOUBLE PACK GNABRY! THE BAVARIA LEAD 2-0. Again Lewandowski does the preliminary work and sends Gnabry into the penalty area on the left. Gnabry pulls into the center of the box and leaves Caballero with a tight shot no chance of defense.

51st minute: And now it has happened. TOOOOOOORR for FC Bayern. Gnabry comes to the ball in midfield in front of the penalty area and puts the game device on the left side into the penalty area where Lewandowski had run in. The Pole accepts the ball, but does not close it himself, but plays it in the back of the defense, where Gnabry slides the ball into the goal. Caballero had probably expected a Lewandowski shot and can only watch the ball.

48 minutes: The huge opportunity for Chelsea! Mount is free after a steep pass and can just be disturbed by Davies, but comes to a conclusion. Neuer stops first against Mount and then the margin from Kovacic. Great parades from the captain, but the goal would not have counted anyway, as Mount was offside.

46th Minute: As expected, both teams remain unchanged on the field.

46 minutes: The ball rolls again.

Halftime: It can go on. The two teams are slowly stepping onto the grass in London again and are ready for the second half. Changes to the break are not expected on both sides. Coutinho or Goretzka would probably only be an option at Bayern from the 60th minute to emit even more risk of goals.

Halftime: A look at the statistics shows that Bayern have almost 70 percent possession and win 49 percent of the duels. For the second half, however, the Munich team has to give a few percent more in order to be able to start their journey home with a win in their luggage.

Halftime: So Bayern have to settle for a 0-0 break and can thank Manuel Neuer in the end, not even put it back. Shortly before the breaks, the Bayern captain showed a brilliant parade against Alonso and thus prevented a deficit. Chelsea remains dangerous and manages to set offensive accents from time to time.

Halftime: Eventful 45 minutes are behind FC Bayern Munich and the Chelsea Football Club. So far, Bayern have lived up to their role as favorites and must be annoyed that they have not yet scored a goal. First Caballero stopped several times against Lewandwoksi, then Müller hit the crossbar only with the back of the head. A shot from Coman, who only hit the outside net in the 11th minute, almost gave the lead.

Halftime: Shortly after this action, the referee asks for a break tea.

45 minutes: Shortly before the break, the first warning of the game. Thiago prevents a counterattack after a Bayern corner and rightly sees the yellow cardboard.

FC Bayern visit Chelsea: parade shortly before the break - New player prevents Bayern deficit

44 minutes: Manuel Neuer prevents the deficit for Bayern. Alonso gets too much space on the left and enters the penalty area, where Pavard goes down too early and slips past the Spaniard. Alonso closes flat on the goal from almost ten meters, where Neuer goes down at lightning speed and can hold the ball. Pavard can thank his goalkeeper.

42 minutes: Free kick for Bayern on the right. Alonso enters the open sole against Coman. Kimmich kicks the due free kick in front of the goal where Caballero intercepts.

40 minutes: Five minutes in the first round. The fans at Stamford Bridge are still waiting for the first goal of the evening.

32.Minute: slapstick! Gnabry crosses the ball beautifully in front of the hosts' goal, where Müller had run in and brings the ball backwards with the back of his head to the goal. Müller's header fails hard on the crossbar. That would have become a classic Müller gate!

31 minutes: The best chance for the home side. Neuer takes a buck and plays the ball in the foot of the opponent. Mount then prevails in the penalty area and plays the ball sharply in front of the goal, where two players miss the cross.

30th minute : And the next huge opportunity for Bayern! Thomas Müller tries it directly with a shot from just under 20 minutes. Caballero in the gate takes a long time, but can no longer reach the ball, which rushes just past the post.

Chelsea FC - Bayern: double chance for Munich - Caballero holds a draw

28 minutes: That must be the goal for Bayern! Thomas Müller drives the ball across the goal and then pushes very hard into the top. The ball is maybe a few centimeters too wide for Lewandwoski, who only gets to the tip of his foot and shoots Caballero again. The Chelsea players can thank their goalkeeper that it is still 0-0 here.

26.Minute: After a ball conquest by Davies, it goes very quickly. Bayern combine in the opposing penalty area, where Lewandowski just missed Müller's pass. Caballero is on the spot and intercepts the pass.

24.Minute: Coman can intercept a sloppy pass from Alonso and is on Pavard to the outside. The Frenchman crosses directly into the middle, where Rüdiger cleans up. In direct return Barkley comes on the left side of the penalty area to the ball. The Englishman can probably not quite decide between the cross and the shot on goal and the ball spins to kick off.

20.Minute: Alaba clears after an attack from Chelsea to the corner and it becomes dangerous. In the middle, Giroud comes free to the header, but Manuel Neuer is the strong support his team needs and can hold the ball.

18th minute: Very strong action from Davies! Kovacic plays a pass into the interface on Mason Mount, which only lets Davies stand. But the Canadian fights back and wins the duel impressively. Goal kick Bavaria.

Bayern visit Chelsea: Coman misses the lead by millimeters

15 minutes: The next good chance for Bayern. Lewandowski is not offside after a long ball and runs towards Caballero. The Argentinian goalkeeper makes himself big and can block Lewandowski's shot.

11.Minute: Almost 0: 1! Coman plays a one-two with Lewandowski in midfield and is then free. The Frenchman dribbles towards the gate and closes flat. The Bayern offensive man's shot just missed the post and fidgeted on the outside net. That was close.

8.Minute: That could possibly be the duel of the evening: Mason Mount leaves Davies after a long ball and penetrates into the box. The Chelsea youngster's shot on the short corner is too imprecise, so Neuer doesn't have to intervene. The Canadian didn't look too good in this attack.

6 minutes: First warning shot from Chelsea! Mason Mount has too much space on the edge of the box and pulls off. However, the shot goes into second place rather than the goal of Manuel Neuer.

5th minute: Chelsea can now run the ball well. Davies blocks an Azpilicueta cross on the left, but the Londoners stay on. For Bayern it is time to stand well.

3rd Minute: Hard boarding from Mount against Davies. The Chelsea youngster enters with the open sole against the Canadian. Referee Turpin does not issue a warning.

FC Chelsea - FC Bayern: Müller tries early with the first shot on goal

1st minute: The first shot on goal belongs to Bayern! Thomas Müller pulls too close to the goal from almost 18 meters. Caballero can parry.

1st minute: The ball rolls.

Update 8:59 p.m .: The choice of place is decided by the home side. Hopefully it will be their only win tonight. Now it can start. Bayern clink glasses.

Update 8:57 p.m .: The anthem sounds at Stamford Bridge and will give players and fans a lot of goosebumps. The teams clap and Manuel Neuer competes with his opponent Cesar Azpilicueta to choose a seat.

Update 8:56 p.m .: It is done. The players are waiting in the tunnel and are eager to finally climb what they can. After the home game against SC Paderborn on Friday, this Champions League evening is yet another caliber.

Chelsea FC - Bayern: Salihamidzic hopes for goalie Lewandowski

Update 8:50 p.m .: Now there has been enough talk and everything has actually been said. From now on, the truth lies on Stamford Bridge square. Right there, FC Chelsea and FC Bayern Munich will arrive in a few minutes to play the first leg in the round of 16 of the Champions League . Ready to go!

Update 8:45 pm: "The boys are hot," Hasan Salihamidzic says before the game, but still warns of the Londoners. "It's a good team, they must have come up with something." The sports director also believes that Robert Lewandowski could make the difference today. "I think Lewa will do it," said Brazzo.

Update 20.43 clock: Just under a quarter of an hour, then the long wait for the Bayern fans has finally come to an end and they can watch Champions League football again.

Hansi Flick about the game against Chelsea FC: "It is our goal that we reach the quarter-finals"

Update 20.40 clock: "It is our goal that we reach the quarter-finals," said Bayern coach Hansi Flick . That's why he wants to win both games and take the hand in hand today and expects his team to pull through their game. For Flick , experience is also a factor that could lead to Bayern's success. His team had 400 games more experience.

Update 8:31 pm: Today's game is also a special game for Alphonso Davies . It is the first knockout game in the Champions League for the Bayern youngster who made a big breakthrough this season as a left-back. And then the Canadian can start right from the start. So far, Davies has impressed Bayern fans above all with his strong nerves. The 19-year-old also needs them at Stamford Bridge this evening .

Update 20:23: 35 minutes until the game begins. So enough time for another FCB topic. Bavaria legend Lothar Matthäus said in an interview about the health status of Honorary President Franz Beckenbauer. You can read what the former midfielder said here.

Update 8:20 pm: As mentioned, one or the other football fan will surely be surprised by the look into the goal of the Londoners. Chelsea starts today - as in the last three games - not with 80 million man Kepa, but with the 38-year-old Willy Caballero. It remains to be seen whether Lewandowski and Co. can punish Lampard's decision.

Chelsea FC - Bayern: Hansi Flick braver than Niko Kovac - will his courage be rewarded?

Update 8:12 p.m .: When FC Bayern was knocked out against Liverpool last season, coach Niko Kovac was often accused of not being brave enough. The line-up that Hansi Flick chose this Tuesday is definitely brave. With Müller in tenth position and Thiago behind, there are five offensive positions on the starting grid. Will this courage be rewarded today? 45 minutes to go.

Update 8.09pm: Short addendum to the police operation in front of the stadium (see 7.50pm). Bayern fans without a ticket had tried to gain unauthorized access to the stadium. In order to prevent the fans from doing so, the police got in the way with mounted officers, which led to violent acts.

Update 8:04 p.m .: The biggest surprise when setting up Frank Lampard is surely the storm. Instead of top scorer Tammy Abraham only takes a seat on the bench and Olivier Giroud is allowed to start from the start. The Frenchman is supported in the offensive by Mason Mount and Ross Barkley. Kovacic and Jorginho clean up the defensive Mittelfled in front of the chain of five, which in the center consists of Christensen, Rüdiger and Captain Azpilicueta. James and Marcos Alonso are used on the outside tracks.

Bayern visit Chelsea: Flick do without Coutinho and Goretzka

Update 7:57 p.m .: The Bavarian lineup is here. Hansi Flick has given up several stars against Chelsea . Countinho, Goretzka and Hernandez initially only sit on the bench. For the French world champion, Jerome Boateng returns to the back four alongside David Alaba. Pavard and Davies will play on the outer lanes in the classic chain of four.

In midfield, the Bayern coach relies again on Kimmich and Thiago, who provide defensive protection, while Thomas Müller will take over the more offensive part. On the offensive, Bayern shoot against Chelsea from all tubes. As usual, Robert Lewandowski storms in the middle, flanked by Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman. The Chelsea defenders can expect something.

Our lineup for #CFCFCB! Pack #packmas

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 25, 2020

Update 7:50 p.m .: In the meantime, unsightly scenes take place in front of the stadium. At the entrance to the guest block there were probably riots. There is said to have been a fight in front of the block. The London police are on duty with several mounted police officers. We will report as soon as further information is available.

Massive police operation currently in front of the guest block. In the meantime, several police officers with horses are on duty, fighting in front of the block. #fcbayern #CFCFCB @BILD_Sport @SPORTBILD

- Tobias Altschäffl (@ altobelli13) February 25, 2020

Update 7.45 p.m .: The players have already arrived at the stadium and are examining the pitch. Also with the last struck Leon Goretzka. Does Hansi Flick have a place in the first eleven for the international? The official line-ups can be expected in just under a quarter of an hour.

Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich: Serge Gnabry's next goal gala in London?

Update 7.44 p.m .: It could also be a happy return for Serge Gnabry tonight. The international, who was trained at Arsenal London , met four times on his last return to the British metropolis in 2019. Back then against the city rivals of Tottenham. One way or another, Gnabry seems to be working in London , maybe tonight at Stamford Bridge.

Update 7:32 p.m .: It will also be interesting to take a look into the goal at the home side this evening. While Bayern have an undisputed number one between the posts with Manue Neuer, the situation for Londoners has been somewhat different in recent weeks. On paper, Kepa is the clear regular goalkeeper for the blues . The 25-year-old came from Athletic Bilbao in 2018 for the record transfer fee of 80 million euros.

In reality, the situation is different in the last few games. There coach Frank Lampard trusted 38-year-old Willy Caballero, who moved into the team for Kepa and held three points against Tottenham at the weekend. Does Lampard rely on the experienced Argentinian in the Champions League or will record man Kepa return to the goal against Bayern? We'll be smarter in half an hour.

Update 7:11 p.m .: The Hansi Flick team also has the chance this evening to expand an already impressed series even further. Bayern have been unbeaten for more than twelve CL away games. Nine of them were victories. Against FC Chelsea , 13 could be a real lucky number for Munich , because one thing is certain: Bayern feel very comfortable in foreign places.

Bayern Munich visiting Chelsea: Bayern legend predicts away win

Update 19:04: With a win at Stamford Bridge , FC Bayern could already take a big step towards the quarter-finals today. If it is up to a Bayern legend, the success against Chelsea could also work. Giovane Elber, who ran up the Isar between 1997 and 2003 and was able to win the Henkelpott with the Munich team in 2001, predicts Bayern's 2-0 win. However, the former striker focuses on the Bayern defense. Getting a clean sheet is what matters in knockout games, says Elber.

Update 6:55 p.m .: The Polish goal machine at Bayern , on the other hand, is dealing with an old friend for fans of the Bundesliga today. Ex-Stuttgart player Antonio Rüdiger has played for Chelsea FC as defense chief and usually takes the middle position in the chain of five. So tonight it will be up to the German international to keep Lewandowski's "curse" alive. However, all Bayern fans will hope that the Pole against the Londoner can continue his excellent form curve.

Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich: does Tammy Abraham have what it takes to be a Bayern fright?

Update 6:46 p.m .: After the rather unsuccessful attempt against Paderborn to form a chain of five, FC Bayern will most likely again offer a chain of four today. The defenders of the German record champions should above all keep an eye on Tammy Abraham in the blues storm. The 22-year-old is the top scorer for Londoners this season. Across all competitions, the nine hit 15 times in 33 games. Values ​​about which his counterpart Robert Lewandowski can only smile wearily. The Pole has more than twice as many hits in 32 games - 38.

Nevertheless, the 1.91-tall Abraham could become a big problem for Bayern defense. At the weekend, world champion Olivier Giroud stormed for the Londoners, so Abraham should now be rested for the Munich. David Alaba and Co. have to do their best to spoil Abraham the evening and keep Manuel Neuer's goal clean.

Update 6:11 p.m .: Bayern have arrived at Stamford Bridge . In less than three hours, referee Clement Turpin will kick off the CL round of 16 and Munich can take a big step towards the quarter-finals. The weather that Bavaria is expecting in the capital of the United Kingdom is British. The chance of rain in London is 70 percent during the evening. Against the Frank Lampard team , Bayern will also need sturdy shoes and a stable footing.

Stamford Bridge # CFCFCB #FCBayern

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 25, 2020

Bayern against Chelsea: can Munich go back to Goretzka?

Update 16:38: Another four hours, then the ball rolls at Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea FC stadium is located in the Fulham district of London and usually holds 40,853 seats. Tonight, the bridge will burst at the seams when the round of 16 first leg in the Champions League kicks off at 9pm (CET) .

The stadium in need of refurbishment is supposed to be expanded in the near future, but Chelsea's club owner Roman Abramowitsch postponed the planned renovation for the foreseeable future. The Russian oligarch is in dispute with the British government, which denied him a work visa a year and a half ago.

Update, 3:15 p.m .: The use of ailing midfield ace Leon Goretzka was questionable for the game. But the videos on FC Bayern's homepage give hope that the 25-year-old can show up at Stamford Bridge this evening. The 25-year-old was still involved in sweating and playing tennis in the hotel, but use is not guaranteed. According to Sport1 information, there is still a question mark behind Goretzka's tenth appearance in the Champions League.

Ciao triple chain. Tonight #Boateng and Pavard are returning to the back four. Hernández and Odriozola have to go to the bank. There are still question marks at #Goretzka. But the clear trend is: Coman, Müller, Gnabry. @ SPORT1 #FCBayern #CFC

- Florian Plettenberg (@Plettigoal) February 25, 2020

Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich: Lahm remembers 2012 and accuses Chelsea players

Update, 2:50 pm: In an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian , ex-Bayern captain Philipp Lahm told of an event in the “Finale dahoam” in 2012 that could have cost Bayern the victory in the final .

It was in the 93rd minute, the extra time against Chelsea was already running when Arijen Robben grabbed the ball and put it on the spot. Even if Chelsea player John Obi Mikel was not particularly noticeable in the emotional Champions League final, he probably played a significant role in the Dutchman's subsequent penalty.

"I went straight to Arjen Robben," said Mikel to The Guardian , "and said, 'I'll tell you, you will shoot. You will definitely shoot.'" Robben, who had played with Chelsea at Chelsea, tried to ignore the Nigerian. But he ultimately missed the penalty.

Lahm is still somewhat annoyed about the behavior of his opponent Mikel "" You will shoot "is below the belt," he also thinks at an interval of eight years. "It contradicts fair play."

Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich in live ticker: Matthäus criticizes Flick - "experiment not understood"

Update, 1:35 p.m .: Bayern are already in London and are loosening up for the showdown at Stamford Bridge. Already in the hotel, the players had the opportunity to sweat. Football tennis, basketball and stretching were on the program as well as a walk around the team quarters.

Update, 12.09: Lothar Matthäus criticized Bayern coach Flick for his lineup in the Paderborn game. "I didn't understand the lineup experiment against Paderborn at all , " said the record international. "Why did Kimmich suddenly have to run right behind in a three-way chain and Odriozola into the right midfield?" He wonders. The Spaniard was actually trained for a chain of four and Kimmich was put on the six.

Trainers should try fewer things “to try to prove themselves or the public. You should n't do that , ”says the former national coach of Bulgaria.

Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich in the live ticker Londoner without Kanté - Kovac is currently expressing itself in Munich

Update, 11.47 a.m .: Before things get going at Stamford Bridge this evening, ex-Bayern Munich coach Niko Kovac spoke about his time in Munich. It is about a fire that torpedoed his work and the question of where his professional future lies. He also has a piece of advice for David Alaba that FCB fans may not like ...

Update of February 25, 2020: The first knockout round between Chelsea and Bayern is getting closer, tonight is the kick-off at Stamford Bridge at 9 p.m. However, the host has to do without three players. The failure of N'Golo Kante had been known for a few days. Now there have been two more "blues" with ex-BVB player Christian Pulisic and the former transfer destination of Bayern Callum Hudson-Odoi . An advantage for Bayern?

From Chelsea's point of view, Edge's injury is certainly a serious one, as the little Frenchman is above all a defensive power. So certainly an advantage for the FCB. Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi, on the other hand, are not regular players and do not have much influence - but Chelsea coach Frank Lampard is lacking two alternatives.

Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich in live ticker: very special game for the "Davies" family

Update, 8:29 pm: Coach Hansi Flick gives the direction - read his statements from the press conference before the Chelsea match.

Update, 19:28: FCB coach icon Ottmar Hitzfeld believes that a criticism of Hansi Flick actually speaks for him. He also makes a claim to a Bayern professional.

Update from February 24, 4:10 pm: The game at Stamford Bridge will be a very special one for the "Davies" family. Because the father of the left-back is a big Chelsea fan, as son Alphonso now reveals in the kicker .

Together they watched some blues games during his youth, which is why the professional footballer secretly has sympathy for the Londoners. He was particularly struck by an FCB fright. He is a big fan of "Didier Drogba", he admits. The beefy striker who plunged Bayern into the valley of tears in 2012.

His father can only win on Tuesday, Davies admits with a smile. "But I do think his love for me is greater than his love for Chelsea," Davies promptly added.

Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich in live ticker: revenge for the final dahoam

London - The round of 16 in the Champions League is up for the record champions. It goes to London, where Chelsea FC is waiting. The club that had grieved almost the entire city of Munich in 2012. At that time Bayern lost the final dahoam. A game that could not be lost. The record champions dominated the English, the Munich team even shone in phases. But in the end, the bankruptcy was probably the most important final in the club's history. The Bavarians experienced the whole injustice of the sport, concentrated in one evening.

Chelsea FC - Bayern Munich in live ticker: will Lampard shock Bayern again?

Now the Munich residents can take revenge for the great emptiness afterwards. The first act of the summit rises at Stamford Bridge . Frank Lampard is now on the sidelines on the London side. One of the heroes from the magical night in Munich. It is the first season under his leadership. Lampard mainly relies on young, home-grown plants, many talents owe him the leap to becoming a professional.

We have summarized how you can follow the game live on TV here. *

FC Chelsea - Bayern Munich in the live ticker: Leon Goretzka trains again

Most recently, the "Blues" prevailed in the league against Tottenham. The dress rehearsal was successful. In London they are looking forward to another evening of magic. Another blue wonder should be given to the record champion. But the Bavarians are back on track long ago. Hansi Flick in particular has a large part in this. The FCB coach once again burned the much-quoted “Mia-san-Mia feeling” in his players' heads. Even if the record champion doesn't shine, he wins again. The best example of this is the trembling victory of the record champions against SC Paderborn. Shortly before the end, the insatiable Munich struck back and secured the championship lead.

For the round of 16 at Stamford Bridge, international Leon Goretzka seems to be an option again. The soccer player took part in the final training session of FC Bayern Munich. Defensive player Javi Martínez (muscle injury in the thigh) was also there. Hansi Flick therefore seems to have a few more options. In addition, Flick also urges Müller on the lineup. Sports director Hasan Salihamidžić should look for another alternative on the transfer market. However, it slows down expectations.

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