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How is Franz Beckenbauer doing? Lothar Matthäus talks on the phone - one statement worries FCB fans


Franz Beckenbauer has had health problems many times - and has already had two heart operations. Now Lothar Matthäus speaks about the emperor.

Franz Beckenbauer has had health problems many times - and has already had two heart operations. Now Lothar Matthäus speaks about the emperor.

  • Franz Beckenbauer was President of FC Bayern Munich for many years
  • The "emperor" also applies to the shape of light in German football
  • Beckenbauer is now 74 years old and has had some health problems

Update from February 25, 2020: How is Franz Beckenbauer actually doing ? Things have become very quiet around the 74-year-old in the past. The "emperor" had to struggle with health problems in recent years. In some cases, football fans were very afraid of the shape of German football.

Lothar Matthäus was chatting about Beckenbauer's health. In the run-up to the round of 16 in the Champions League between Chelsea and FC Bayern, the record international revealed to Sky that he had phoned the emperor at noon.

When asked by Sky moderator Sebastian Hellmann, Matthäus said: "He is fine, he is very good!" However, some Bayern fans had to worry about something else. Before the game at Chelsea FC, Beckenbauer had "not a good feeling," as Matthäus revealed.

Is Beckenbauer right with his feeling? You can now follow the game in the live ticker.

Franz Beckenbauer: Son Joel on the health of the sick "emperor"

Update from September 28, 2019, 9:00 p.m .: Franz Beckenbauer has now been spotted again in the stands of a Bundesliga stadium - but not at FC Bayern ...

Beckenbauer son talks about the health status of the "Kaiser"

Update from September 15, 2019, 6:15 p.m .: After his eye attack in July this year, many fans worried about football icon Franz Beckenbauer. Now his son Joel Beckenbauer has commented on his father's health.


A photo from better times: Franz Beckenbauer, his wife Heidrun and son Joel (red circle) in 2016.

© picture alliance / dpa / Ursula Düren

On the sidelines of a benefit golf tournament for the Beckenbauer Foundation, Joel the picture said that he wanted to be close to him because of his father's state of health: “He's not doing so well. So I would like to spend time at home with him and the family. Being at home."

When asked what Franz Beckenbauer's health looks like, Joel said: “It depends on the day. Sometimes he is better. Sometimes a little less well. But that's why we're at home. We try to be there for him as best we can. That also works quite well. We support him wherever we can. "

Concern for Franz Beckenbauer: "I see little to nothing in the right eye"

Update from July 19, 2019, 4:03 p.m .: Franz Beckenbauer is not doing well. As reported by the Swiss newspaper NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) , according to medical reports, Beckenbauer is "so stricken that he is neither able to be heard or negotiated".

Concern for Franz Beckenbauer: "I see little to nothing in the right eye"

Update from July 12, 2019, 9:51 p.m .: As reported by the Bild newspaper, Franz Beckenbauer recently suffered an eye attack. The 73-year-old therefore made it public on Friday. On Friday, he opened the Kaiser Cup in Bad Griesbach, a golf tournament that benefits his Franz Beckenbauer Foundation.

Beckenbauer went on stage to greet him with his wife Heidi and spoke after the report about his health: “I've had health problems for a long time. That is known. The last time I was in a special clinic was because of circulatory disorders in the eye. That then turned out to be an eye attack. Now I see little or nothing in the right eye. ”Beckenbauer chuckled after him:“ So don't be angry with me if I don't see one of you and run after him. ”

An eye infarction is an acute circulatory disorder. In the worst case, this can lead to blindness. In 2016 and 2017, Beckenbauer already had two heart surgeries, and he had an artificial hip last year.

How is Franz Beckenbauer doing? Kaiser answers the question on the Sky microphone

Update of March 13, 2019, 8:45 pm: Boris Becker was a guest in the Sky studio, who said that the emperor had “some aches and pains”. Then the Sky went live in the stadium. There, Franz Beckenbauer was interviewed by Patrick Wasserziehr. When asked how he was doing, the emperor replied: “I'm fine. I'm fine. If I can be here, I'll be fine. ”As usual, he answered the journalist confidently all questions about the game.

The Emperor had also sat in the stands against VfL Wolfsburg.

Franz Beckenbauer: How is the emperor doing? That's what his wife says

News from January 19, 2019: A lot has been reported about Franz Beckenbauer's health in recent months. The 73-year-old withdrew more and more from the public and had to undergo some operations, including a heart operation in 2016.

Also this time he could not attend the traditional carp dinner in the Hotel Kitzhof in Kitzbühel, to which the Kaiser invites every year. The event took place on January 6th. Do you have to worry about the German football legend? Beckenbauer's wife Heidi gives the all-clear. “Franz has normal winter flu and has stayed at home for safety. After his surgeries, he's always very careful, ”she told Das Neue Blatt magazine , adding,“ there's no need to worry! ”

Franz Beckenbauer recently spoke about the early death of his son Stephan. He also received a special honor in November 2018.

Now his grandson is following in the footsteps of the football legend. Luca has been playing at A-Jugend near Hannover 96 since the end of 2018. But what does the Kaiser say about his grandson's relationship. He is newly in love and his girlfriend is not unknown.

Franz Beckenbauer: This is how he feels about his health

News from July 22, 2018:

Munich - Franz Beckenbauer disappears into the pouring rain. At one of his rare public appearances, the German football icon gave autographs, posed for photos, fought with his long-time companion Günter Netzer, accepted the Bavarian Sports Award as a sportsman of the century, commented on the 2006 World Cup affair, then signed autographs again and finally posed again for photos.

When Beckenbauer paves the way to an exit from BMW Welt in Munich after this gala on Saturday, a crowd of people follows him. That's how it is when the man who was once only Franz, then the Emperor, finally the figure of light in German football, and for some years now only the cymbal maker, appears again in front of an audience. "With his elegance and lightness, Franz brought football, as he interpreted it, close to art," said Netzer, who gave the laudation to Beckenbauer.

Beckenbauer became world champion as a player and trainer

Beckenbauer also managed the feat of becoming world champion as a player and as a coach. The three national championship cups with FC Bayern Munich in 1974, 1975 and 1976 or its five German championships as a libero are almost only ornamental. "Before his time he was the best, during his time the best and nothing better came after him," praised Netzer, who has known Beckenbauer for more than 50 years. It was Netzer who brought Beckenbauer to Hamburger SV in the early 1980s.

In his moody eulogy, the 73-year-old allowed himself to make a weird comparison - but at least he was ahead of Beckenbauer in one thing. The man from Munich-Giesing has "four bypasses, I have six," said the man from Mönchengladbach. "This is a dubious competition, neither of us wished for it," Netzer admitted with laughter from the audience.

Franz Beckenbauer and the 2006 World Cup

There is no laughing when Beckenbauer is asked about the 2006 World Cup affair. It is ultimately about a shadow that has overlaid the former light form. At the heart of the affair is a million payment that flowed in 2002 from an account of the World Cup organization manager Beckenbauer via Switzerland to Qatar to a company of the then FIFA official Mohamed Bin Hammam.

Beckenbauer had previously received a million amount from the former Adidas boss Robert Louis-Dreyfus for this payment. The World Cup organizing committee paid the equivalent of 6.7 million euros wrongly declared back to Louis-Dreyfus in April 2005. What the money was originally used for is still not clear.

Read also: Löw reacts to Lahm criticism and explains late World Cup analysis

Nevertheless, Franz Beckenbauer feels wrongly accused

The allegations were "drowned and lying," emphasized Beckenbauer, "I've always said that." "You form your own picture, so you have no way of doing anything about it, so I gave it up, and haven't said anything since," he said matter-of-factly. "I gave information to the people who asked me to. I did that, everything else became more or less sausage. It's just idle to talk about it. "

The period after the 2006 World Cup cost Beckenbauer strength. The now 72-year-old concedes that himself. "Hospital, rehab, hospital, rehab" have alternated recently at Beckenbauer. "I actually feel very comfortable. When you're over 70 and approaching 80, to put it a little exaggerated, it just pinches a little. ”In any case, only one thing was important for Beckenbauer:“ I'm still alive, that's the decisive factor. ”

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