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Clasico in the ticker: Real Madrid crashes FC Barcelona - late goal decides the game


El Clasico in La Liga, you can't do more. Real Madrid received FC Barcelona in the cracker duel. Here you can find the Parte in the ticker.

El Clasico in La Liga, you can't do more. Real Madrid received FC Barcelona in the cracker duel. Here you can find the Parte in the ticker.

  • Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 2-0 (0-0), 9pm
  • El Clasico in Santiago Bernabeu brings a change at the top of the table.
  • The gates fall in the final phase - bridges are overcome from an acute angle.

Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 2-0 (0-0), 9pm, March 1st

Real Madrid: 13 Courtois - 2 Carvajal, 5 Varane, 4 Ramos, 12 Marcelo - 8 Kroos, 14 Casemiro, 15 Valverde (86. 17 Vazquez) - 22 Isco (79. 10 Modric), 9 Benzema (90. + 1 24 Mariano Diaz), 25 Vinicius Jr.
Real Bank: 1 Areola, 3 Militao, 11 Bale, 23 Mendy

FC Barcelona: 1 ter Stegen - 2 Semedo, 3 Pique, 23 Umtiti, 18 Alba - 8 Arthur (81. 4 Rakitic), 5 Busquets, 21 de Jong - 22 Vidal (70. 19 Braithwaite), 10 Messi, 17 Griezmann ( 81.31 Fati)
Barca-Bank: 13 Neto, 15 Lenglet, 24 Junior Firpo, 30 Collado

Goals: 1: 0 Vinicius Jr. (71.), 2: 0 Mariano Diaz (90. + 2)

Referee: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (Valencia)

+++ Because it fits again like a fist on the eye: only football writes such stories! Mariano Diaz was first used in a league game this season and scored directly. He was only in the squad for the second time.

FP: @RealMadrid 2-0 @FCBarcelona_es
⚽ @viniciusjr 71 ', @ marianodiaz7 90' + 2 '# RealFootball | #Emirates

- Real Madrid CF⚽ (@realmadrid) March 1, 2020

Conclusion: The home win is completely okay in view of the increase in performance after the break. Real dominated the Catalans in the second half, taking the lead again.

Final whistle: The game is over.

90. + 2 minutes: Toooor for Real! 2: 0! The joker stands out! Mariano Diaz escapes on the right Umtiti line and enters the box. When falling, he overcomes the bridges from an acute angle.

90th + 1 minute: Benzema leaves the square - now Mariano Diaz is in there.

90th + 1 minute: Messi's free-kick flank lands in the arms of Courtois.

90.Minute : Rakitic actually waits too long to play, but is then caught by Vinicius Jr. and takes a free kick in the left half field.

89.Minute: Ramos is ready, but fails on the high wall.

88.Minute: Busquets reaches Vazquez right in front of his own penalty area - this gives a free kick opportunity in the best position.

88th Minute: Carvajal gets the ball on his own corner flag against Fati.

86 minutes: Zidane brings Vazquez for the extremely busy Valverde, especially in the first round.

85.Minute: Messi receives a yellow card after a tactical foul on Casemiro.

84 minutes: The Barca defense is not really in the picture. Vinicus Jr. grabs the ball, turns the defensive line, but ter Stegen steals the ball from his foot. Next goalkeeper strong scene! He keeps his team in the game.

83 minutes: Messi finds the incoming pique with his cross, which is completely free, but clearly misses the target.

82nd Minute: Modric behaves clumsily in the air duel with Fati and causes a free kick on the left attack side of Barca.

81st Minute: Barca swaps twice - Fati replaces Griezmann and Rakitic comes for Arthur.

80th Minute: The Madrilenians are now back on the trigger.

79 minutes: The hosts change for the first time - Modric comes for Isco.

76 minutes: A Carvajal cross is defended by Barca with luck. On the other hand, Pique asserts himself in the running duel with the ex-Leverkusen player and uses Braithwaite. He brings his cross after Sprint too close to the goal and Courtois attacks.

Real Madrid - FC Barcelona: Vinicius Jr. punishes Barca's negligence and scores

75.Minute: Messi is used, but Marcelo significantly disturbs the world footballer and so not even a conclusion jumps out.

73 minutes: In the live table, Real takes over the place in the sun. And now the Madrilenians have earned that too.

71st Minute: Toooor for Real! 1: 0! Vinicius Jr. overcomes ter Stegen after hitting the back of Braithwaite's left wing. The Brazilian pulls from an acute angle and Pique falsifies the ball decisively. The template came from Kroos.

70th Minute: The Dane is a few seconds on the field and runs after a mistake from Marcelo to Courtois. > He brings the ball past the keeper from an acute angle, but Ramos saves in the center.

70.Minute: Vidal has to leave the field, so Barca's replacement Braithwaite is now involved.

69 minutes: After a Kroos corner, Pique clears before ter Stegen. Then the ball comes back into the danger zone, but Ramos is clearly offside.

67.Minute: At least the Catalans have calmed down the situation again somewhat. Meanwhile, Braithwaite is getting ready for his substitution.

66.Minute: Barca frees something from the clasp and shifts the action back to midfield.

64.Minute: Vinicius Jr. goes to the floor in the penalty area. But it is not enough for a penalty. At first the Brazilian overcomes Semedo, but then Arthur and especially the horrible pique get in his way.

Real Madrid - FC Barcelona: first rescue ter Stegen outstanding - then Pique is on the spot

63.Minute : Carvajal comes over half-left and crosses on the long post, where Benzema takes the ball directly - over it. Barca wobbles questionably.

61 minutes: Almost 1: 0! After Carvajal flank Isco heads and overcomes ter Stegen, Pique saves you for his keeper on the line. Nevertheless: the pendulum swings further and further in one direction.

60th Minute: From this standard comes a cross from Marcelo that poses no danger.

59 minutes: Vidal throws himself down with everything he has in the duel with Isco. But there is a free kick for the hosts.

58th Minute: Now Real has upper water. Casemiro comes completely free from the barrel to the shot, but warps significantly. Barca is currently missing access.

55 minutes: Giant parade from ter Stegen! After a corner, Isco twists the ball from the left corner of the penalty area to the far corner and the Barca goalkeeper scratches the thing in an outstanding manner around the post. The following corner fizzles out.

54th Minute: The "Blancos" switch back quickly, but after Benzema's pass in the penalty area to Vinicius Jr. the Brazilian sold the ball.

52.Minute: Once again Vinicius Jr. marches over the left into the penalty area, but again Pique is right on the cross.

51st Minute: The "Royal" let Barca combine further and are only gripping shortly before their own penalty area.

49.Minute: With another standard in the left half field, Alba taps the ball lightly, Messi takes a few steps, but his cross lands on Varane's head.

48 minutes: The guests take out a corner. Messi brings the ball in, but Casemiro pushes in the center and there is a free kick for Real.

47.Minute: Barca keeper ter Stegen can move with a ball on the foot up to 20 meters in front of his goal without being attacked - also remarkable. His subsequent long pass does not arrive.

46.Minute: The second half is running, this time Griezmann toasts.

Real Madrid v FC Barcelona: No goals before the break

Conclusion: Both teams have their chances, but in some scenes there is a lack of intensity. So the game has some lengths. Real looks optically superior for a long time, but Barca with Arthur and Messi offer better opportunities.

Break whistle: The referee asks for the break tea almost on time.

44.Minute: Marcelo takes a free kick in the left half field, but no dangerous situation arises from the standard. In the end, a flank from the right side gets too far.

40.Minute: Semedo asserts himself on the right against Ramos, but the Vidal he uses is blocked. At the other end of the field, Vinicius Jr. does not do better again, targets the better placed Isco after a sprint, but Alba intervenes.

38th minute: Next big chance for the "Blaugrana"! Messi comes to a central conclusion after a Busquets pass, but has to shoot under pressure from Varane. Courtois directs the ball to the side.

37.Minute: The Madrilenians let Barca come back and then quickly switch over. But Vinicius Jr. only manages an unplaced dang from the penalty area. Ter Stegen simply picks the ball.

35 minutes: Because Real is sleeping and Kroos is escorting Arthur at best, the Brazilian checks Courtois at full speed. The keeper saves to the corner, which brings nothing. Nevertheless: That was the best chance so far.

34.Minute: Benzema first reaches a Marcelo cross, then a cross from Carvajal via the head, but cannot control the ball in each case.

33. Minute: So far it is an open game with slight advantages for the "royal".

32.Minute: Real again combines well, after a Marcelo cross, Alba goes down in the center after a light touch by Vinicius Jr. - offensive foul against the hosts.

30 minutes: Barca practically lulls Real, then it goes very quickly. Ultimately, Messi Courtois checks with the right - no problem for the Belgian.

29. Minute: At the end of the next attack of the "Blancos" is another Kroos shot. But even that doesn't find its way into the goal.

28 minutes: Ramos again with a clever action. The Real captain runs the ball and then drops in his own penalty area in a duel with Arthur. Of course there is a free kick.

Real Madrid v FC Barcelona: Griezmann does not score

27.Minute: Valverde brings the ball in sharply after a one-two with Carvajal, but misses Benzema.

25. Minute: Currently, the "royal" allow the guests, but they stay away from the danger zone.

22nd Minute: And then we are again in front of the gate of ter Stegen. Vinicius Jr. is just being prevented from completing. So the game is picking up speed.

21.Minute: Griezmann comes to the end after a flat cross from Alba with his strong left foot - the ball rushes over it.

21.Minute: Real comes quickly from penalty area to penalty area. Marcelo enters from the left, Isco and Benzema have run along, but Pique is spot on.

19.Minute: Carvajal and Alba clash, the Madrilene pushes the Barca professional slightly. The referee draws yellow for both.

18.Minute : On the other hand, Griezmann enters the penalty area after a beautiful ball relay, but has to bend Ramos and Varane.

17.Minute : Vinicius Jr. is sent over Kroos and Benzema, but the Brazilian cannot get past Semedo.

15 minutes: This phase clearly belongs to the hosts. Casemiro uncompromisingly goes into a header duel against Vidal. Vinicius Jr. puts down in the penalty area on Kroos, who pulls over with the left.

14.Minute: The ball comes from the left half-field into the Barca penalty area, where Isco sets off, but Benzema is too surprised. A little later Kroos gets stuck in the danger zone with a flat pass.

Real Madrid - FC Barcelona: Benzema with first degree

12 minutes: After conquering the ball, Real always pulls in quickly and lets the play equipment run well. This can be done well by the "Blancos".

11.Minute: Vinicius Jr. only sees the heels of Semedo and picks up yellow directly after his foul.

10 minutes: After a deflected cross from Marcelo, ter Stegen has to intervene for the first time.

9 minutes: Valverde pulls in on the right and ties Isco in the center, but he loses the ball against two opponents.

6.Minute: Vinicius Jr. takes out the third corner - again on the left. After Marcelo's cross, Semedo's rescue attempt failed with a head and Benzema fired the first shot in volley. The ball flies over the gate.

5th minute: Barca plays at the back and so ter Stegen finally builds up. But Real's start-up is fruitful - the Catalans are not getting out of their own half this time.

4.Minute: Valverde intercepts an Alba pass - now the Madrid have the ball. But both teams lack depth in the offensive at the beginning, the way to the goal is long.

3rd minute: The Catalans settle directly in the opposing half. The ball runs very well - not a matter of course in these conditions.

1st minute: Real comes over to the left and immediately develops two corners in succession. The second, however, creates a counter situation, which Barca gives away.

1st minute: The ball rolls, Benzema returns the ball.

8:59 p.m .: Messi wins the first duel with Ramos - the side choice . The hosts are offended.

8:57 pm: A certain “CR7” is also said to be present at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Who is he keeping his fingers crossed for?

Real Madrid - FC Barcelona: Hazard and Suarez are missing injured in the Clasico

8:51 p.m .: Who do the two coaches have to do without? Zidane is missing Asensio after a cruciate ligament tear and Hazard, who has suffered a hairline tear in his fibula. Setien has to do without Suarez (knee surgery), Dembele (thigh injury) and Sergio Roberto (muscle injury in the adductor area).

8:33 pm: Incidentally, it is a game of match day 26. After that, the loser still had twelve options to turn the tables in the table again.

8:17 p.m .: Incidentally, there is Fritz Walter weather in the Spanish capital, i.e. rain - completely atypical. Is that one of the two teams playing in the cards?

8:13 p.m .: Barca is currently with 26 championship titles and thus still clearly in the shadow of the Madrilenians, who were at the front 33 times at the end.

8:06 pm: FC Barcelona arrive two points ahead after the Catalans regained the top of the table from the record champions a week ago . The “Blaugrana” are now heading for their third championship title in succession.

19:57: Barca swaps twice compared to the 1-1 in Naples. Alba shows up for Junior Firpo, Rakitic is replaced by Arthur. In the attack, ex-Bayern professional Vidal starts again, who, like Ramos, flew off the pitch in the Champions League.

Our starting 1️⃣1️⃣ for # ElClásico!

- FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) March 1, 2020

19:53: In contrast to the 1: 2 against ManCity, Zidane relies on Kroos this time. The ball distributor starts instead of Modric, Marcelo also rotates for Mendy in the starting line-up.

✅ ¡Nuestro XI inicial @FCBarcelona_es! # ElClásico | #RMLiga

- Real Madrid CF⚽ (@realmadrid) March 1, 2020

7.41 p.m .: The jerseys are ready in the cabins. Everything ready for the soccer highlight of this weekend.

Tod ¡Todo preparado en nuestro vestuario para # ElClásico! #PreparationIsEverything | @NIVEAMEN_ES

- Real Madrid CF⚽ (@realmadrid) March 1, 2020

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu # ElClásico kits ready!

- FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) March 1, 2020

Real Madrid - FC Barcelona: ter Stegen with a significantly better Clasico record than Kroos

19:29: Marc-Andre ter Stegen has only been in the league in the Barca box since the 2016/2017 season and accordingly only lost the two already mentioned Clasicos in the 2017/2018 Supercopa final. Otherwise, his impressive record against the Madrid reads like this: five wins and four draws.

19:13: Toni Kroos has a devastating record against Barca as a real professional. The 2014 world champion only won four out of 14 duels, but lost seven times. In the league, the last Clasico success to date was almost four years ago - on April 2, 2016, the “Royal” won 2-1 at Camp Nou. After that, there were only the two victories in the final games of the Supercopa 2017/2018.

6:26 pm: The referee of the game is Antonio Mateu Lahoz from Valencia, with whom the Catalans have had only good experiences this season. Under his leadership, Barca won 4-0 against Sevilla FC and 1-0 at Atletico Madrid in the Primera Division. Real Madrid's record in games with the 42-year-old on the pipe is mixed: The 2-0 in the league over CA Osasuna is the cup knockout against Real Sociedad San Sebastian (3: 4) three and a half weeks ago.

17:53: In the Champions League during the week, both opponents did not necessarily spill themselves. Real Madrid lost 1: 2 to Manchester City on their own pitch and have recently won only one of five games. FC Barcelona drew 1-1 at Napoli SSC, ending the winning streak after three games. In the Copa del Rey, both clubs had failed in the quarter-finals.

17:16: The two clubs have already announced their squad for the game. At Real Madrid, the former Frankfurt Jovic is missing, even ex-Bayern professional James is not in the squad.

¡La lista de convocados para el partido contra el @FCBarcelona_es! #HalaMadrid | # ElClásico

- Real Madrid CF⚽ (@realmadrid) February 29, 2020

1. ter webs
2. N. Semedo
3. Piqué
4. I. Rakitic
5. Sergio
8. Arthur
10. Messi
13. Neto
15. Lenglet
17. Griezmann
18. Jordi Alba
19. Braithwaite
21. F. de Jong
22. Vidal
23. Umtiti
24. Junior
30. Collado
31. Ansu Fati # ElClásico

- FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) March 1, 2020

4.47 p.m .:

Two Clasico record players are standing on the grass today. At Real Madrid, captain Sergio Ramos will be involved in the game of Spanish football for the 44th time. His counterpart at FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, scored with 26 goals significantly more often than any other professional. The Argentinian is also on the heels of Ramos, completing his 43rd Clasico.

Real Madrid - FC Barcelona: Before 244. Clasico speaks balance for Catalans

4.15 p.m .: The 244th Clasico will be played in competitive form at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. The balance is almost balanced. FC Barcelona have 96 wins, Real Madrid won 95 times. The remaining 52 comparisons ended in a draw. The goal difference speaks with 403: 399 for the "royal".

1:21 pm: Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, hopes that the "Clasico will change things". His team is currently “in a delicate moment”.

Does Toni Kroos play? Zidane did not let this through. In the round of 16 of the Champions League, he was still on the bench.

10.13: All over Europe, not only El Clasico keeps the fans busy, but also the corona virus and the scandal in the game between Hoffenheim against Bayern. DFB President Fritz Keller, for example, condemned the chaots who held up the banner.

Christian Streich even warned of the problem in Germany and chose emotional and at the same time important words.

+++ Welcome to the live ticker for the game Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona. Don't miss anything from El Clasico here.

Madrid - On March 1st, at 9 p.m., the long-awaited game between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will take place . El Clasico is very popular all over the world. The game will be broadcast live on TV in over 200 countries. We show you where you can follow Real Madrid against FC Barcelona live on TV and in live stream *. But you won't miss a second with us either. Particularly explosive: The starting position in the Primera Division .

FC Barcelona have 55 points, Real Madrid follows with 53. With a home win in Santiago Bernabeu , the royal team would overtake the Catalans and temporarily take the lead in the championship. Atletico Madrid and FC Sevilla are probably no longer relevant with 43 points when it comes to the first two places.

Check out this post on Instagram

# ElClásico is coming ...

A post shared by FC Barcelona (@fcbarcelona) on Feb 26, 2020 at 10:52 am PST

Real Madrid - FC Barcelona: El Clasico in the live ticker - preliminary decision in the championship fight?

The first leg at Camp Nou went 0-0. As a result, there were no ages between the two teams. If you look back in the history book, you will only find a goalless draw in 2002. At that time, the coaches were called Louis van Gaal (FC Barcelona) and Vicente del Bosque (Real Madrid). There were still people like Patrick Kluivert, Marc Overmars and Gaizka Mendieta for the Blaugrana or Roberto Carlos, Raul and Luis Figo for the Madrilenians.

Now, almost 18 years later, the main players are Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Antoine Griezmann. On the Madrid side it is Toni Kroos, Karim Benzema or Sergio Ramos. Among all the legendary duels, the fans again hope for plenty of spectacular goals and incredibly explosive.

The fact is that both of them go into the game. Barca only played 1-1 in Naples, Real lost to Man City.


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