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Corona epidemic did not stop fitness enthusiasts, who wanted entire marathons without leaving home • "No excuses, must keep others" World Soccer

2110 20m rounds with neighborhood views, 66km in living room, 7.9m track for 3:50 hours round and round • Corona epidemic did not stop fitness enthusiasts who wanted entire marathons without leaving home • "No excuses, must keep About others "

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Pan Shanko was the first. On February 14 of this year, the 44-year-old running enthusiast moved the furniture in his home, assembled them in the center of the living room, and began to surround. China was then at the height of the Corona epidemic, the country was under closure, and people were desperate in search of physical activity.

Due to the situation, residents began to challenge themselves with physical tasks such as carrying bottles, push-ups with children on the back, climbing stairs, etc., until Shanko arrived and put all the tasks in the small pocket. According to him, and according to data on his watch and a video clip he took, he ran his 66-mile living room - the equivalent of an ultra-marathon - in six hours and 41 minutes. "I was dizzy at first," he said, "but every now and then I changed direction and was fine." And here's another epidemic that started in Sinai: living room / balcony / hallway runs.

It is no coincidence that running outdoors is one of the burning and contentious issues these days of closure and isolation. For many, it is a routine, maintaining body and mental health, in many cases addiction, or as Shanko explained: "If I don't run for a few days my legs are shaking and I don't feel well."

Elisha Nochomovich. Pampered himself with a medal

To the dismay of the runners, the restrictions brought by the Corona epidemic do not allow running outside in many places in the world. In Israel there is a 100 meter limit, in Spain running outside will answer with a financial fine while in many countries the situation is similar. There is a solution for the running track of course, for some, and there are famous runners like Killian Journa who invite people to run with them in the Zoom app. But what do those who do not have a track at home do? What Shanko did: Runners at home.

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British Steve Cooper runs a marathon in his living room. He thought about retiring after 35 miles, but continued after his wife told him, "I heard the end is coming down." It took him 4:39 hours to complete 5250 laps of 8 feet, after which he could add to the New York and Chicago Marathon Salon. Timmy Franklin The Australian only needed 2000 laps - from the living room to the balcony and back - to complete a marathon in more than six hours, while French runner Elisha Nomumovich did a back-and-forth on the balcony, gaining 42.2 miles in 6:48 hours.

In Israel, the man who lifted the gauntlet was Gazacho Panta, the country champion for 50 km. He ran 5349 times a 7.9 meters track in the living room and set an amazing result: a marathon in 3:50 hours. 5:31 hours made up of 2110 20-meter rounds All of these runs are documented and filmed for the avoidance of doubt.

Everyone has a common denominator. Beyond the desire to run and the desire to relieve boredom and keep fit, the goal was to prove to those who wanted it possible. "I wanted to show the Chinese that everything was in their minds at this time," Shanko said things said by the others in a slightly different wording. But that wasn't the only goal. Cooper made contributions to a cardiology department at a hospital in England, Numomovich dedicated the run to the medical teams in France, and Penta wanted to raise awareness about Abra Mangisto's return.

Source: israelhayom

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