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Merciless: A New Beginning in Hapoel Hashem? Israel Today


Less than a day after Barkat passed Hapoel to Shalom, CEO Asi Rahamim announced he would be leaving behind • Israeli backstage

Less than a day after Alona Barkat handed Hapoel to Shalom's trustee, CEO Asi Rahamim announced he would leave: "It's a pity that things didn't work out" • The VP and CFO will also not remain • The players agreed to a 50 percent cut, But the fans are furious: "We're not done with you"

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Less than a day after Alona Barkat announced that she is leaving Hapoel and transferring the club to a trustee, Adv. Yitzhak Younger, the group from the Negev capital suffered another shock - CEO Asi Rahamim will also leave after completing the overlap procedure with Attorney Younger. About Mercy's departure was first published yesterday on Israel Today.

Mercy was in fact the emerald's right hand for the past decade. When he retired, he was appointed goalkeeping coach, and in 2010 began working as CEO. Yesterday he made it clear: "In the coming months, I will continue to assist the club with everything needed. I will sit down with Attorney Younger and provide him with all the required material. Everything I ask, I will, and everything in the best interest of Hashem.

The CEO also added in the past decade: "This is not a simple moment for Hapoel BZ. We tried to do our best not to reach this moment. Alona had no choice but to prepare a plan that would guarantee financial stability to players for a period of 15 months. Get along. "

In addition to pity, the entire administrative avenue built by Barkat in the Negev capital may leave, and club vice president Ido Bar Natan and CFO Nir Katz are not expected to continue next season. In fact, Advocate Younger will run Bash next season in a completely different format to what the club has become accustomed to in recent years, and the amount of board members will be limited.

Hapoel players in the wake of a new reality // Photo: Liron Moldovan

Team players have emerged in a new reality within 24 hours: from a situation where they have been discussing the level of salary cuts, they don't even know if their contracts will be valid next season. One of them told Israel Today: "We are convinced that we were right, because we were ready to cut more than 30 percent, but only by the end of the season. We would sit again this summer. It's a pity it happened, because we don't know what will happen right now. To Advocate Younger to understand that we are ready to make a significant cut, he might listen to us. "

"You will live from hand to mouth"

As mentioned, the first conversation between the trustee and the players was held yesterday. Advocate Younger's initial message was that he would have to look at the numbers before making any decisions, as the club was not in insolvency and, on the other hand, the players made it clear that they were ready to cut more than 30 percent from the first minute so as not to leave the US. In the evening, the parties closed a 50 percent cut on the remaining three salaries until the end of the season, and in the summer, further cuts will be discussed. In addition, the players proposed to donate to the needy for Passover, money to be set aside from the pay cut.

Alona Barkat. The desert queen left the group // Photo: Alan Shiber

One thing is certain, and the players understand this: Those who earned € 150,000 a season and more will have to cut significantly to stay on the team next season. "Other clubs will not take such contracts, so players do not have much choice," a club official said. Players who bring in proposals from clubs who agree to pay their wages will leave, but that won't be as simple, as the group explained: "All amounts paid in Israeli football will change, not just Hapoel."

And there is the audience side, of course. There is a great rage among the fan organizations, which is accompanied by harsh steps toward the players - some of which include verbal violence in the Wetsap groups. Also, graffiti was sprayed outside the team's training facility, which reads, "You will live out of hand here" and "We are not done with you yet."

If the measures drag on for violence, players will consider contacting police. Fans have approached Alona Barkat to reconsider her decision, but the Pur seems to have fallen.

Source: israelhayom

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