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TSV Altenstadt keeps the training going with fun exercises for at home


The Schongau district league teams VfL Denklingen, TSV Peiting, TSV Bernbeuren and TSV Altenstadt keep fit about the Corona break.

The Schongau district league teams VfL Denklingen, TSV Peiting, TSV Bernbeuren and TSV Altenstadt keep fit about the Corona break.

Landkreis - You had completed the preparation, were fit and glad that the second half of the season was starting: But then the coronavirus slowed you down. While the end of the season is already fixed in many sports, the footballers are uncertain. The Bavarian Football Association has announced that it will constantly reassess the situation. Means: The end of the season can still come. At the same time, however, it may also continue when the sports facilities in Bavaria are released again. The BFV wants to let the athletes know at least two weeks before the first whistle. But 14 days is little time for preparation if everyone now puts their feet up. The “Schongauer Nachrichten” therefore asked around the coaches of the four district league teams from the distribution area and asked: What did you give your players? How should you keep fit?

VfL Denklingen

Markus Ansorge's team is the leader with a five point lead. Clearly the team hopes that the season will continue. After that, it doesn't really look right, Ansorge knows that. “Then you have to catch up on the games in autumn. Or you sit out for a year and play the second half of the spring of 2021, ”he suggests. "In any case, you can't cancel." After all, his team "worked hard" to stand up there.

And because it wants to stay there, there is no pause now. Ansorge gave his team a training plan two weeks ago. It is all about running. In it he suggests how often, how intensively and how long the VfL players should train. Since everyone is traveling alone, of course, the 18 teammates and their trainer exchange ideas in a WhatsApp group. "They push each other, that goes really well," says Ansorge. Many use apps to record their runs - and then put photos with information such as distance, time and speed in the group. "I am sure that they did everything they say," says Ansorge. "It fits the troop, it is just exemplary."

TSV Peiting

Fabian Melzer from TSV Peiting has not yet given his team, which is currently third, a training plan. "Sure I told them to do something. In the fitness area, of course, nothing really works in football, ”he says. As he has noticed, many like to keep fit, for example by running. "Otherwise, many people don't have as much time as now." However, Melzer wants to "don't stress" his team with strict guidelines, as long as it is not foreseeable when it will be possible to play again.

TSV Bernbeuren

Bernbeuren handles it similarly to peiting. The sixth in the table allowed two weeks into the country and paused. "It is also important for us to act as a role model," says coach Daniel Deli , who preferred it that everyone stayed at home. After five intensive weeks of preparation, that's still not a problem. "Sure, now I am starting to itch again."

Therefore, he will come up with a program in the coming days that he can hand over to his players. That should also be easy. "I don't think we'll be back on the pitch in four weeks."

Deli is annoyed that the BFV may not announce that the season will continue until two weeks before the start of the restart. The time is too short to prepare properly, the risk of injury is great. "Sure, you can also do something at home. And I will also advise my players to go running. But that doesn't have a lot to do with football. ”

As long as no games are scheduled, Deli will continue to take a relaxed course. If it is foreseeable that the requirements will be relaxed by the state, he will adjust his training plan, he says. “My players have an extremely high level of discipline and an extremely high level of commitment. They'll do it when the time comes. "

TSV Altenstadt

The Altenstadt residents get really creative during their forced break. The table eight combines sport with small competitions. For example, coach Christoph Schmitt called last week to paint funny pictures while running - not with a pen, but with a tracking app. It records the distance covered on a map. The soccer players then ran their rounds in such a way that symbols, lettering or animals were created. "Training should also be fun," he says. On Sunday, the soccer players uploaded four of the artworks to their Instagram page - and called on them to choose the most beautiful. There is a new task for this week. "Probably pushups with something on your back - woman, child, animal or object," says Schmitt.

On top of that, the TSV tried out a training program via another app. And once a week, Schmitt offers stabilization training via video chat. "This way we don't lose contact with each other and can do something together," he says. And the players stay fit on top of that.

Amateur kickers offer their help!

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