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This is how fit the Erdingen A-Classists feel before the start


Before the first point games: The Erdinger A-Classists evaluate their form themselves.Before the first point games: The Erdinger A-Classists evaluate their form themselves. Are our soccer teams ready for the season? We let you rate it yourself. On a scale from 1 (weak) to 6 (very strong), they show how they currently assess themselves with regard to the personal situation, the physical and mental state of the players and the impressions from the preparatory games. A class 7 Two

Before the first point games: The Erdinger A-Classists evaluate their form themselves.

Are our soccer teams ready for the season?

We let you rate it yourself.

On a scale from 1 (weak) to 6 (very strong), they show how they currently assess themselves with regard to the personal situation, the physical and mental state of the players and the impressions from the preparatory games.

A class 7

Two out of six balls

FC Fraunberg: “The current situation?

Rather weak, ”says Fraunberg's coach Rainer Schmidmüller.

In addition to keeper Christoph Neumaier, Christian Limmer, Bene Pöppl, Barthe Rosenhuber, Nico Gruber, Stefan Huber and Martin Wimmer are also out.

Three out of six balls

SG Reichenkirchen: It doesn't look much better at the community rival Reichenkirchen.

Striker Maxi Jäkel has moved to Eitting, Lukas Lehner is stepping down for professional reasons.

"If you already have a small squad, then of course that has an extreme effect," says player-coach Robert Lex, who, by the way, has just become a new father as four other players.

It goes without saying that training has taken a back seat.

SV Staustorf: All test games lost - "If you give away ten hundred percent like against Moosburg, you needn't be surprised," says player-coach Dominik Dorsch, who has to do without Johannes Eiser (broken arm) and Basti Sellmaier (hip problems) for the time being. Newcomer Christoph Furtner will only be able to help sporadically because he also plays ice hockey in Erding.

“But I will always have 14 people available.

If necessary, our oldies can help out. ”What Dorsch is also confident about:“ Everyone is involved in training.

There are no physical problems.

This year it will be more of a brainstorm, ”said Dorsch, who is a little unhappy with the schedule.

"We have four games within 14 days, then it's over."

BSG Taufkirchen 2: The fact that five regular players - Florian Held, Benedikt Wandinger, Philipp Bachmaier, Thomas Mooshofer and Felix Uellenberg - are injured "hurts", says the new BSG coach Florian Pell.

He is impressed by the hard work of his team.

A training participation of 16 players on average is quite considerable for a second.

The physical condition does not worry him: “We now have the eleventh week of preparation.

If the condition wasn't right then something would go wrong, ”he says.

However, it could be mentally difficult.

Because, of course, the players would worry about what would happen if the opponent had a corona case and they had to be quarantined.

Pell speaks clearly about the test matches.

“We only got three wins.

One cannot be satisfied with that.

That could have been more. ”That's why there are only three balls from him.

FC Inning: According to coach Armin Feckl, the team makes “a good, fit impression”.

But with Dominik Tristl, Toni Cosic, Bene Daimer, Nils Heuse, Matthias Hermannsdorfer and Basti Unterreitmeier, he lost a number of players.

"As a result, we couldn't really bring in the parts of the team."

FSV Steinkirchen: Player-coach Kosta Papantoniou is very satisfied with the participation in training.

"Except for a few vacationers, everyone was always there.

Everyone is focused. ”He particularly likes the fact that youth players like Dennis Dirrigl really push the ball.

The old hands have to defend their place.

"Overall, the mix of young and old is right," says Papantoniou.

The fact that he still only awards three out of six balls is due to the fluctuating performance in the friendly matches.

That went from “very good” (Gammelsdorf) to “not so good” (Paunzhausen).

SpVgg Eichenkofen: "The staff cover is still thin, and we now had a few vacationers and some injured people," says Sports Director Markus Lex, who is also concerned that there will be enough players for the second - a problem that many clubs face drives.

"We are looking forward to the league cup because for us in the league it's all about the golden pineapple, and we hope that we can tear something here."

FC Eitting 2: "The preparation was rather mixed," said player-coach Reinhard Neudecker of the mental difficulty: "The preparation phase was too long for us." Now he, playmaker Michi Weber and goal scorer Harry Ludwig are also injured.

Neudecker: "I hope for support from the squad of the first, since I, as of now, have exactly eleven men from the second on the slip."

Four out of six balls

SpVgg Langenpreising: Trainer Florian Haider sees his team "actually quite well prepared for the start at the weekend".

Even if the staff cover is a bit thin, "the available players are all very motivated and fit".

SC Moosen 2: After the most recent test match, the SC reserve has two more injuries to complain about.

"Our preparations were very mixed because we almost always played with a different line-up," says coach Christian Kopp.

"But I am convinced that we will make it very difficult for our opponents to get a point on Saturday."

FC Schwaig 2: Press spokesman Rainer Hellinger is very confident, even gives a 4+.

"The personnel situation is good, many of the injured in the first half of the season are fit again, the training impressions are okay, physically there is still a little room for improvement, mentally as well." He also refers to the impressions from the last preparation games.

Otherwise, of course, remains "the understandable uncertainty after a competitive game break of ten months - as with the other teams certainly".

Five balls out of six

SV Eintracht Berglern: Trainer Nino Filippetti gives the best rating for participation in training.

“At the weekend I'm spoiled for choice with 20 people.” Because of the long preparation he recently took Michi Schöttner on for five units with his soccer school, “to set new points of interest”.


“The trend is rising, a 4+.” That also applies to the test games, which were mixed at the beginning.

FC Langengeisling 2: Coach Samir Merdanovic describes the first two test matches as "catastrophic".

They were lost 2: 5 and 2: 9.

Then the boys would have put the switch.

“Now the Geislingen mood is back.

Everyone is training and they are all excited for the first game.

He explicitly names the veterans Chris Scherm and Georg Birnbeck.

The tech-savvy newcomers Sinan Ukshini and Srdjan Raseta could become decisive jokers, Merdanovic suspects.

However, Thomas Besser, Thomas Perzl and Steve Zimmermann are injured.

A class 8

Three out of six balls

TSV Grüntegernbach: The ailing players are now fit.

However, the regular central defender is now canceled with Mark Rasch.

The team is physically and mentally fit.

The final training was the best so far, enthuses the sports director Wolfgang Schnappberger.

The impressions from the preparation games vary from very good (against Schwindegg and Oberndorf) to not so good (against Obertaufkirchen).

TSV Isen: Player-coach Daniel Stangl is not that happy.

Due to the many injured players such as Oberprieler, Fischer and Schweiger, he was unable to play a test match with the desired starting XI.

The many vacationers during the preparation would not have made the whole thing easier.

But there are also positive things to report.

According to Stangl, the youth players have already integrated well.

"You can help us immediately."

FSV Steinkirchen 2: "We started relatively well, but are not yet stable," reports coach Flo Wieser.

However, since last weekend, Christoph Hofmaier (torn muscle fiber) and Matthias Korber (cruciate ligament and meniscus tear) have added two key players to the list of injuries.

Bernhard Pfanzelt has been plagued by ankle problems for weeks.

It can only be used to a limited extent.

The failure of keeper Tristan Kaup (shoulder joint explosion) weighs heavily.

Wieser is "generally satisfied with the preparation, I can still see construction sites, but we are ready and take on the fight".

He has a lot of praise for the youth players.

SpVgg Neuching: We have not yet had an answer from the fifth in the table by the editorial deadline.

After the impressions so far in the test matches, it could be a difficult restart.

On the other hand, the squad hasn't changed.

We hereby give the SpVgg three out of six balls.

Four out of six balls

TSV Dorfen 2: Trainer Roland Grasser fluctuates in his rating between 3.5 and 4.5.

We take the remedy.

There are no newcomers, but some injured.

Grasser praises the mental strength and the good attitude of his team.

In the preparation there was a strong performance in the win against BSG Taufkirchen 2 after mixed games.

SV Hörlkofen: “The long break is like a lucky bag.

It's already difficult after a normal winter, ”says HSV coach Christoph Böning, who praises his team.

“The motivation is absolutely there.” Although HSV only has three point games and doesn't know how this new league cup will be accepted, there is a big plus for HSV in terms of personnel.

And that has to do with the youth players who, according to Böning, are very enthusiastic about the matter.

He can really use the guys because some injuries are affecting the thin squad.

FC Moosinning 3: Stefan Lechner classifies his team between four and five balls. The tendency is more towards four, "because we had minor injuries and are not yet at 100 percent," says the coach, who is out himself.

"Players like Riedler, Spitzer and Bies are not yet fully in the juice," says the coach, who is still worried about the use of Stefan Flötzinger.

Five balls out of six

DJK Ottenhofen: The DJK had to let go of their goalscorer Christoph Käser.

With the return of Constantin Lichti (storm), Stefan Spyra (defense) and Andi Stürzer (goal), three new ones are on board.

"The training attitude was good, the team is hot," says coach Hans Bruckmaier.

SpVgg Altenerding: It's a shame that SpVgg Altenerding won't be able to intervene until next week, because the team is already in a good shape and has achieved excellent test match results.

The team recently demonstrated their mental and physical strength in the 3-2 win against Moosinning 2, when the team caught up with a 2-0 deficit.

Football boss Andi Heilmaier gives the team a 4.5.

We generously round up to 5.

Bitter: Tobias Neuer is out this year due to a knee injury.

Keeper Jonas Pamer is also in trouble, but there is a good representative in the return of Brendan Tömmes.

FC Forstern 2: “I take my hat off to the troops.

There were more people in training than in the first, and there were already a lot of them, ”says Forstern's press spokesman Albert Bowinzki.

Hardly any injuries, good demeanor in training - the relegation battle can come.

FC Lengdorf 2: Trainer Michael Fugmann praises his boys: “It was a good training participation for a second.

During the extremely long, uncertain period of time, no one has let themselves down.

Especially the older semesters, i.e. those over 30, want to know again.

The impressions from the preparatory games were, except for the bankruptcy against Walpertskirchen, “consistently positive.

Mentally and physically, we're in good shape. ”In Wolfgang, FCL is an outsider, but in the preliminary round the favorite turned the game in the final minutes.

TSV St. Wolfgang: Trainer Alex Auhagen rates the restart preparation as “consistently positive.

Our squad has grown even wider thanks to the youth players. ”However, Bernhard Deuschl and Wolfgang Steinweber, two regular players, are out this year due to injuries.

“This has to be compensated as a community,” demands Augen.

“The training impressions were also positive.

Even if many holidaymakers had to stop training longer because of the corona, because they were waiting for their test results. ”Auhagen is also satisfied with the tests.

“I'm not just referring to the results.

The way in which we play against mostly higher-class opponents makes me confident. "

The games, our tips:

A class 7: Saturday, 1 p.m .: FC Langengeisling II - Moosen II 3: 0, 3 p.m .: SVE Berglern - SpVgg Langenpreising 2: 0.

Sunday, 2 p.m .: SG Reichenkirchen - FC Inning 1: 3, 3 p.m .: SV Zusatzorf - BSG Taufkirchen II 1: 1, 5 p.m .: FSV Steinkirchen - FC Eitting II 2: 0 - A class 8: Sunday, 1 p.m .: FC Moosinning III - SpVgg Neuching 2: 1, 2 p.m .: FSV Steinkirchen II - TSV Dorfen II 1: 3, 3 p.m .: TSV Grüntegernbach - FC Forstern II 2.0, SV Hörlkofen - DJK Ottenhofen 1: 3, TSV St.Wolfgang - FC Lengdorf II 2-0, TSV Isen - VfB Hallbergmoos-Goldach III: 4-1.

The current tables

A class 7

1. SVE Berglern 14 38: 12 37

2. Langengeisling II 14 41: 19 31

3. FSV Steinkirchen 13 34:17 28

4th inning a.

Wood 14 36: 25 26

5. Reichenkirchen 13 42:20 25

6. SpVgg Eichenkofen 14 31: 20 22

7. FC Eitting II 14 22:26 17th

8. BSG Taufkirch.

II 14 25: 41 17

9th SpVgg Langenpreising 14 24:35 13

10th SV Zusatzorf 13 14:26 13

11th FC Fraunberg 14 17:29 11

12. SC Moosen II 14 12:32 9

13th Spfr. Schwaig II 13 12:46 3

A class 8

1. DJK Ottenhofen 14 56: 10 36

2. TSV Isen 13 52: ​​14 34

3. TSV St. Wolfgang 14 40: 12 34

4. SpVgg Altenerding 13 32:14 27

5. Neuching 13 51:16 26

6. Hörlkofener SV 14 28:38 19th

7. TSV Grüntegernbach 14 29:40 14

8. FC Lengdorf II 14 18:32 13

9. FC Moosinning III 14 16:34 13

10. TSV Dorfen II 14 22:51 13

11th VfB Hallbergmoos III 14 1:49 p.m. 10

12.FC Forstern II 14 13:32 8

13. Steinkirch.

II 13 11: 39 7

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