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Road Test: New BMW Series 1 - Walla! vehicle


The new Series 1 leaves hands with BMW's classic paddle configuration, the one that has been its hallmark in previous generations. What does she earn, what does her clients earn, and how much does it cost?

Road Test: The new BMW Series 1

The new Series 1 leaves hands with BMW's classic paddle configuration, the one that has been its hallmark in previous generations. What does she earn, what does her clients earn, and how much does it cost?

Road Test: The new BMW Series 1


In its current generation, BMW Series 1 detracts from its submission offer its unique hallmark - the rear paddle. In the sedan configuration, she did this as early as 2017 in her version sold in China, but now it also comes to Hatchback.

It makes her life easier on the one hand and very difficult on the other. Easier, because with the option of using its shared UKL platform for X1, X2 and mini cars. This means simpler production, cheaper due to the use of transverse motors and shared gearboxes for more models, improved interior and trunk space, and more. The downside? No, no customer loss due to the front wheel drive, most customers no matter what wheels drive their car, every customer who leaves because of the front wheel will come three because of the margin improvement.

The difficult life comes because, unlike what it used to be, the unique point it has had so far vis-à-vis the competitors, even at the level of "our rear-wheel drive, we sanctify driving", you no longer have to face your competition with the same opening conditions.

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The exterior looks less athletic, more microwave or crossover than a premium compact

Road Test: BMW Series 1 (118i) (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

Outside and inside

While she is the little BMW stable in the front paddle, she is determined to show that she belongs. See it in the big kidney grills, maybe too big. Used in a variety of sporty decorations such as front and rear spoiler and side skirts at the M Sports finish being tested. But the overall look is zero, slightly clumsy and clumsy, a bit microwaved or a crossover lower than a compact premium sports car.

Well designed and high quality, the fixture is lacking considering the price

Road Test: BMW Series 1 (118i) (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

BMW's modern BMW design, with minimalist, modern lines. There is no "wow" here of the mighty array of new Mercedes A Class, but it never seems simple. The quality of the materials is excellent, the seats here are excellent, with plenty of directional options to the exact steering wheel of precise diameter. The digital dashboard combines the appearance of two analog dials (like) and a center screen. What totally lowers this absurdity here, at NIS 214,000 without a Revers camera, split climate control, sun window or cruise control? However, the safety package is very nice, correction of deviation from the lane, warning of a vehicle in a dead area, automatic braking at urban speed, warning of cross-traffic and warning of the danger of injury from behind.

Great seats at the M Sport finish level, the best in its group and in general

Road Test: BMW Series 1 (118i) (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

Despite its reduction in length (single cm) and wheelbase (in two centimeters), the transition to a front paddle that allows lateral engine positioning and increased passenger compartment space is evident in the rear bench offering more room than before. Not very roomy, but definitely better, although the front paddle still has a floor here for its M135 versions, the dual paddle. Out of the story, the trunk, which grows to 380 liters, was added to 20 liters, but apart from the volume and two tying rings, there are no exciting flashes in the form of cells, lighting or hanging hooks. That doesn't sound like much, but keep in mind that there is a multi-connection rear rack here that alongside behavioral and comfort benefits takes up more space.

The wheelbase is shortened which is good for behavior, but the interior space is increased

Road Test: BMW Series 1 (118i) (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

Along with the use of its shared platform and the Mini, the door also opens for the use of new engines in BMW road cars. Such is the engine that has here, 1.5 liters, three cylinders dedicated. The power is 140 hp and the torque is 24.2. The gearbox is a dual-clutch robot with seven transfer ratios. The performance is 8.5 seconds per 100 and 211 mph. While these numbers are not jarring, popular families display similar numbers and so do the feelings that arise from driving it, at least in saving and comfort situations. In these driving situations, nothing here is exciting or exciting, but so was the basic version of this car in the past. We'll also get into sports mode, wait.

A 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine, moving daily, vigorous in sport mode

Road Test: BMW Series 1 (118i) (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

For convenience, this car manages to do the right thing, combining a relatively rigid suspension bracket that supports and restrains its body - along with a normal 17-inch hoop. Warm greetings and kisses to BMW and importer for not being tempted to overpriced and slender cuts - a sick bad of modern cars. The result is good ride comfort on most of the disruptions and combined with the multi-connection rack, also a very good mitigation of potholes. Inside this city is one of the best dual clutch gearboxes, with a nice transmission and the only thing that bothers here is the return of a 3-cylinder bleeding stop - a combination of unpleasant noise and shaking from the engine, hello, your company's middle name is engines. I have eliminated this stupid nonsense that automakers are forced to incorporate in their cars at every turn. Even without it, the car achieved 12.5 miles per liter on the test days which included easy driving which is very nice.

Cross-cutting tires improve comfort

Road Test: BMW Series 1 (118i) (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

Upon reaching the winding road, it was clear that she would have to answer the tough questions here. The driving mode is shifting to the sport and we begin to flow into the challenging roads. The positive impression starts from the first turn and it only grows from bend to bend. No, there is not the added sharpness of rear-wheel drive here, with the separation of powers between the driving wheels and customs. But what do you know, there are also no drawbacks here that belong to a front-wheel drive car. Some of us ate at the BMW head on the new pull control system that analyzes the level of grip, speed and turning of the steering wheel and controls the power supply and brakes to improve steering. Some ate - this is how it works.

Excellent driving position that connects to the car well behaved

Road Test: BMW Series 1 (118i) (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

The steering is fast and precise and the car dives in and out of turns without the slightest hint or steering wheel acceleration as it opens. And the best part - everything here gives a natural feel. Because just like in makeup, the best thing is when it looks natural, the bad thing when it is overstated and the ugly one is with the eyebrows painted on you with black marker - what closes? Who made you a third grade decoration committee ?! The only downside to this driving was the gearbox operation that does not always shift gear in time or do it smoothly enough, which is a shame that even the steering wheel control is from the accessory that this car lacks.

Road Test: BMW Series 1 (118i) (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)


It is very easy to pour a bucket of cold water on Series 1 and BMW for choosing to abandon the traditional structure, but in the road trip test, the reality is less black and white. As a competitor in the compact-premium group, it is still the most fun driving car in its group, despite the move to front-wheel drive. Unlike Ford, for example, who electrified the horse to death with their electric crossover nickname "Mustang," here the paddle type is not the goal but the means. And if the goal is a fun compact car to drive - it has been achieved. As for the "premium", well, in this armory its the answer is not really. With the move to front propulsion we realized that driving purists are no longer exactly a captive audience of this car, which means that it should already be rewarded elsewhere and the area in which it is not is this place. In terms of competition, Alfa Giulietta and Audi A3 offer more horses for less money, but they are no longer young and until their new generations arrive, its main competitor is a Mercedes A Class with its base version of similar performance but more expensive at about NIS 15,000.

My bottom line: The new BMW 1 Series is a better product than its previous one, it is less good than its previous BMW. For some reason, it doesn't seem to bother her from selling more than her predecessor.

Road Test: BMW Series 1 (118i) (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

On the technical side: BMW Series 1 (118i)

Engine, propulsion: gasoline, turbo, 3 cylinder, front
Volume: 1,499 cc
Power / rpm (kW): 4,600 / 140
Torque / rpm (kg): 1,480 / 24.2
Gearbox: automatic, dual clutch, 7 gears

Length (cm): 432
Width (cm): 180
Height (cm): 143
Wheelbase (cm): 267
Trunk (liters): 380

0-100 acceleration: 8.5 seconds
Maximum speed: 211 mph

Audi A3, Mercedes A Class, Alfa Julieta

NIS 214,000 (190,000 basis)

Source: walla

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