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How to clean your car seats at lightning speed with these home remedies


No matter if, water stains, lime or other dirt: Many stains on car seats can be removed with home remedies. The editors will explain how to do it.

No matter if, water stains, lime or other dirt: Many stains on car seats can be removed with home remedies. The editors will explain how to do it.

It's hard to believe, but yes: water can also stain. Especially on seat cushions in the car, the liquid causes ugly stains and edges. But how should you get rid of the residues? But not by cleaning with water again? And what about other grease or dirt stains?

Clean car seats: Pay attention to the cover

Before you go to the cleaning cabinet, you should consider which cleaning agents you can use at all. Logically, leather seats need different care than seat covers made of fiber fabric . They are generally somewhat more robust and acidic aids can also be used for cleaning.

Fiber fabrics, on the other hand, are manufactured in such a way that they withstand protracted wear and tear - which is why cleaning often becomes a problem and cleaning agents from the hardware store often do nothing. Ultimately, it is the good old home remedies that are used.

Home Remedies: How To Clean Car Seats With Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is sometimes a real all-rounder - especially when it comes to cleaning. So it is often used when cleaning carpets and is also a great way to bring car seats to a high gloss. It doesn't matter what type of stain it is - the shaving cream removes both water stains and grease residues. The advantage of shaving cream is also that it leaves no odors and can be easily applied to the upholstery.

Tip : Let the product act on the affected stains for half an hour and then dab the seat with a damp cloth.

Car seats: Get rid of stains with vinegar water

Vinegar is indispensable in the household - which is why you will definitely have a supply at home. You can use it to save your stained car seat. Vinegar water can be used on leather, synthetic leather and fiber fabrics and also shows its effect on calcareous stains . Let the vinegar water drip on a sponge and dab it on the stains. After a few minutes of exposure, wipe over with a damp cloth.

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Home remedies: lemon juice for cleaning car seats

If you don't want to use vinegar water - either because of the smell or for other reasons - you can also use lemon water to combat water stains or grease residues . The application is the same as for vinegar: drizzle lemon water on a sponge and carefully spread over the affected areas. Let it take effect and wipe with a damp cloth - the seat is like new again.

Cleaning car seats: miracle cure salt?

Everyone knows that salt absorbs liquids. That is why it is perfect for example against water stains. Moisten your car seats lightly , sprinkle a little salt over them and let it sit for two hours. After that, the stain and its residue should be gone.

Video: clean the headlining

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Stained edges: fight with icing spray

If you feel the stained edges are not just from water stains or other greasy residue, but from lime deposits or sugar , use ice spray. This will freeze the annoying residues when sprayed on. Afterwards, they can be easily removed with a soft brush.

Cuddling behind the wheel - car seat becomes wellness furniture

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How to save leather seats with home remedies

A distinction must be made between leather seats, smooth leather, suede and artificial suede . Smooth leather is relatively easy to care for compared to the other materials and also the most common leather in the interior of cars. Therefore, home remedies are much easier to use here. One of them is colorless shoe polish : It not only cleans the surface, but also gives it suppleness, which is often lost during constant wear.

If the dirt is more stubborn than expected, you should first reach for the furniture brush of the vacuum cleaner and then go over the seats with a damp cloth. If this still has no effect, you can resort to small tricks.

On the one hand, a cleaning eraser is suitable for dealing with dirt. An alternative is a cloth dipped in detergent solution , which you can slide over the seat in slightly circular movements. Then the shoe polish is used again, which you apply thinly to the dried seat and wipe again with a soft, lint-free cloth.

The car seat is then polished with a special polishing cloth or a women's nylon stocking .

Warning : Always avoid rubbing or rubbing when cleaning the leather seats, as it damages the material and can cause discolouration.

Remove odors: home remedies are the solution

Anyone who drops food on the seat in the car or has a dog not only has to deal with stains, but also with stubborn smells . Even after extensive cleaning, these are not so easy to remove: in this case, the vinegar is used again.

If you have not already done so, you should mix normal kitchen vinegar in a bucket of lukewarm water and apply it to the car seats with a rag. The vinegar also leaves an unpleasant smell, but unlike other vapors, it evaporates within a few hours - and it takes the unpleasant smells straight away .

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How to prevent stains on the car seats

It's hard to put water or food in your car again - but you can place blankets that trap at least part of the water or other liquids. There are also protective covers that are often not as beautiful as the actual car seat, but do their job. Also keep a few cleaning wipes on hand so that you can react quickly in the event of an emergency.

When it comes to cleaning your beloved car, we get pretty creative: Read about other exciting life hacks around the car here.

By Franziska Kaindl

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