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Mercedes Marco Polo in everyday test - a campervan for real explorers


Family taxi, campervan, van and luxury limousine at the same time - the Marco Polo from Mercedes Benz wants to be one for (almost) everything. We have tested the brand new Daimler minibus with Westfalia equipment and say for whom and what it is really suitable for.

Family taxi, campervan, van and luxury limousine at the same time - the Marco Polo from Mercedes Benz wants to be one for (almost) everything. We have tested the brand new Daimler minibus with Westfalia equipment and say for whom and what it is really suitable for.

  • The new Marco Polo from Mercedes shines with its elegant equipment.
  • Now the campervan is also available with a large 239 hp diesel.
  • Despite its size, the minibus is as light as a car.

Marco Polo from Mercedes: What has changed with the facelift?

This is new: Just like the V-Class, which serves as the basis for the Marco Polo, there are only very subtle changes in the bleaching dress. The revised front section, for example, which can also be had in the AMG variant with a diamond grill. Or the turbine-style air nozzles that have been around for a long time. Unfortunately, the larger infotainment screen is not integrated in the console and therefore looks like it has been retrofitted. Mercedes * probably did not want to spend the associated higher development costs for the facelift.


Looks like a Mercedes, a real Mercedes is even in the cockpit. Now with the fine turbine nozzles.

© Daimler

The engines are different. The biggest innovation is the diesel available for the first time with 239 hp . There is no faster way to start the excursion weekend : in 9.4 seconds the V 300d 4matic sprints from 0 to 100 km / h , with 210 things on the highway towards the mountains, sea, forest and corridor. With these driving performances, everything has to be stowed and lashed well, otherwise a lot of things fly around your ears. Large 2.0-liter engine, crisp 9-speed automatic, plus all-wheel drive - even a campervan can be chased through the bends.


With 239 HP off into the weekend. The new large diesel engine offers good performance, but then it gets thirsty.

© Daimler

Mercedes: How is the Marco Polo doing in practice?

What is the Marco Polo for? Despite the length of 5.14 meters, the noble van is surprisingly easy and comfortable to drive. More like a sedan than a van . The diesel engine is typically well insulated by Mercedes, the interior also corresponds to the usual Stuttgart star level. What also applies to the sound: nine speakers and a 5-channel amplifier - just sounds good.


Spending the night in the great outdoors: Many of them rave about it. The dream comes closer with a campervan.

© Daimler

The Marco Polo is practical in almost every situation . Whether as a commuter vehicle with an average consumption of 6.7 liters or as a transporter for weekend shopping. With a vehicle height of just under two meters, you don't have to be afraid of underground garages. This is also important for some vacation countries. On many sections of the coast, parking spaces * for cars over two meters are blocked with a bar.

If you remove the seat, the Marco Polo even develops transporter qualities . However, you should check exactly what you put in the back. The yacht-wood floor is quickly ruined and the piano lacquer surfaces of the elegant camping fixtures scratched. Our opinion: As suitable as the Marco Polo is as a normal everyday car. For example, if you are building a house and are looking for a suitable vehicle to transport various materials, you should use the Vito from Mercedes. It is much more robust.

The Marco Polo is also of limited use as a family taxi if the number of members exceeds four. The rear seat only has space for two . But with almost wasteful legroom. In order to get more people into it, you would theoretically have to get an additional bench or a single seat and install it if necessary. But nobody does that if they just want to go out to the country with their children, grandma and grandpa to eat. If you need such a family bus, you should fall back on the normal V-Class.


Ideal companion for leisure activities such as SUP boarding: in the Marco Polo you can also get bulky items.

© Daimler

The Marco Polo scores when it comes to weekend leisure activities such as swimming or mountain hiking. In addition to the large space, in which the already inflated swimming pool, air mattress or the SUP board fits easily, you also have a refrigerator on board for snacks and drinks. And when it rains, the picnic takes place in the car. The table is quickly opened and both the driver and front passenger seats can be turned so that you sit across from each other during the break.


The table is laid for a Mediterranean snack. The driver and front passenger seats can be swiveled backwards.

© Daimler

Which brings us to the actual determination of the Marco Polo. After all, the bestseller also stands for vacation joys . We took two of us to South Tyrol. In theory, four could have slept on the bus. Two at the bottom of the converted couch and two at the top in the bed under the electrically opening roof. But really only in theory and only if you stand on bunk beds and youth hostel charms.


The bed in the hinged roof is more suitable for children. Then up to four people can stay in the Marco Polo.

© Daimler

Four people in the Marco Polo - the sardine in the box is going crazy. Because even for two it is pretty tight , especially when it is cold and raining outside. That two people change at the same time - no chance. Someone has to pause in the front seats. But you can make good use of the time and attach the blinds for the side and front window in the form of an apron. An endeavor that costs effort at least the first time until you understand the principle and the suction buttons are in the right place.

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No space for two? The Marco Polo on a camping holiday

But the pitfalls of camping life have only just begun. First make the beds. Simply unlock the seat, it gently rolls backwards. The backrest and headrests fold down at the push of a button. Together with the rear shelf, this creates a level lying surface. Then mattress and sheet on it, the double bed is ready . However, one for newly in love, because it is really narrow and does not forgive the slightest snore .


Simply fold down the seats, and it even works electrically, and you have a level bed for the bed.

© Daimler

But it is still too early for bed rest. A little more reading. But where is the night reading now, damn it and sewn it up? Hmm! Right, we stowed the books in the closet. But you can no longer get there because the table is folded and the plate is exactly between the edge of the bed and the drawer. Then just another beer. While this is not impossible, it is also difficult. Because the chic, black kitchenette with two-burner gas cooker , sink and the refrigerator that opens upwards is filled with all sorts of utensils such as make-up bags and toiletry bags. And so the trip to South Tyrol is a struggle with the trick of the object . A task for real explorers, just like the great Marco Polo was.


The kitchenette consists of a sink, two-burner gas cooker and a refrigerator. The piano lacquer look is classy.

© Daimler

Our conclusion on the Marco Polo

The Marco Polo is a comfortable, easy-to-drive, everyday bus that can also be used as a rolling luxury bed for the weekend. Without a shower and toilet, it is not really suitable as a campervan that you can use for two weeks. The price starts at around 66,600 euros for the fairly well-equipped "Edition" variant with the large engine and all-wheel drive. But the loss in value is also kept within narrow limits. Such a Marco Polo shines with a good resale value, if you can part with it at all.


Watch the sunrise from your bed: You only have to park your Marco Polo the right way round.

© Daimler

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Datasheet Marco Polo 300 d 4matic Edition


1950 cc


239 hp at 4200 rpm


500 Nm between 1600 and 2400 rpm


9G-Tronic automatic

Length / B / H:

5140/1928/1975 mm

Empty weight (perm):

2555 kg / 545 - 635 depending on the equipment

Trailer load (braked):

2000 kg

Luggage compartment volume:

670 l

0 to 100:

9.4 s

Top speed:

210 km / h

Fuel consumption:

6.7 liters


176 g / km

Emission standard:

Euro 6d temp

Price (depending on the equipment line):

from 61,713 euros

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