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Noble among the compact cars: The Mazda3 combines fresh design with agile driving behavior


The Mazda3 is becoming a real alternative in the Golf class. The Japanese convinces with its elegant design, high-quality workmanship and crisp sportiness.

The Mazda3 is becoming a real alternative in the Golf class. The Japanese convinces with its elegant design, high-quality workmanship and crisp sportiness.

  • With extensive equipment and sporty tuning, the Mazda3 is an interesting alternative in the Golf class .
  • Excellent workmanship and high quality materials convince in the interior
  • Even the entry-level petrol has a mild hybrid system

Leverkusen - Mazda is at the forefront when it comes to leaving technically well-trodden paths. Whether the new version of the Wankel engine, the reversal of the compression ratio in gasoline and diesel engines in favor of better exhaust gas values: the engineers obviously enjoy relatively great freedom to put unusual ideas into practice, such as the gasoline engine with auto-ignition , which underpins the principles of diesel and petrol engines the latest generation of the compact Mazda3 .

Mild hybrid with starter generator pushes the Mazda3 emphatically

Even the entry-level engine has state-of-the-art drive technology, such as a mild hybrid system whose cylinder deactivation is intended to curb the thirst of the four-cylinder . In partial load operation, when little or no engine power is required, two cylinders are shut down. Then the front-wheel drive compact vibrates almost like an old diesel. The Skyactiv M Hybrid also has a belt-driven starter generator that is connected to a 24 volt battery. The generator supports the combustion engine when accelerating and converts braking energy into electrical current (recuperation), which in turn charges the battery. With an average consumption of 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers , you can get through everyday life quite well.

Mazda3: extremely crisp rear section

The aggressive front, a stretched bonnet and the extraordinarily crisp rear section with its well-proportioned curves help the four-door Japanese to a potent appearance.


Sleek design: The Mazda3 makes a sporty appearance

© Mazda

However, the pleasing design of the Mazda 3 has its disadvantages: The view to the rear is severely restricted by narrow window cutouts, the low roof and the wide rear pillars, as is the headroom in the cramped rear seats. Narrow door cut-outs almost look like fishing.

With its successful design, the four-door Japanese is also a little star on Instagram:

Check out this post on Instagram

Did you know that about 30% of all our vehicles are sold in Magmarot Metallic? Is your #Mazda included or have you decided on a different color? # Mazda3

A post shared by Mazda Germany (@mazda_de) on Dec 10, 2019 at 11:46 PST

The trunk of the Mazda * can be reached via a relatively high loading edge and can be expanded after the asymmetrically divided seat backs have been folded down. Lateral guides ensure that there is no belt salad. However, the trunk cut is a bit narrow in the lower area, and the tailgate does not swing too far.

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The interior of the Mazda3 looks classy and stylish

The interior does what the elegant exterior design promises. High-quality materials and a reduced design look classy and stylish. The seats are big enough and comfortable. The horizontal line of the dashboard is only interrupted by the climate control buttons, whose defroster mode unfortunately has too little breath.


Noble restraint: exemplary controls in a very tidy dashboard

© Mazda

After all, the Mazda 3 automatically switches on the seat and steering wheel heating when it is too cold outside. Displays inclined towards the driver and a flood of switches reduced to the essentials make operation easier. The infotainment system is only operated using the rotary pushbutton on the center console and is clearly structured. The round instruments in the cockpit are very easy to read.

The Mazda3 is sporty

The tight coordination of the chassis underlines that a dynamic design is not an end in itself. Even at high speed, the agile Japan triplet is sensitive to bumps, but keeps on track. The steering works very precisely , the six-speed manual transmission is wonderfully crisp. And after starting, the otherwise pleasantly reserved four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine even emits something of a roar.

Interesting alternative in the golf class

In the so-called golf class , the Mazda3 is an interesting alternative - with its show values, the low cost price and standard equipment which includes navigation, parking aid, Bluetooth and smartphone connection, LED headlights, numerous assistants and a head-up display.

Mazda3 2.0M Hybrid datasheet


1998 cc


90 kW / 122 hp at 6,000 rpm


10.4 s 0-100 km / h


197 km / h


6.3 l / 100 km

CO2 emission

143 g / km




4460 mm


2028 mm

Trunk capacity

351-1026 l


1350 kg total weight

total weight



from 23,790

type classes

HP 16, VK 23, TK 27

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Rubric list image: © Mazda

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