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How the car helps against corona boredom


Is the quarantine threat threatening? Maybe then is the right time to take care of the car again. Five things you can easily do yourself.

Is the quarantine threat threatening? Maybe then is the right time to take care of the car again. Five things you can easily do yourself.

  • Modern cars with their complex electronics can no longer be easily repaired with a simple wrench.
  • Some things can still be done by yourself.
  • We have five suggestions for how the car can help you get bored with coronavirus.

Bring the car into shape: polish away scratches

Smaller paint damage can often be easily polished away. Superficial abrasion - for example from the body of the opponent - is carefully removed with a little toothpaste and a soft cloth . If there is deeper damage, a touch-up pen * helps in the exact body color - for this you should know the exact name of the car manufacturer. Attention: If rust can already be seen in the scratch, it must be removed, otherwise it will continue to rust under the repaired area. Don't worry if the result of the do-it-yourself repair isn't optically perfect. Even if the spot should still be visible when you look closely , the new paint layer protects against corrosion .

Install new car radio

The optimization of the sound system is one of the classic tuner disciplines. But even if you do not want to pull meters of cable and install bass boxes right away, you can improve the sound quality or ease of use of your on-board audio system. At least in cars where the radio is still in the classic DIN slot and is not part of the manufacturer's infotainment system. The first step is to carefully remove the old device and then unplug it. As a rule, the radio hangs on two standardized ISO plugs and an antenna plug. The devices usually also offer these connections. If necessary, an adapter helps.

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Glue the window film

Darkened windows not only look good in a car, they also protect the occupants from the heat of the sun . Those who have not already taken the option when buying a new car will find numerous retrofit products on the Internet , some of which are already tailored to the respective vehicle model. It is important that they have a general operating permit (ABE) . The paper must be shown to the police upon request. It is also only permitted to stick on the windows behind the B-pillar . The windshield, driver and front passenger windows must remain free in Germany. All you need to apply window film * yourself is skill, a spray bottle with rinsing water and a small scraper, the so-called squeegee.

Boredom in quarantine? Replace filter

There are a number of filters in the car. Two of them can be easily replaced by yourself: the engine air filter and the cabin filter . The former cleans the air drawn in from the outside, which can contain dust and tire debris, for example. The regular change increases the lifespan of the drive . The cabin filter ensures clean air in the vehicle itself, prevents dust and pollen from entering. Where the filters are in an individual car, the operating instructions or, in the case of common models, the Internet also know. As a rule, only a few clips have to be loosened by hand, the old filter removed and the new one inserted.

Change tires instead of Corona storage bumpers

From Easter onwards, summer tires are announced for cars , advises a rule of thumb. At least in the lowlands, you should usually drive properly. If you change gear yourself, do not forget to shift into gear (with automatic transmission "P") and pull the handbrake. Then the wheel nuts of all wheels are loosened slightly crosswise before the jack is used. Then you jack up the car, dismantle the old tires and screw on the new ones, ideally with a torque wrench, on which the necessary force can be adjusted. Caution: Most tires are directional , which is indicated by corresponding arrows on the flank. After driving 50 to 100 kilometers, it is advisable to check the strength of the screws again.

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