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Kitchen gadgets for home cooks: The big Reibach


Where is planed, there are finger tips? That does not have to be! Amateur cook Peter Wagner will tell you how to rub parmesan in the future without losing blood.

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Seasoned chefs are often of the opinion that they could do anything, really everything with their knives - even if it was so tiny at the end. Good attitude, after all, cooking is 95 percent manual. And this love of blades also saves a lot of detergent for dirty kitchen machines. And yet there is a limit where the knife-fuss finds its lower limit. From there it's actually only with rasps and rubbing smaller. Ideally, with the modern laser-sharpened teeth, originally patented by a US company, but now offered by many manufacturers. This is the only way to avoid unsightly friction losses.

Turmreibe Microplane

In 1990, when family-run Grace Manufacturing, headquartered in Russellville, Arkansas, filed a patent for a novel, ultra-sharp woodworking tool, no one knew it would change the world of cooking. "Microplane" was the name of the new wood rasp, for which for the first time the grind- ing teeth ground with laser light to the sharpness of razor blades were used. According to legend, it was a Canadian housewife in Ottawa who four years later wanted to rub thin orange peel for a cake recipe and failed so miserably with her blunt kitchen tool that she borrowed from the garage workshop of her husband without further ado its microplane wood grater. It followed a world career as a kitchen tool.

I am a gifted bad cake baker, so it was with me a tablespoon of lemon peel for an oxtail recipe that put me in the worldwide community of microplane disciples. Again and again, my old grater smeared of citrus oil, which is why I had to increase the contact pressure, but this always meant that also parts of the terribly bitter white mesocarp layer was rubbed with. Until then a friendly catering cook fell a narrow, file-shaped microplane out of the knife pocket. On my foot. On my leather shoe was missing part of the outer layer.

Euphoria strokes are known to go hand in hand with excessive exaggeration, which is why I - I must have been about ten years ago - equal to the whole set of four Microplane grating and rasping including (unfortunately quite unwieldy) finger protection bought. Two of them had a plastic handle that became crumbly after a few years and was replaced with stainless steel "Professional" graters that have not lost their edge to this day. With such a set you are quickly over 100 euros poorer, which is why the Turmreibe with four very different friction and rasp areas is a good place to start to give the cooking-creating area of ​​life a bit more sharp.

What's this? Razor sharp grater and grater combination for most kitchen tasks.

Who needs it? Anyone who does not feel like dulling around.

What does this cost? Single rubbing of Microplane Professional from 25 Euro, the 4-tower grater about 45 Euro.

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Microplane Turmreibe, plastic, black, 9.5 x 13.9 x 27 cm




EUR 49.45

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Rommelsbacher MR 6 electric cheese grater

At this point, it is essential to think of the person who has done more to spread Mediterranean cooking and joie de vivre than all the suburban pizzerias in Germany together. Asked which guest gift had changed his life most sustainably, Alfred Biolek, now 85, responded without even a second's thought: "An electric parmesan grater." Biolek worked tirelessly against the then only known in Germany Parmesan-administration in the form of freshly vomit smelling and pappig tasting pre-rubbed bag goods in the stuff. For years Biolek was also seen as he struggled with the tiny, sharp-edged handle of a mechanical cheese drum grater on the otherwise ready-to-eat plates - even he had to be doctored after a small bloody slippage even in front of the camera.

All this has an end with the entry of the electric parmesan grater into the culinary community of values. At least on the northern side of the Alps - the Italians still shake their heads in the face of technology-loving Germans, while they grab a big spoonful of freshly grated hard cheese over the Bucatini all in the kitchen recently (now also in Italy on a microplane) pour amatriciana.

I must confess that I prefer to grate Parmesan and Pecorino manually, because it can be crushed finer, almost like dust. At Christmas, when the whole family is sitting at the table, I donate the electric drum but then again a new set of batteries.

What's this? A clean way to rub absolutely fresh Parmesan on the pasta.

Who needs it? Galante hosts and other Biolek disciples.

What does this cost? Electric cheese graters are available from about 20 euros, stable quality costs about 40 euros.

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ROMMELSBACHER MR 6 electric cheese grater / drum grater for Parmesan, nuts, chocolate & more / power accumulator / stainless steel grater drum / white




EUR 36,99

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Product discussions are purely editorial and independent. The so-called affiliate links above, we usually receive a commission from the dealer when buying. More information here.

Twinzee cut protection gloves

People who, for professional reasons, have to cut through the whole working day with hard, super sharp knives through masses of soft matter - for example slaughterers, butchers or fish fillet - would never get the idea to do it with their bare hands. And not only because otherwise the occupational insurance against accidents at work will be extinguished. But simply because you can be happy after work to have all ten fingers on your hand. For this they wear protective gloves in the job - depending on the job profile from highly developed plastic and carbon fibers or the well-tried butcher chain glove.

The latter takes the class win in the category "puncture resistance" with five out of five possible points, but is oversized for occasional schnibbling, rasping and planing in the hobby kitchen and extremely uncomfortable. So if you do not disassemble a few cattle every day and repeatedly slip off the sternum bone with the pointed boning knife and the blade rammed into the holding hand with full force, you need something lighter.

For example, protective gloves made of modern materials such as polyethylene, glass fibers and spandex threads. Like most of these products, Twinzee's handlers are certified to DIN EN388 - but not broken down into abrasion resistance, cut resistance, tear propagation resistance and puncture resistance (identifiable by a four-digit number under the EN388 logo). Anyway, because especially bowls like me saved that from unnecessary blood loss. When I'm cutting, I almost never hurt myself, but when grating hard-to-grasp Parmesan on the ultra-sharp microplane teeth must not necessarily fall back a few fingertip rasps into the food. Already for the vegetarians among the guests.

What's this? A cheap and smart protection especially of the fingertips when rubbing and rasping.

Who needs it? Anyone who does not want to become a bad finger while rubbing.

What does this cost? Less than an emergency ambulance: about 10 euros.

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23.08.2019, 14:34 clock
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Twinzee® Cut Protection Gloves (1 Pair) - Extra Strong Level 5 Protection, EN-388 Certified, Food Safe - High quality and lightweight, for all purposes - Perfect fit (Small)


BMS International


EUR 19,97

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Product discussions are purely editorial and independent. The so-called affiliate links above, we usually receive a commission from the dealer when buying. More information here.

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