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Report on espionage and pressure on employees: Huawei raises allegations against US government


The US government is targeting Huawei for security concerns. Now the Chinese company is making serious allegations and accusing US authorities of "unscrupulous methods".

The dispute between the US and Huawei is getting worse. Now, the Chinese telecommunications company has made serious allegations against the US government. News agencies report spy allegations and even alleged threats against employees.

For example, Reuters has reportedly glimpsed a document from Huawei stating that the US government has been encouraging Chinese telecom equipment workers to collect and disclose factory secrets. The US government should use its judicial and administrative powers and other means to undermine Huawei's and its partners' business, Huawei said.

Among other things, the US law enforcement agencies have tried to encourage both current and former Huawei employees to turn against the company. According to a Huawei document cited by Reuters, eight people, including several US citizens, were affected by the incident. They should all be medium to high managers.

The latest incident is said to have occurred on August 28, when an employee of Huawei's US office informed the company about a visit by the FBI Federal Police. Accordingly, the person was asked to become an informant.

Huawei also reports cyber attacks

Since the beginning of this year, at least three US employees have been contacted by the US law enforcement agencies, according to the Huawei paper. Huawei provided no evidence for his allegations and said the employees had reported recruitment attempts.

A spokesman for the US Department of Justice said they did not comment on concrete investigations. But in principle, the ministry's investigation methods are in line with the law.

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Jason Lee / REUTERS mobile network 5G in GermanyThe resistance against Huawei is growing

The news agency dpa writes, Huawei also claim that the judicial authorities have been instructed by the government, Huawei employees with threats and coercion to co-operate against the group.

Among other things, the Chinese company accuses the US of unlawful searches, arrests and arrests of employees and partners. Cyber ​​attacks to infiltrate IT systems allegedly also existed. In addition, Huawei claims that FBI agents have pressured home visit workers to get information.

"Unscrupulous Methods"

The US government has used "every available" means in recent months to disrupt normal business operations, according to a dpa in a statement by Huawei. Washington did not shy away from "unscrupulous methods".

A Justice Department spokesman in Washington said all parties in the focus of investigations would enjoy the same constitutional rights in the US.

The US Department of Justice accused Huawei of violating Iran sanctions. Even President Donald Trump is in the trade dispute with China against the network equipment supplier. He fears, according to his own statements, that Huawei's technology could serve as a spy for the Chinese government. According to the Wall Street Journal, in late August, new investigations were initiated in the US on suspicion of technology theft against Huawei. The Group rejected all allegations.

The US government put Huawei on a list of companies whose US business relationships are tightly controlled in May.

Source: spiegel

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