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The Syrian-Russian Joint Committee signs the final protocol and the customs facilitation agreement


Moscow-Sana Signed the Syrian-Russian Joint Permanent Committee for Trade, Economic, Technical and Scientific Cooperation


The Syrian-Russian Joint Permanent Committee for Commercial, Economic, Technical and Scientific Cooperation signed during its twelfth meeting in Moscow today the final protocol of the meeting and an agreement for cooperation in the field of customs facilities between the two countries.

The protocol was signed on the Syrian side by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Walid Muallem, and on the Russian side by Yuri Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister and Co-Chairman of the Russian-Syrian Permanent Committee, while the Customs Facilitation Agreement was signed by Muallem and Vladimir Evin, Vice President of the Russian Federal Customs Corporation.

The Syrian-Russian Joint Permanent Committee held today two discussion sessions, one of which was mini between Minister Al-Moallem and Borisov, and the other expanded.

Al-Moallem stressed during the mini-session that the goal and the basic principle of cooperation relations between Syria and Russia is to build a strategic partnership that lives up to the existing coalition relations, expressing his appreciation for what has been achieved in the field of economic cooperation, stressing the need to upgrade this cooperation to the level of directives of the leaders of the two countries, President Bashar al-Assad and President Vladimir Putin and the aspirations of the two peoples.

Al-Moallem called for researching the ways and means to ensure a qualitative leap in economic cooperation and trade exchange and overcoming all obstacles, expressing his certainty that there is a common desire and will to build a solid edifice of cooperation that achieves what the two countries aspire to.

Al-Moallem stressed that the Syrian people highly value the Russian Federation's stances towards the unjust war imposed on his country, and looks forward to and welcomes its contribution to the reconstruction process and support for the Syrian national efforts to overcome the effects of the aggression and return security, safety and welfare to the country.

In turn, Borisov stressed the depth of Syrian-Russian relations and Moscow's willingness to continue its interaction in a constructive and mutually beneficial manner in all fields from political dialogue to military and economic cooperation and human relations.

"In this context, we intend to continue the march and continue to maintain a high dynamic of dialogue, building trade, investment, scientific, technical, cultural and humanitarian cooperation, and the Russian Federation will continue to provide comprehensive support to the Syrian people," Borisov said, adding that Moscow attaches special importance to the meetings of the joint committee to achieve these goals and enhance ties Trade and economic, referring to the understandings reached in the overall issues on the agenda.

In the expanded plenary session, Al-Moallem emphasized that the Russian position on the terrorist aggression against which Syria is exposed constituted a new depth for the deep-rooted historical friendship between our two countries and peoples.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the support provided by the Russian Federation at all levels, especially military support and contribution to combating terrorism, was a key factor in the field achievements against international terrorist groups and their supporters from the conspiratorial parties against Syria, led by the United States and the Turkish regime, which are trying to compensate for the failure and the defeat of their tools from the groups Terrorism and reaching what it was unable to achieve with direct military intervention, displacement, ethnic cleansing, and theft of Syrian national wealth.

Al-Moallem stressed that the Syrian people and their valiant armed forces are more determined to continue to consolidate field achievements and chase the remnants of takfiri terrorism until its elimination, end any illegal foreign presence on Syrian soil, defend Syria’s sovereignty, and preserve its territorial and people’s unity.

Al-Moallem added that Syria deals positively and constructively with all serious efforts to get out of the current crisis on the basis of respect for the Syrian national sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs, and that any political process must be a Syrian ownership, leadership, and outputs, and the final say in it exclusively for Syrians.

Source: sena

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