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"At NIS 34 a person is exposed to the world of money on the Internet. At NIS 7,600, he is learning a hotter profession than high-tech" - Walla! Business and Consumerism


At 18.5, citrus spruce is changing its image. The "wonder child" of the internet business no longer wants to get people rich. "Not everyone can make millions from the computer. But my goal is ...

"At NIS 34 a person is exposed to the world of money on the Internet. At NIS 7,600 he learns a hotter profession from high-tech."

At 18.5, citrus spruce is changing its image. The "wonder child" of the internet business no longer wants to get people rich. "Not everyone can make millions from the computer. But my goal is that anyone who wants can cover their rental income online, or even buy one of their own" Interview

Hadar Ashur has already taught thousands of Israelis how to make money from the Internet

Citrus Fir (Photo: PR, PR)

"Once upon a time, everyone thought the only way to make money online was from affiliate marketing." Hadar Spruce opens our joint interview, "Today, we already know that affiliate marketing is just another part of a profession called digital marketing. A profession that everyone who enters now is already on the fast track to success. High-tech? But again, it's like a profession, Ashkara needs to learn it. "

When I look at citrus, no detail where I give away the fact that I'm sitting in front of one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in Israel, some say the most successful. He is dressed like a normal child, he transmits simplicity and modesty, and his head is usually aimed down. But when I catch the look, you can't miss the special sparkle that gleams in my eyes.

At 18, Hadar Ashur achieved what many of us are looking for even after the age of 40. With business successes, a fan base of tens of thousands of fans and customers, and an academy he owns, it's a little hard to believe that in a few months he's going to hack teams and get orders from the mast icon.

"Listen, I won't lie. The military is a little stressful to me, especially because I'm still debating between combat service and a role where I can contribute my capabilities, such as an IDF spokesman or something. I do want to enlist, and I even have a dream of being an officer. But by the time of recruitment, my goal is to help as many Israelis find their place in this world. "

When you say find themselves in this world, what do you mean?

Listen, I'll tell you something like that. When I started teaching people how to make money online, I thought I was helping them close the month and live better. But today, I'm not just helping people improve their financial situation anymore.


Lots of people come to me when they feel they have "nothing of their own" in this world. They see all their friends as successful, and enjoy themselves on Facebook on Instagram (leave you that is just some of the lies of social media yes?) And they want to succeed like them, even more than them. They want to show the world finally what they are worth!

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Because of the technology to go to work, it does not necessarily go to the office (PR)

Citrus Fir (Photo: PR, PR)

So how do you help them with that?

Understand, when I teach people techniques like affiliate marketing and digital information products, I'm not just helping them make money. I teach them their own profession. In our 2100 Academy training program - people leave after 3 months with a diploma in hand, and the ability to make money and get along financially no matter where they are thrown!

When people finish studying for me, they have all the tools to fulfill their personal and business dreams. Whether they want to be employees and work in digital marketing, which is the field with the most growing salary in the world, even more than high-tech, whether it's starting an independent home-based business and earning thousands of shekels a month from information products or affiliate marketing, or whether it's setting up their dream business and knowing How to market it like a pro ...

I give people tools for making money and success in life, tools that ultimately lead to self-fulfillment and the realization of the huge potential that lies in everyone reading it now. Do you understand why my work is so important?

for sure. That sounds amazing. And still - there are so many people who don't like you ...

Listen, this is absolutely wrong. I agree with you that there are loads of little people commenting badly and spreading lies about me. But the truth is they're just keyboard thugs. They probably can't contain the fact that their lives can be better too. I am overwhelmed with love wherever I go, and many people support me and my cause.

I don't forget moments like the one I walk down the street and suddenly get a hug from a completely foreign person, who tells me that this month he earned NIS 3,070 from what he learned in my program ... "
And, frankly, I only encountered love and paragon, so where are those "haters"?

Sounds exciting! Say, I have to ask. Are you alone in this whole thing?

"Really not. I have two partners who are the best people I could have asked for. One of them, Quail will flourish, due to the digital marketing profession of NIS 15 million debts within six months, and he is today the leading digital marketer in Israel.

The other, Tal Peleg, is my partner from day one, and is probably the best Internet business consultant in our country. Within a year, he made our business grow by millions of revenue, which is precisely the knowledge he brings to the 2100 Academy on proper business conduct and success in the Internet world. We are all together here, with a lot of successful experts and entrepreneurs.
Because a lot of people don't know, but making money is the easiest part - however, keeping it in mind ... It's already a challenge.

Say, you talk a lot about "2100 Academy" .. What is it anyway?

Glad you asked. 2100 Academy is my newest and most ambitious flagship project. It's actually a digital academy for internet marketing professions.

2100 Academy accompanies you step by step to success (PR)

Citrus Fir (Photo: PR, PR)

What it means?

2100 Academy gives anyone the opportunity to learn digital marketing in a matter of weeks - which is the hottest profession at the moment. We have training courses for entrepreneurs, business owners, even companies that want to do a job transfer from their old job. We give them all the professional and practical tools they need to get a job at Digital, set up a mechanism that makes them money while traveling the world and earn revenue, or bump up the performance of their business.

The 2100 Academy is the first academy that I hire to teach you a new life-changing profession in no time at all, without paying 40,000 a year for a degree, and as you move on with your life and not get sucked into it. At the end of the training course, you come out with a certificate and a practical ability to make money from digital marketing - in whatever style you want!

Wow. It's impressive. But there are probably a lot of people who are afraid they won't succeed or it's not for them ... what do you tell them?

I'll tell you the truth - these are the people I love the most. Because in the end? When they are successful, they are so happy with themselves that it looks like they dropped 12 years from their age. And because I know they are really skeptical at first, the academy team and I have decided to give a full refund on our training program!

What does this responsibility mean?

Our responsibility is very clear. If you have seen all the contents of the training, you have completed all the tasks and you are not satisfied for any reason - you receive a full refund from us - until the last shekel. It is important to me that people do not take any risks, so I am ready to commit to this responsibility, even if it is not customary in the online curriculum.

Listen, you don't stop surprising me today. Can you join your academy too?

Obviously. Anyone can, no matter what age and what he did before. And besides, what are some launches for now?

Stunning. Successfully. Say, how do your parents get all this success?

Listen, thank goodness I was blessed with amazing parents. I really don't know if I would have succeeded without them. It's a bit difficult for them, because after 16, I've been to the most beautiful places in the world, been to parties and lectures ... but they really support me. I guess they see the benefits too, after all, I do something bigger than you and me. I train the next generation of the digital job market in Israel ...

Click on the link at the end of the article to view my full lesson (PR photo)

Citrus Fir (Photo: PR, PR)

You're not an ordinary kid at all, that's what I agree with. Say, last sentence to end. What would you like people to remember when they think of you?

That the old fact world is dead. If they do not want robots to replace them in the workplace, they must move on and learn digital marketing, because that is the only profession that cannot be replaced. I want them to remember that there is no limit to what they can achieve, earn and experience, and that success is around the corner, if only brave enough to look there.

I want them to remember that they only live once, and if I achieved what I accomplished in less than 3 years, and without knowing anything about this world - think what you can do! "

Citrus, I had the pleasure of interviewing you. Good luck in the army!


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