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Bar Refaeli's mother will pay the price, and this is not a celibate premise: four difficult questions that arise from the affair - Walla! Business and Consumerism


The arrangement between the tax authorities and the Raphaeli family on Bar's tax charges is a great criticism of the facts, which actually shows that the arrangement does not rule out logic here are four difficult questions ...

Bar Refaeli's mother will pay the price, and this is not a celibate premise: four difficult questions that arise from the affair

The arrangement between the tax authorities and the Rafaeli family on the Bar's tax charges is a great criticism of the facts, which actually indicates that the arrangement does not rule out logic Here are four difficult questions regarding the affair and the indictments against the Rafaeli family

Will the Israeli-international model Bar Refaeli receive from the Taxation and Economy Prosecution a "celibate discount" and succeed in evading actual imprisonment for the state's tax and fraud offenses? Does the model's mother, Tzipi Rafaeli, "sacrifice" herself for her daughter and agree to a prison sentence just to spare this difficult experience from the daughter? And why would the prosecutor's office agree to the "mother for daughter" proposal, when the person who was in the spotlight and earning the big money overseas was the model herself?

These questions came to the forefront of the public stage once the news of the contacts between Bar Refaeli and Emma Tzipi with the prosecutor's office was published, with the aim of bringing to an end, in a comprehensive arrangement, all tax cases - civil and criminal - that are being conducted against the model and her family.

As part of the talks, the State Attorney's Office is currently reviewing a proposal that has arisen on the table, according to which the mother, Tzipi Rafaeli, thanks most of the offenses attributed to her and will serve a year and a half for two years in prison. On the other hand, Bar Refaeli would not want an actual prison sentence after accepting her claim that she had no criminal intent, and that she did not make false representations to the state regarding her residency question (whether she lives in Israel or abroad). At the same time, Bar will be waived. Rafaeli on the civil appeal filed for taxation in the civil case against her.
Big Money at 20

The path that led Bar Refaeli to the two arenas - civil and criminal - went through the same events in the international model's life, including her break into the international arena in her early 20s, the big money she earned and the relationship with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. He also revolves around the same question: Has she lived in the United States for a significant period of her life - or has she always been a resident of Israel, and her residence in the United States has been short-lived overseas.

It is still unclear whether the prosecutor's office will agree to the terms of the arrangement presented by Rafaeli's defense team and her parents, but knowing that the prosecutor's office is considering reaching a settlement gives rise to a number of negative comments and allegations of "laying a celeb" and that if it were anyone else, they would not consider giving up " to him.

However, does anyone seem to take a step back and ask themselves whether there is a "waiver" of the prosecutor's office? Is there actually a "celeb lay" here? And is Barr's mother, Tzipi, really "sacrificing" herself for her daughter's sake - or is she really the only one responsible for the situation created, since she was the "responsible adult" who handled her model daughter, who was in her 20s during the tax disputes?

To these question marks should also be added the fact that so far no other charges have been prosecuted on the basis of a dispute regarding their declarations of residency, and all disputes discussed around the issue have been decided in the civil arena.

This saga begins in 2007, when Rafaeli was at the height of her overseas success, and is only 21. She flaunted a friend who is a global celeb, did television and U.S. campaigns, and wrapped in a huge American hug. There, she claimed, she led her life in 2008 and 2009. The Tax Authority thought otherwise.

The civilian arena, under which Rafaeli is required to pay NIS 16 million in income taxes earned from her work abroad for two years, was first decided in the district court, which required her to pay NIS 8 million in taxes, and has already reached the Supreme Court in the form of an appeal by Rafaeli She stated that she never severed her ties with Israel, and over the years - even those with whom she had a photographed and communicated relationship with DiCaprio - she was a resident of Israel, probably for tax purposes.

In the same arena, in January last year, the Tax and Economy Prosecutor's Office informed Bar Refaeli and her parents Tzipi and Raffi Refaeli that they are considering prosecution subject to a hearing, for tax offenses. Rafi and Tzipi Rafaeli are also suspected of money laundering. Rafaeli is suspected of misrepresenting to the tax authority as if she had been living abroad for years. It is suspected that Rafaeli's residential contracts were signed with her brother and mother, to hide the fact that she lives in Israel.

In addition, Rafaeli and her mother are suspected of receiving "celeb benefits" for living in luxury apartments, using cars and "celeb discounts" worth more than a million shekels, which were not reported as income.

At the same time, it is alleged, Bar Refaeli presented to the US tax authorities with representations that she is not a US Nonresident Alien resident and resides in Israel.

The Rafaeli's family of attorneys reached the hearings set in the case and presented a very clear line of defense - there was no scam here. This is a civil tax dispute, in its model setting and its family members believe that in the years in question, Bar is not a resident of Israel, and therefore not liable to tax here, and the tax authority thought otherwise.

Another part of the line of defense referred to the fact that the model did not manage her tax affairs herself, and that was managed by her mother, Tzipi. The mother, for her part, introduced a line of defense by which she acted lawfully, stated everything to the tax authority, and if there was a mistake in presenting it, she was responsible for that mistake.

It is easy, popular and comfortable to accept all suspicions against the two as a fact, surely after the civil ruling has already ruled that Bar Refaeli was a resident of Israel during the years of the dispute, but if the momentous background noise in the affair is filtered out, the same questions that are asked today are completely reversed.
The difficult questions phase


For example, the question of whether there is a "celibate premise" can be asked "whether there is a celibate aggravation here". Has this case not become a type of flag file in the prosecution's office to show that no one is making assumptions, but because of "no assumptions", the palm is prone to severity? Wouldn't the fact that the public attack the idea of ​​reaching an agreement with Bar Refaeli not avoid an order that might have been signed in circumstances where the effects of cameras and press are not?


Would those who come out against the arrangement be surprised to find that the Tax Authority has factors that believe the case against Bar Refaeli could have ended long ago in a civil settlement? In the corridors of the PA and the corridors of the prosecution there are those who have expressed a position that offers a settlement with less criminal charges than those attributed to the model.


Another question that needs to be asked is why does it take so long for the state to decide whether to indict or not, and why does the state even negotiate an arrangement with the model and her mother? One can very confidently assume that the State Attorney's Office does not want to facilitate Bar Refaeli, so why not file the indictment already written and ready and deal with Rafaeli's defense in court? Apparently, they too are weighing the weight of evidence they have and wondering whether they are sufficient for "beyond any doubt" conviction, as is required in the criminal arena. Even in the civilian arena, which is run in the upper echelons, nothing is guaranteed to the state.


Another question is who really is the main "offender" in the criminal script written by the tax and prosecutor's office. Is it Bar Refaeli or Emma Tzipi? The mother is shown in the media today as a guardian defending her daughter, sacrificing herself, but when examining the case and most of the evidence, it is revealed that the person who handled all of the model-daughter affairs throughout the years, both in the economic and tax arenas, was Tzipi and not the daughter.

So who presented the misrepresentations to the tax authority regarding the model's residency that forms the basis of criminal charges against her and her mother? Barr was not the one who was in contact with the tax authorities, nor was she the one who signed most of the documents. It was the mother. The charge against Bar Refaeli is largely based on the allegation that misrepresentations were made regarding the model's residency. Most statements to the PA are the mother's. So when you say "I'm in charge", is it a sacrifice or a correct reading of reality - and maybe it is?

When examining all these signs, one should not be surprised that the State Attorney's Office is ready to consider a settlement in a case that would result in the immediate collection of millions of tax dollars (in light of the civil dispute waiver); And an imprisonment for the allegedly responsible person.

*** Assumption of innocence: Bar Refaeli, Tzipi Refaeli and Rafi Refaeli were not convicted of committing an offense in the case mentioned. It should be emphasized that even after the decision to be indicted, subject to the hearing, they are suspect, and they stand to gain strong innocence.

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