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Business Gossip: Business People Want a Better World - Walla! Business and Consumerism


Also: Nicole Raidman at Valentine's Celebrations, Italian Chef Visits the Country, New Brand Store for Premier and Herzog Fox Neeman Talking About Employee Rights

Business Gossip: Businessmen aspire to a better world

Also: Nicole Raidman at Valentine's Celebrations, Italian Chef Visits the Country, New Brand Store for Premier and Herzog Fox Neeman Talking About Employee Rights

For the future of the world

Gary Birch. Dana Azrieli. Lotan Weissman. Roy Yitzhaki. Gregory Moore (Photo: Ronen Mehlav)

Gary Birch. Dana Azrieli. Lotan Weissman. Roy Yitzhaki. Gregory Moore (Photo: Ronen Mehlav, PR)

Gary Livnat, Deputy Director General of UBS Wealth Management Israel, hosted the Porter School of Environment at Tel Aviv University, the Partnership Worth Building event during which the invitees heard about successful collaborations in support of goals that contribute to a better world. The event led to Gregory Moore , A senior philanthropy consultant at UBS, who told of the first marathon he had succeeded in just because she wanted him with a partner who later became her husband.

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Shuki Schwartz and Asaf Weiss (Photo: Ronit Matias)

Shuki Schwartz and Asaf Weiss (Photo: Ronit Matias, Walla System! NEWS)

Speakers included Dana Azrieli, Chairman of the Azrieli Group and Chairman of the Azrieli Israel Foundation, who spoke on recycling; Lotan Weissman, Tulip Winery's marketing manager and Roy Yitzhaki CEO and founder of the winery who told of the way and the idea that led to the establishment of the successful winery in Kfar Tikva, which employs dozens of people with special needs and said that when people do something that is beyond business and money-it works better; Its for philanthropic activity is that it will have a social impact, and when you want it to have a vision, a plan, and to know what the expectations are. At the end of the fascinating and inspiring discussion, dinner was held by listeners: Shuki Schwartz, co-owner of Tolmans; Asaf Weiss, CEO of UNISTR; The businesswoman expected Carmon; Carmit Oron, managerial act; Thaya Borowitz; Maya Nathan, CEO of JFN Israel; Maya Lapid Testimony, Director of the "Can Give" initiative.

On the way to Caesarea they stop at the pharmacy

Nicole Raidman, Sarah Netanyahu and Saqis Rube (Photo: Anat Mosberg)

Nicole Raidman, Sarah Netanyahu and Saqis Rube (Photo: Anat Mossberg, PR)

Businesswoman Nicole Raidman held a Valentine's party at the "Pharmacist" complex during which she launched a new show with Greek singer Sakis of the most powerful and prominent artists in Greece for two decades. Saqis twice attended the Eurovision and judged Bax Factor Greece.

Nicole Raidman and Saqis Rube (Photo: Anat Mosberg)

Nicole Raidman and Sakis Rifle (Photo: Anat Mossberg, PR)

The complex is decorated in black and red hues, with a host of flowers, invited to enjoy the dinner of Chef Aviv Moshe, and an event invested as Raidman knows best. The highlight was a taste of the grandiose show on every scale with dancers and stunts, a show that will soon be coming up in Israel and abroad and will open with a huge show in Caesarea. During the event, the new clip was screened at the premiere and the new perfume VENI VIDI VICI will be launched on Super Pharm Network the next morning. And Saqis to Athens, and last night put on the same show.

Noy Bar, Avner and Sarah Netanyahu (Photo: Anat Mosberg)

Noy Bar, Avner and Sarah Netanyahu (Photo: Anat Mosberg, PR)

They enjoyed: Sarah Netanyahu, her son Avner and his girlfriend Noy Bar; Liat Molyov, co-owner of Adidas Israel and her friend Paula Blick; Linda and businessman Isaac Violet; Seven-year-old Bobil, a club owner; Journalist Benny Zipper; Lea Schnier, co-owner of Pilates Development; Lizika and Ami Sagi, Mira and David Ben Best, who have radios.

Isaac and Linda Violet (Photo: Reuven Cohen)

Isaac and Linda Violet (Photo: Reuven Cohen, PR)

David and Mira Ben Best (Photo: Reuven Cohen)

David and Mira Ben Best (Photo: Reuven Cohen, PR)

Ira Dolphin, Dana Lapidot, Natalie Dadon (Photo: Reuven Cohen)

Ira Dolphin, Dana Lapidot, Natalie Dadon (Photo: Reuven Cohen, PR)

Butcher from Tuscany

Haim Cohen, Dario Chekini and Moshe Bublil (Photo: Or Gefen)

Haim Cohen, Dario Chekini and Moshe Bublil (Photo: Or Gefen, PR)

Dario Cecchini, the so-called butcher from Tuscany, star of the Netflix series, Chef's Table, came on a second visit to Israel on a weekend to be held at the Club Hotel at the end of the month. The announcement event was held at Dixie restaurant by Chef Haim Cohen in Tel Aviv.

The invitees enjoyed a dinner of Chakini and Cohen, drank their wines and a desert, and heard about a cultural and culinary weekend to be held at the Club Hotel Eilat at the end of the month. Chekini and chef Haim Cohen will outline the culinary line over the weekend along with hotel chef Alon Levy, guests of the event will benefit from the Idan Raichel project appearance, and Reshef Levy.

French Israeli

Amar of Salmani, Eric Danon and Joseph Viola (Photo: Rafi Deluya)

Amar from Salmani Eric Danon and Joseph Viola (Photo: Rafi Deluya)

French cook brands importer group TEFAL, PYREX, LUMINARC, STAUB also participated in the French gastronomy event SO FRENCH SO FOOD initiated by the French Embassy in Israel under the auspices of the Auburn-Rhône-Alp region, during which Chef Joseph Viola, owner of the Daniel etise chain, arrived in Israel. , Bearing the decoration of Lyon's White Tiaras Association and the decoration of "Lyon's traditional Bushon restaurants," which represent the traditional culinary tradition of France's third largest city.

One of the meetings was held at the "Touching the Food" Rashtz branch, a master workshop in the queen prepared two dishes. French Ambassador Eric Danon has been documenting the chef's work on a smartphone, and has shown interest in a vineyard leek and traditional French cuisine herbs.

The Ambassador congratulated the Masalmani Group on long-standing activities to promote the French premium brands in the kitchen and cooking industry, noting that Masalmani is the ambassador of French gastronomy in Israel. Ammar Masalmani, Managing Director of the Masalmani Group, said their connection to French Gastronomy Week events was natural and became a tradition for her partners for a number of years, a business connection that over the years became a friendship and proves to be the right choice, and he was delighted by the initiative of the French Embassy who chose to promote the cooking world The French in a fun way.

Israeli pride

Shai Cohen Eli Ben Harush (Photo: Shi-Lee Uziel)

Shai Cohen Eli Ben Harush (Photo: Shi-Lee Uziel, PR)

Eli Ben-Harosh, Vice President of Premier Group of Dead Sea Labs Ltd., and Shai Cohen, owner of the Gertier Israel grooming brand, launched the flagship store in Tel Aviv, the first of the international organic-based brand, with active ingredients, the GARTIAE ORGANICS brand was founded in In 2012 and sold in over 40 countries around the world, at about 200 points of sale in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Taiwan, South Africa, Latin America, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Israel at the Dead Sea Mall, and 2 additional points of sale in the Northern region.

Cohen introduced 6 product ranges tailored to a wide age range, along with complementary facial cleansing products, body care and men's cosmetic range, in a flexible price range, and said the products are based on organic ingredients combined with active ingredients, and have achieved international success. The products are manufactured in development laboratories in Israel, when the production process combines organic components with a series of active components for maximum efficiency.

The brand is registered, marketed and managed in the Netherlands by GRATIAE EUROPE BV, which is also a responsible EU person.

Summarize a decade

Liat Shaked-Katz - Orly Jarby - Arie Rabinowitz (Photo: Bispoto)

Liat Shaked-Katz - Orly Jarby - Arie Rabinowitz (Photo: Bispoto, PR)

Is it possible to electronically track employees or track cameras, while changes have occurred in the labor market and workers' rights over the past decade? The Herzog Fox Trustee Office holds an annual Labor Law Conference attended by about 300 human resources executives and legal advisers from leading companies in the economy, covering a decade-long summary of labor law developments, issues of employee surveillance and privacy, parental rights and trends and challenges that will be faced in the coming decade.

Attorney Orly Jarby, director of labor law at Herzog Fox Neeman, reviewed the prominent rulings that have changed over the past decade. Harel Tayeb, a serial entrepreneur, CEO of kryon systems, explained the impact of AI, artificial intelligence on the employment market, Social entrepreneur Hannah Redo introduced the employment venture she promotes in the periphery.

In attendance: Attorney Liat Shaked-Katz, partner at Herzog Fox Neeman, Arie Rabinovich, VP of Human Resources, Teva.

Japan is here

Yagan Moshe and Mashiru Sahweda (Photo: PR)

Yagan Moshe and Mashiru Sahwda (Photo: PR, PR)

Shamir Israel Optics, one of the leading manufacturers of advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, has officially entered the Japanese market as a business partner of the PARIS MIKI Japan's largest optics network with a sales volume of around half a billion dollars. Shamir will provide Paris Mickey, a breakthrough technology service to produce high-quality, customized optical lenses within 24 hours.

The move is not typical of Japanese who generally prefer to work with Japanese companies, but Shamir's advanced technology has outpaced the competition. The technology will be made at Inotime Lab, developed in Israel and set up exclusively in Tokyo, enabling customers to enjoy a pair of custom-made optical glasses in a 24-hour period instead of a week.

Shamir has so far established 8 Inotime labs in the world, Yagan Moshe, CEO of Shamir Optics, said it was a historic and exciting moment and promised to continue leading Israeli technology developed in Israel worldwide. Shamir Optics ranks among the world's top five optics companies, thanks to an innovative research and development center Headquartered in Kibbutz Shamir in the Upper Galilee, it employs over 2,500 people in Israel and worldwide in 23 subsidiaries, including 19 manufacturing sites.

International bus

Male Yogev and Sergio Mota (Photo: Morag Bitten)

Male Yogev and Sergio Mota (Photo: Morag Bitten, PR)

Sergio Mota, CEO of IRAMOS MOTA from Portugal, one of the leaders in the international market for the construction of buses in the field of tourism, came to Israel as a guest of the "Truck Traffic Devices" importer "MAN" in Israel, to sign an exclusive agreement in Israel for marketing buses in the local market, the bus price in Israel is 220,000 euros .

Yogev Gavri, CEO of "Truck Traffic Devices" and Mota, who launched the first tourist bus to be marketed in Israel, said that following the introduction of IRAMOS MOTA's tourist buses, the company expects to increase its market share in the field of tourism buses. The plot of 21 dunams is a NIS 90 million investment.

Expansive rooms

Maoz Foundation, Nadav Fattal, Erez Boso (Photo: Moore Diner)

Maoz Foundation, Nadav Fattal, Erez Boso. (Photo: Moore Diner, PR)

Nadav Fattal inaugurated the new ROOMS complex in Raanana, with one of the first tenants being the recently acquired tourism technology company SmartAir, which was acquired by tourism giant "Thelma" and hired about 50 jobs. The new complex, valued at NIS 18 million, is located in the Tower of A Tower in Raanana's business park, and contains about 500 work positions spread over 3 floors and 4000 square meters.

Cook success

Tal Shafran Zaltawi Avi Steinitz Anat Friedman Coles (Photo: Leket Israel)

Tal Shafran Zaltawi Avi Steinitz Anat Friedman Coles (Photo: Leket Israel, PR)

"Israel Leket", Israel's largest food rescue organization, and Dan Gourmet launched the "Cook Success" project, with the aim of preventing unnecessary loss of food and under the vision to train people who can cook and manage the culinary world with an understanding of the importance of the food rescue and the values ​​it represents. Tal Shafran Zaltawi, Project Manager for Israel, Anat Friedman Coles, VP of Marketing and Resource Development for Israel, and Avi Steinitz, Director of Dan Gourmet's Culinary Area, completed a course held during the project, during which participants received professional training by the best chefs , And embarked on employment with a variety of tools that also include knowledge about reducing and preventing food loss, managing excess and saving food.

Leket Israel saves about 15.7 thousand tonnes of agricultural produce and 2.2 million cooked meals every year, feeding about 175,000 people.

Israeli technology

Yehuda Roe Louise Luzon Stanley Gomez (Photo: Yael Friedman)

Yehuda Roe Louise Luzon Stanley Gomez (Photo: Yael Friedman, PR)

Attorney Yehuda Roh, Chairman of the Israel Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hosted a delegation of senior executives from the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, who came to Israel to examine investments in Israeli technology companies dealing in the life sciences. Roe noted that the current visit marks Canadian companies' growing interest in Israeli technology companies, adding that Canadian stock exchange leaders have also recently expressed interest in Israeli technology companies and held several meetings in Israel to persuade those companies to register for trading in Canada.

In attendance: Louise Luzon, CEO of the Montreal Chamber of Commerce; Stanley Gomez, Canada's Commercial Appendix to Israel; Guy Yehezkel, Director of Life Sciences at the Pitango Foundation; Zeev Lavi, Director of International Operations at the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce; and Ben Klayim, Director of the High Tech Industries Organization IVC.

They came in love

Daphne Triax Dorit Slinger (Photo: Chen Shenhav)

Daphne Triax Dorit Slinger (Photo: Chen Shenhav, PR)

At the Center for Peace and Innovation, a lecture by Prof. Yoram Yuval on brain, emotion and love was opened, a lecture that opened a series of recent "Friday" meetings of the late Moshe Trioks, a pioneer and founder of the PR industry in Israel, and reflects his inspiration on the media and media consulting professions. "Luth.

Dov Moran, Efrat Cherry, Yoram Yuval (Photo: Chen Shenhav)

Dov Moran Efrat Cherry Yoram Yuval (Photo: Chen Shenhav, PR)

The lecture was held as part of a series of lectures initiated by his wife, Ora Trioks, and his daughters Daphne Trioks-Volkowitz, and Tamar-Trioux-Miller, during which guests learned that Trioks had, during his youth, submitted music programs in the IDF waves, and was the first editor of the Loazi chorus parade, which he submitted with Rebecca Michaeli.

The family gave Jubilee a book consisting of 12 stories written by Triax about his life stations, some of which were incomplete. Yuval said that love hurts a point, that pain is the price we pay for our privilege and ability to love, the need for innate and unlearned love, and explained that breast milk has a substitute, but its love is not, because we were born to love.

Educated: Giora Bar De'a, Dorit Slinger, Eran Thor, Anat Biran, Zvi Yemini, Zvia Walden, Shai Livnat and many others.

Wonderful friendship

Roy Gladstone, Ofer Yarom, Shimon Mizrahi, Saar Biton, Mike Azulay (Photo: PR)

Roy Gladstone, Ofer Yarom, Shimon Mizrahi, Saar Biton, Mike Azulay (Photo: PR, PR)

The AZRIELI.COM trade site has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv, under which it will sponsor Maccabi Tel Aviv Games and offer their mercantile products online. The companies intend to hold exclusive launches of the Premium Collection and as part of the sponsorship a joint creative activity will be conducted and a viral video will be produced in collaboration with the group's players. This is the beginning of a wonderful friendship that will cross new boundaries.

Excited: Shimon Mizrahi, Chairman of Maccabi Tel Aviv; Ofer Yarom Managing Director of AZRIELI.COM website; Sa'ar Biton VP of Commerce and Hadassah Wolpert VP of Marketing; Mike Azoulay, Vice President of Maccabi FOX Sales Tel Aviv, Roy Gladstone Vice President of Communications and Digital.

Singing and loving

Abraham Tal, Matan Lerner, Eviatar Banai and Ronen Nissenbaum (Photo: Ariella Altshuler)

Avraham Tal Matan Lerner Eviatar Banai and Ronen Nissenbaum (Photo: Ariella Altshuler, PR)

Ronen Nissenbaum, Managing Director of Dan Hotels and Matan Lerner, Managing Director of Dan Caesarea Resort, hosted Aviatar Banai and Avraham Tal as part of a special Valentine's Day weekend for members of the chain's e-Dan Club, in collaboration with American Express. A humorous show about Dana Spector and Ran Sarig's love and affection, culinary treats, wine and chocolate tasting, Pilates class and excursions. Nissenbaum welcomed the guests and said that the hotel had undergone a massive renovation for about 9 months and it was a very successful pregnancy, and an innovative and unique hospitality concept was built. Lerner said he has been at the hotel for 4 months and is very excited to open the first club package.


On Rafaeli, Guy Fausner, May Tagger, Osnat Leon (Photo: Rafi DeLuya)

On Rafaeli + Guy Fausner + May Tgar + Osnat Leon (Photo: Rafi Deluya)

The Urbanica fashion chain strengthens the connection to the young audience and chose actor and model On Rafaeli and international model May Mayer, as new faces to lead the Spring-Summer 2020 campaign. On the set, the two received a visit from the chain's senior members: Oren Bar-Gil Vice President of Marketing Group and Owner; Guy Fausner, CEO of URBANICA Network, Eli Gabi Chief Property and Network Owners, Osnat Leon Collective VP and Shaked Aloni, Network Marketing Manager.

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+ Another achievement was registered to the Israeli Gpage company, which runs the social app "Spatz" app for locating professionals in 30 seconds. In the past year, the company has raised $ 1 million in capital raising.

Over 1,000 investors from the general public have taken part in the project, invested and bought shares, Speck's app activity is seeing significant success in Israel, and is currently launching its app activity in the UK, announcing a close entry to the United States and other destinations with business potential around the world.

Proud and delighted: Yossi Nebo, CEO of Gpage, a Spitz application operator, board members on Freund, one of the founders of "Handy" which raised at $ 500 million, Eitan Cable, Yaron Kagan and more.

+ At the Institute of Nuclear Medicine, the Philips VEREOS device, the world's first digital PET-CT device, was inaugurated and produced at the Philips R&D Center and advanced production center in Haifa, which allows for early detection of cancerous tumors and small lesion characterization, allowing the system to quickly scan all The body in less than five minutes, with reduced exposure to irradiation without compromising image quality. In addition, Shamir Assaf Physician Medical Center inaugurated two state-of-the-art and innovative Philips catheters. Mentors: Aviram Suhradad, Philips Electronics Israel CEO; Dr. Osnat Levzion Korach; Prof. Moti Lorberbaum, Director of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine; Ilan Yiftach, Administrative Director.

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