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Bonus of 1000 euros: how much will employees in large retailers really get?


A large part of supermarket chains announced at the end of March the payment of a bonus of 1000 euros to their employees. In the facts

In the first days of containment due to the Covid-19 epidemic, mass retailers had responded overwhelmingly to the call from the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, asking the brands to pay an exceptional bonus of 1000 euros to their employees "exposed" in stores and warehouses. Auchan had drawn first, then Carrefour the next day, followed by all the others.

A month later, this bonus is still valid but the vagueness reigns over the amount and the number of employees who will receive it. Discussions have started in the various brands to define the terms. However, according to the first reports to the unions, it would not be a payment of 1000 euros for all but rather a bonus that can go "up to" 1000 euros.

In proportion to the presence at work at Casino, Lidl and Auchan

“There are actually two philosophies. Should we reward more those who work the most hours, full-time and who was therefore perhaps more exposed to risks compared to those who work part-time? Or should we consider that the risk is the same for everyone, whether part-time or full-time? “Carole Desiano, federal secretary FGTA-FO in charge of mass distribution, reacts.

A majority of brands seem to favor the first hypothesis. This is the case of the Casino group which has already defined - and communicated to the unions - the payment methods. It is thus a "bonus of 1000 euros in target for a full-time employee", specifies the spokesperson of the group. In other words, it will be "adjusted taking into account the pro rata of the actual presence at work on the sites concerned" and "adapted proportionally for part-time work," she adds.

The payment of this bonus will take place in May and concerns all personnel - in stores and warehouses - whether they are “manual workers, supervisor or manager, CDI or CDD or temporary workers” in all of the group's banners. "The feedback from the field is very positive," she said, recalling that the Casino group had never committed to the amount.

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Union sources, this logic of proportionality also prevails at Lidl which will announce these next hours the payment of a bonus (in July) of up to 600 euros (400 euros had already been paid in February), modulated according to absence time (excluding paid holidays) and for contracts of less than 30 hours. Also note that a bonus of 300 euros will be paid to administrative staff present in stores.

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At Auchan, discussions are also about to be concluded. The management, however, refrains from any "comments in order to reserve the details of the procedures for our employees", specifies the spokesperson for the group while confirming that this bonus will be in proportion to the "time spent". The unions thus evoke "a threshold of 28 hours per week over the reference period (March 15-May 9)" to effectively receive the 1000 euros. Below, it will be proportional to each person's actual working time. Payment will be made in two installments (April and May).

Discussions underway at Carrefour

“After the first declarations, we are witnessing a sort of reversal of the leaders who have been caught up by financial considerations. Each brand implements complex procedures to ensure that it pays less, "regrets Oliver Guivarch, secretary general of the federation of CFDT services, which advocates a" bonus for all, of the same amount regardless of working time ". .

According to our information, based on union sources, Carrefour would rather go in this direction and consider not making a distinction between full-time and part-time employees. The bonus "will not be prorated according to the contractual working time, full-time - part-time, so as not to penalize part-time employees", would clarify an internal document while the group refuses to comment. Nothing is yet recorded, the exact terms should be known on April 30 for payment in May.

The vagueness remains for the Leclerc, Système U and Intermarché independent networks

Beyond this issue of working time, other questions remain unanswered. What about those who had to take sick leave during this period? "We would thus arrive at an absurd situation of an employee who would have been contaminated, perhaps in the context of his work therefore, but who, because he has taken sick leave, would not have the premium, or very little, ”says Olivier Guivarch.

The greatest vagueness also reigns in the banners of independent networks (Leclerc, Système U, Intermarché) as well as in franchise stores. “It's up to the store manager. And according to the few lifts we have, few will pay it, ”also regrets Carole Desiano. A situation that the CGT trade-services federation also deplores through the voice of its secretary general, Amar Lagha: "In summary, after the fine speeches from the start, few employees will really see 1000 euros arriving in their bank account "

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