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Breaking a routine: surprising gifts that can be bought this holiday - Walla! Business


Want to amaze your loved ones and pamper them with something they did not expect? Here's your chance. We have collected five special ideas for you

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Breaking a routine: Surprising gifts that can be bought this holiday

Want to amaze your loved ones and pamper them with something they did not expect?

Here's your chance.

We have collected five special ideas for you


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In collaboration with Bank Hapoalim

Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 14:34

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The holidays are just around the corner and we are all breaking our heads: what gifts will we buy this time for our beloved family and friends and how can everyone be pampered in the most successful way, even if it is not possible to meet?

And if you too are tired of buying (and receiving) routine gifts, you can always get a little out of the box and find especially creative and cool things that will make the gift you give this holiday unforgettable.

like what?

Good that you ask.

We have collected for you five unusual and routine-breaking gifts, especially for this New Year.

(Photo: ShutterStock)

The perfect culinary experience

There are so many great restaurants in Israel and sometimes, when we feel like enjoying a high class meal, we have to decide between the variety of options before us.

And if we know a real "foodie", one who loves and understands good food, why not treat him to such a perfect culinary experience and give him the right to choose?

What to do?

Choose the amount we want, buy a digital gift card, one that fits hundreds of restaurants, including some of the most famous in the country - and give the gift, which fits exactly to who you decide to pamper him and the type of food he likes best - all options are waiting for you and just have to choose.

The recipient of the gift will be able to decide where he wants to go and also how to divide the amount so that if he wants, he will even be able to eat more from a restaurant with your original gift!

Please note: the voucher is valid for a long time and can be redeemed immediately when the restaurants reopen.

(Photo: Shutterstock)

The gift with the most style

In honor of the holidays, most of us always enjoy pampering ourselves and pampering others with beautiful clothes, but here is an interesting option: why not allow family and friends to choose for themselves the new clothes they want to buy, and more from the best fashion chains in Israel?

And if you know exactly what they like (and of course you know), you can buy them a gift that suits their style.

There is even a bonus here, because with this digital gift card you will not only open up a whole world of options and clothes that exactly suit their desires, but you can also go out with them together for a day of fun and a shopping trip!

(Photo: ShutterStock)

A tour of wineries, breweries and distilleries for couples

So maybe we will not be able to fly to Tuscany this summer, but that does not mean that it is impossible to bring the atmosphere of a foreign country directly to us and go out for a special culinary experience in the most beautiful and special places in the area. Israel produces excellent wine and charming boutique beers. And in order to remain a worthwhile souvenir, you can even add a package of wines that you can drink later in the holiday.

(Photo: ShutterStock)

digital album

For dessert, something classic and always loved.

We all take so many pictures on our cell phones every day, but what do we really do with them?

Here is your option to pamper someone with a gift that will become a special souvenir.

An album that anyone can easily put together online, without having to download software and enjoy it as soon as it is ready.

If you went on a trip with the whole family or celebrated a happy occasion, or you might want to give them a chance to keep and document all the exciting moments and special experiences that the new year is about to bring us, Dad and / or Mom will surely be happy for such a cool gift.

You can find all these gifts and lots of others on the BUYME gifts and experiences website, where you are offered over 1,200 brands and businesses in a variety of different fields.

Now, the popular bit app of Bank Hapoalim has joined BUYME for a special collaboration, which comes with a perfect timing for the holidays.

How It Works?

In both directions.

Those who enter the bit starting this week will be able to find there direct access to pay for selected BUYME gifts and those who enter the BUYME will now be able to pay for their purchases via bit, and also send the gift to its recipient, immediately or at a scheduled time, by mobile or email.

The whole shopping experience is upgraded and becomes much more convenient and there is even a bonus: in honor of the launch of the collaboration, anyone who buys a gift through BUYME via bit for NIS 250 or more, will receive a NIS 50 voucher to buy a pampering gift for themselves.

So may you all have a Happy holiday, full of amazing experiences and original gifts for the people we love the most in the world.

Happy New Year!

Payment in bit subject to the terms of use of the app.

For payers per bit on the dedicated BUYME website, for selected gifts of NIS 250 or more, a BUYME gift voucher of NIS 50 will be awarded, while stocks last (20,000 vouchers) or until the end of the sale, whichever is earlier, in accordance with the benefit policy on the bank website and BUYME's terms of use .

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