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Reloaded stocks: the ten reasons why they disqualify you from buying dollars


The latest provisions of the Central Bank further limit the universe of potential foreign currency buyers in the official market.

Annabella quiroga

09/18/2020 - 6:05

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The five million buyers that the official dollar had in August were the last warning light that led the Central Bank to impose an ultra-hard stocks.

In addition to applying an additional 35% surcharge on the price of the currency, which

brought the price to $ 132

, the monetary authority added new restrictions and left out of the game people who until last week were authorized to buy.

These are the

10 reasons

 that prevent buying dollars.

The digital coleros

This restriction came into force in August, when the Central Bank decided to disable the CUIT of 15,000 people who overnight opened accounts in dollars to use the monthly quota and transfer it to a third party.

The suspicion that they buy on behalf of others was enough for the Central to get them a red card.

Those who trade financial dollars

Those who operate with the dollar counted with liquidity or with the MEP dollar, legal options that allow acquiring foreign currency through public securities or shares, are disqualified from buying the quota of US $ 200 at the same time.

Employers who received the ATP

The directors of companies that received aid from the State for the payment of salaries are disqualified from operating with the official dollar for 12 months.

The restriction does not apply to the workers of these companies.

Those who accessed a zero rate credit

The monotributistas who qualified for the zero-rate loans that the AFIP launched through the banks cannot operate with the official dollar until they have paid the 12 installments of the credit received.

Those who charge social plans

If you receive the Emergency Family Income (IFE) or the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) or another social plan from the Government, when the dollar sale system works again, you will no longer be able to use the quota of US $ 200. This is because from now on the banks will cross data with ANSES to check who is disabled to perform this operation.

Those who do not have "consistent" income

With the new restrictions, before opening a savings account in dollars, banks will have to review the client's profile to check if they have income or assets that justify that they have purchasing power to acquire dollars.

Whoever does not pass this exam will lose the space.

Those with quotas frozen

This restriction is also new and is valid for those who have mortgages or pledges whose installments were frozen at the beginning of the pandemic and postponed to be paid at the end of the loan.

Until they catch up, they won't be able to use the $ 200 quota.

Those who refinanced the card balances

In April, the Central Bank ordered that the unpaid balances of that month on credit cards would be automatically refinanced with a three-month grace period, at a rate of 40% and would be paid in 9 fixed installments.

Many users who paid what they could that month, had breakfast the month after they had entered automatic refinancing.

And now they are learning that they will not be able to buy dollars until they have paid all the fees.

The same happens with the unpaid balances of September, since the Central decided to reissue the measure this month.

Those who have a shared account

Until last week, if two or more people were account holders, each could use their personal quota of $ 200. Now that's not the case anymore.

With the new measures, the Central considers only one quota per account.

So, if your partner or your partner or your brother has already bought his US $ 200, you are left out.

Those who spent more than US $ 200 with a card

As of September 1, card expenses in dollars are counted within the monthly quota of US $ 200. So whoever spent US $ 20 on Spotify, Netflix and Apple subscriptions, the following month will be able to buy only US $ 180. But whoever bought a cell phone via e-commerce for US $ 800 will no longer be able to buy dollars for the next four months.

The situation will be more complex when trips abroad are enabled and the US $ 2000 spent in 10 days in Uruguay means not being able to use the quota for the next 10 months.


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