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The Problem Bear


Under the family heir Hans Guido Riegel, Haribo wanted to become more international and modern. But the world market leader got bogged down.

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Haribo store in Bonn

Photo: Christoph Hardt / imago images / Future Image

Those who want to know how things are with Haribo just have to go to Lidl these days.

Lidl's own brands and competitor products from Katjes are now on the confectionery shelf of the discounter, where until recently the golden bear and his fellows had their permanent place.

Lidl threw the Haribo goods out of the range in mid-August.

The golden bear - cold-heartedly sorted out, because it works without him.

For decades, Haribo has been a fixture on the shelf, the incarnation of an indispensable brand.

Now the gold bear is not only thrown out at Lidl.

According to SPIEGEL information, Edeka has also cut sales by 40 percent.

Something similar threatened at Rewe.

Haribo had tried to raise prices and apparently went too far.

"We used to rely on Haribo, today we have alternatives such as Storck, Katjes or our own brands," says the chief buyer of a retail group.

That trade can do without Haribo - an unthinkable scenario under the late Haribo patriarch Hans Riegel.

Until his death seven years ago, he led the company with a hard hand and a sharp tone for 67 years.

On the weekends he liked to come up with new ideas, which he then kept his employees busy on Mondays.

Riegel had grouse pressed into rubber form, matching the computer game.

He spontaneously turned the Berlin baby bear Knut into white "Knuddel-Knut'sch" bears.

Riegel set prices, ideas and tacts, without him nothing worked, especially not against him.

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