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Saving dollar: the October quota starts and banks are cut short to avoid customer complaints


They upload warnings to their websites and send emails with the list of all those who are left out of the purchase of the US $ 200.- Blue dollar today: how much it is trading this Wednesday, September 30

Laura Garcia

09/30/2020 - 12:39

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"It is to prevent those who cannot buy from entering, with all this ATP mess," they explain at a bank.

Long tomorrow the new quota of US $ 200 that the Central Bank allows to buy per month (October),

the first since the super stocks left out many buyers who may be surprised when the system "bounces" them.

The entities are trying to stop possible complaints and saturation of sites


The strategies are various.

They upload reminders to their websites and send emails with e-news to their customers with the detailed (and increasingly long) list of those who are not in a position to buy.

These days, they recognize, there were

many complaints from those who were not aware that they no longer qualified,

especially with the late clarification that this universe also included employees of companies that receive official subsidies for the payment of salaries under the program. ATP.


This is how we try not to stop home banking tomorrow,

" they say in a bank, more as an expression of desire than anything else.

"But I don't think it's possible. Surely there will be a lot of traffic," they acknowledge.

These days, they admit,

there were a lot of bounces by the ATPs


"We do not put the base, we consult the Central Bank electronically. We do not have a statistic, we know it from the complaints," they comment.

"We are in charge of clarifying that it is the Central Bank's regulations and people, in general, know that

we are only intermediaries

but there are always complaints and tomorrow many will be left without their dollars," they point out.

Until the last minute, the entities were tweaking their communications on Tuesday.

"I've been working on the note to customers that changes every day.

Last night we were adding ATPs

. Hopefully we don't have to add anything else."

In other entities,

yesterday they were evaluating some type of measure

concerned about alerting their customers and ensuring that those who have no chances, do not even try.

The first 10 days of the month are the most intense.

When those who can buy usually do, the banks' sites collapse.

From then on the visits decline.

It is in the second half of the month when many of those who bought make "puree", that is, they sell the official dollars in the informal to make a difference.

It is, however, 

an incentive that will weigh little from now on

, with a profit that was reduced to $ 1,600. 

But even in these three days in which the operation to buy dollars was restored since the creation of the super stocks,

there were banks that saw drops of up to 50% in purchases


The 10-day hiatus in service and potential buyers left in line didn't change the game.

"Those who are in a position to buy will continue to do so.

I don't think the price is going to affect

that," commented a banker in relation to the rising cost of the dollar, saving from the 35% surcharge on account of the payment of Earnings (which brings it to $ 132).

The same is true, the majority believe, regarding the incorporation of card


in dollars as part of the

available space,

which will be cut. 

The test will be tomorrow.

The collapse and traffic of the sites will say little and nothing.

The key will be those that



Those who want and cannot buy dollars.


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Source: clarin

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