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Meridor and Turner on the conduct of the Treasury: "Dreamed" - Walla! Business


The director general of the retiring Ministry of Finance, the Turner-Eyal Foundation, spoke about the humiliating treatment she suffered and the failures in the finance ministry in an interview with Keshet 12. The finance minister reacted miserably and was criticized: "I took her twice for maternity leave

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Meridor and Turner on the conduct of the Treasury: "Dreamed"

The director general of the retiring Ministry of Finance, the Turner-Eyal Foundation, spoke about the humiliating treatment she suffered and the failures in the finance ministry in an interview with Keshet 12. The finance minister reacted miserably and was criticized: "I took her twice for maternity leave


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Bar Lavie

Thursday, 21 January 2021, 21:43

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For the first time since she left her position in the Ministry of Finance, and the minister Israel Katz, who accompanied her closely for years, the Turner-Eyal Foundation goes on the offensive.

In an interview with Omri Assenheim on a fact program that aired tonight (Thursday) on "Keshet 12", together with Shaul Meridor who also left the treasury with a slam on the door, Turner-Eyal shed light on the last few months alongside Katz And for the reasons that led her to leave after only four months in office.

Among other things, Turner-Eyal said that Katz accused her of trying to bring the 0-3 age group back to school because she is a "full-time mother."

On this, Meridor told Turner-Eyal that the minister "should be ashamed".

Regarding her time as director general of the Ministry of Transportation under Katz, Turner-Eyal said, "Very quickly we had a very good time working together.

I saw a minister who did not rest for a moment, and was never satisfied and I died for it.

I felt like we were climbing uphill and giving a sprint.

I was very proud, and I was glad I was in the office. "

But after the last election, Katz was appointed to his current position, finance minister.

Turner-Eyal said she received a phone call from him, in which he offered her to serve as the firm's CEO.

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Right: Shaul Meridor, Keren Turner and Roni Hezekiah, three senior officials who left the Ministry of Finance shortly (Photo: official website, -)

Meridor, who was head of the budget department between 2017-2020, said that after the outbreak of the corona, somewhere in March, he was called to an emergency discussion at the Treasury.

"It took us at the Treasury quite a while to understand the size of the event and the amount of money it will cost the state."

Another person interviewed for the program is Prime Minister Netanyahu's economic adviser, Avi Simhon. Meridor said of Simhon that "he does not do his professional work.

I think he brings voices that oppose most of the economists I know. "Simhon for his part replied," The crisis here was so big and so acute that they (finance officials) were unable to deal with it because they were not used to giving money.

They did not understand the incident. "

Meridor and Turner-Eyal sharply criticized the decision to distribute grants to citizens, which was also the trigger for Meridor's resignation:" For the first time I hear about the idea of ​​distributing NIS 500 per child in an economic discussion with the prime minister, "Meridor said. Moshe Kahlon was still the minister in charge. "We were not consulted.

The day before Avi Simhon brought it up in the discussion. "Meridor added that" we are talking about taking almost NIS 3 billion and distributing it to a lot of people who do not need it. "

According to Turner," It was a draw, they have no details.

They did not go into depth at all, did not do any staff work. "In response to these remarks, Simhon claimed that they did not understand the depth of the incident:" The government had a moral and economic duty to assist. "

Shai Babad, the finance director at the time, also responded He claimed that Meridor went one step too far when he was not satisfied with voicing criticism within the Treasury and turned to the media. The AVD claimed that this was a method: "The wing (budgets) was often confused. They acted in three stages when they did not want to do something the politicians wanted: .

"It was a dream. This is what economies look like at the beginning of the road down"

The moment of crisis came when an aid program for the economy in the Corona crisis came to the table, amounting to tens of billions of shekels.

Following the approval of the plan in the Knesset, Meridor and Turner-Eich were urgently called to the Ministry of Finance.

"We had a meeting with the professionals, including the director general of the Prime Minister's Office, the director general of the National Insurance Institute and Avi Simhon, Prof. Simhon, and then they come and say: We want to distribute a few more billions to the citizens.

I think the one who suggested it was Simhon. "

Meridor and Turner-Eyal also told how they ignored them and pushed them aside." I tell myself it was a dream.

This is what economies look like at the beginning of the road down.

I think I even mentioned Venezuela.

"If we can move so easily from NIS 90 billion to NIS 96 billion without a professional discussion without anything, taking NIS 6 billion and throwing them away from helicopters is a very problematic thing," replied Meridor. Turner-Eyal added, "We thought he was crazy.

Meridor criticized "It is inconceivable that a" grant for every citizen "led by Netanyahu and his adviser Simhon." It is inconceivable that a country would go to war if the chief of staff and the commander of the land arm would say that none of the decisions could be implemented, right? "Said Meridor.

"It's not my money and not the government's, but the citizens'."

A grant program for every citizen was the big change and the opening of a public battle between the Minister, Knesset members and even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and senior finance officials.

"The gap is huge between what was once and what is happening today," says Turner-Eyal.

"In 2004, I experienced Benjamin Netanyahu in a completely different way."

"I was disappointed. I think the prime minister, who has known me for many, many years and who sits with me in a great many discussions, can convey the criticism in a more dignified manner. I was offended, it hurt me," Meridor said in this regard.

The level of trust between Minister Katz and his senior officials reaches a low, with Accountant General Roni Hezekiah also seeking to leave.

The fact reveals that Hezekiah deposited his letter of resignation with the ministry's spokeswoman for fear that Minister Katz would claim that it was a dismissal.

At one of the meetings, Minister Katz chose not to summon the firm's attorney general, Asi Messing.

Meridor says that Turner-Eyal, then another director general of finance, told him, "Mr. Minister, Assi should be here.

We're talking about something legal and I have no answers.

His rampage in it was, even on a personal level.

He tells her phrases like 'Before he's here, you fly away,' 'Dare not talk to me like that.' "

Last July, and above the murky relationship comes the big rift. Meridor says that the minister demanded that he" play with numbers "so that it could be To distribute more money and faster. "What he wanted to do is reduce the money that I think the steps will cost, so that he will create a surplus of NIS 3 billion.

During the hearing, he repeatedly asks me to do it and I tell him that it has brought countries like Greece to the places that it has brought them. "

Does not come out well from the story.

Israel Katz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

"My parents were alarmed and said, 'How did you not tell us?'"

"I try not to take it personally," the former CEO answers when asked how she handled the publications in real time about Katz humiliating her at meetings. "There was one time it was published after three days, and my parents were alarmed and said, 'How did you not tell us? ? ' ".

Assenheim keeps asking for more advertising which was at that time that Katz retorted that she" did not understand and did not want to do anything ", and claimed that supported during the crisis return of school children ages 0-3 only for personal reasons, because it is" time mom Full. "She replies that" it's funny.

I cut maternity leave in the middle, so I went to work without getting paid, and I also paid NIS 10,000 to the caregiver, "she explains," the 0 to 3 did not affect me at all because I had a caregiver ... every time I left the room I would say, 'Oops, It's not supposed to be that way. "

"Understand that something bad happened there"

In an interview with Radio 102 FM, Assenheim revealed additional parts this morning.

"Business is collapsing, and you see how the Ministry of Finance is conducting itself at a time when it should be at its best. It is a northern command during a war in Lebanon. You see how it is crumbling from within."

Regarding the relationship between the minister and his former CEO, Assenheim adds that “this is perhaps the most interesting part.

Minister Katz recognizes her talent and at the age of only 37 appoints her to the director general of the Ministry of Transportation. She has a nice term with him there and they do really great things together ... Then he (Katz - Bal) fulfills a dream and comes to the Ministry of Finance, and the closest woman is Wants by his side, the one who will manage and generalize everything is the Turner Foundation.

She comes just one month after the birth of her third son, cuts off maternity leave, and what she sees and experiences there for 4 months leads her to leave.

Leaving with thunderous silence.

We understand that something bad happened there. "

Katz:" Ceased to be CEO by mutual consent "

These things, which reveal a small tap from the interview, were enough to get Katz to respond.

"I did not want to say it officially until now, but the truth is a liar Turner ceased to be Director General of the Ministry of Finance by mutual agreement because it did not fit the position," Katz said earlier today the studio "News".

In addition, the Finance Minister in an interview with " "To the fact that Turner-Eyal returned to work before the end of maternity leave:" I took her to positions twice during maternity leave, it should be understood that there is a worldview for me here - I am not prepared for family building to hinder women from making senior careers. " Along with the views that the society places on women, and it also provoked a great deal of anger and criticism, both from politicians and organizations working to promote women.

Chairman Naamat Hagit Peer said in response that Because returning to work after giving birth is obligatory by law and not an act of kindness. This is a CEO who is considered the most professional, who came from the Ministry of Finance and it is doubtful if she needs 'initiation'.

It is a pity that Minister Katz chose to mobilize her family, her children and her being a woman.

It's low, it's patronizing and it's just bad.

It is very doubtful if he would have dared to treat a man like that. "The

chairman of the Meretz faction, MK Tamar Zandberg, said that" it is hard to believe that such miserable and chauvinistic statements were made by an Israeli minister in 2021, and towards a professional and talented woman .

It is doubtful that Katz would have dared to belittle and belittle in such a low way if it had been a man.

It just proves to us women how far the struggle for equality is far from over, and certainly when the problem is also deeply rooted in the top echelons of the government. "A

political organization calling for feminist media tweeted that" Let us simplify it for you: if you have to specify it to get cookies- Promoting women, you did not promote, you did not contribute, you only promoted. "

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