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Business Gossip: Cultivation Reaches Your Home - Walla! Business


And also: a new joins the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, a surprise for Chef Assaf Granit, KFC is restoring success and Bank Hapoalim supports the periphery

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Business gossip: Cultivation reaches you all the way home

And also: a new joins the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, a surprise for Chef Assaf Granit, KFC is restoring success and Bank Hapoalim supports the periphery


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Ronit Matias

Sunday, 24 January 2021, 12:46

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A man of virtue

3124993 (Photo: Screenshot, Zoom)

Eran Krauss, CEO of Clinique Israel, and Daphne Zimmerman Kinks, Director of Training, Zoom launched Smart Night Clinical ™ MD Multi-Dimensional Repair Treatment Retinol A smart and powerful night product that joins the Smart family, and contains active retinol to stop and restore signs of aging. Krauss launched during the event A new delivery service tailored to Clinique's Corona days, considered a leading makeup and grooming brand. The service allows customers to place an order via WHATSAPP message directly to the Clinic's store in the TLV mall.

Anyone who wants personal advice can have an online call with the consultant who accompanies the buyer throughout the purchase process. Offers, advises and answers questions. Kraus added that those who place the order by 15:00 will receive the order the same day (depending on the route of Get Delivery) and no, the order will arrive within 3-4 days. The service is free for any purchase over 249 NIS Or at a price of 25 NIS for all parts of the country.

Israeli development

Free demo: The platform straightens out from the first step

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The management of Rotem Shani opened trading on the occasion of its listing on the stock exchange.

Rotem Shani is one of 3 companies that have joined the stock exchange since the beginning of the year and the first in the field of real estate, and will be included in the construction sub-industry in the real estate industry, which includes 37 companies with a total value of NIS 35 billion.

The company operates in the planning, initiation and construction of residential and / or commercial construction projects in Israel, and usually focuses on combination and urban renewal transactions in areas of hard demand in Israel.

The company has projects under construction of about 340 housing units, while in 2021 the company expects the start of 7 new residential projects with a total of about 500 housing units.

The company's revenues in the first nine months of 2020 amounted to NIS 126 million.

The company's share is expected to enter early April 2021 as part of the fast track for new companies, the Tel Aviv Growth Indices, the Tel Aviv Real Estate Index and the Tel Aviv Construction Index.

A surprise for the star

Dudi Cohen and Assaf Granit (Photo: PR, Tami Bar Shai)

Dudi Cohen, CEO of the Naaman Group, which owns the Naaman, Vardinon, Homestyle and Bonita de Mas brands, surprised chef Assaf Granit, the group's strategic advisor, when he arrived on the set to congratulate him on winning his first Michelin star, and give him a bottle of Israeli wine. Fine and Michelin-starred cake.

The cracker

Autumn Paragon and Alon Weinstock (Photo: PR, KFC)

Alon Weinstock, VP of Marketing at kfc Israel, officially signed the 80th anniversary celebrations for the chain's secret recipe, and awarded first place in the secret recipe cracking challenge, to Fall Paragon, who won a pampering vacation at the Nachsholim Boutique Hotel, and a meal for the whole family at one of the chain's branches. Generations of fried chicken lovers are trying to crack one of the world's most famous and secret recipes, including 11 spices.

On the occasion of the celebrations, KFC Israel initiated the activity that challenged the surfers in recreating the recipe, and invited chicken lovers to participate in the culinary chain Daniel Daniel Ambia's challenge. The surfers were asked to photograph the dish and whoever passed the visibility stage was challenged to prepare a dish.

Leaders are working

Kav Mishva, in collaboration with Bank Hapoalim and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, has initiated a virtual conference called "Leadership and Careers" for students and graduates from Arab society who participate in the business clubs program run by Kav Mishva.

The Bank supports the program as part of its business and social support in the world of employment and the promotion of equal employment and social opportunities in the periphery.

In the field of higher education alone, Bank Hapoalim supported hundreds of students and awarded scholarships in preparation for the opening of the new school year.

The Bank lends and provides financial support to the association's program that operates 10 business clubs at universities and colleges throughout the country.

The Business Clubs program focuses on outstanding and promising students in a variety of fields, with leadership potential, and aims to help them integrate into significant career paths, with an emphasis on leadership, promotion to influence roles and social, business awareness.

Each year the program operates 10 business clubs that include about 200 students, according to their field of study, in order to create success stories, and bring about optimal absorption and integration of young Arabs in leading business companies in the Israeli economy, expose and integrate participants in the Israeli labor market and create meaningful connections. And leading businessmen.

a moment of pleasure

Nahum Feinberg (Photo: PR, Ofir Abe)

Adv. Nahum Feinberg, a senior labor lawyer, was pleased this week.

The business and professional support he has provided in recent months has received much praise and Feinberg received a letter from Sam Grundwar, chairman of the World Basic Fund - one of the important organizations in promoting immigration and strengthening ties between the people and the Land of Israel, who thanked him and wrote: "You are a first-rate professional authority. In any legal matter to which we are required. "


Ofer Alkalay.

(Photo: PR, Eyal Toag)

After CPA Ofer Alkalay parted ways with his partner and established the office of A.

Alkalay & Co. Investigative Audit ", he signed with IACS Ltd., owned by Dan Netanyahu, on cooperation to detect exceptions and trends through the world's innovative IDEA software in the field. The cooperation will enable the construction of advanced systems for detecting and preventing embezzlement based on experience in handling hundreds of embezzlements. And advising the leading organizations in the country in building programs to reduce exposure to embezzlement.

Alkalay - an expert in the field of embezzlement investigation and consulting for embezzlement organizations, IACS, which provides solutions for control and internal audit, is the exclusive marketer in Israel for IDEA and SAP Smart Exporter software, among its customers banks, insurance companies, credit companies, government ministries, trading companies and private companies.

Among office clients p.

Alkalay & Co.: Bank Leumi, Bank Poalim, Discount Bank, Mizrahi Bank, Masab Sheba, Israel Corporation, Amot Investments, Shlomo Insurance, Bar Ilan University.

Investors in the future generation

Assaf Weiss, Roni Tzarom (Photo: PR, Morag Bitan)

Roni Tzarom, chairman of Unistream and Assaf Weiss CEO, held two investment committees during which Unister trainees presented their innovative ventures to businessmen who expressed their views on startups, and advised on how to further develop them.

The committees held at ZOOM were broadcast on YouTube LIVE, and for the first time the trainees 'families were able to watch the judges' presentations and responses live.

Among the startups: a home test for measuring iron and vitamin B12 that saves the need of people at risk to physically reach clinics, an interactive site for experienced job seekers aged 50 plus.

Weiss said that one of the significant tools for reducing social and economic disparities in Israel is to provide young people in the geographical and social periphery of Israel with tools and life skills that will enable them to advance in the changing world of employment, and innovative ventures prove they can realize their potential.

Participants: Yishai Freund, CEO of eBay Israel; Avi Wertheim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aloni Hetz Properties and Investments;

Yifat Reiter, CEO of AIG Israel; Boaz Bash, CEO of Final;

Aaron Goldberg, Vice President of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles;

Boaz Dinti, Managing Partner at Comra Capital Fund;

Julia Zohar, owner and CEO of the Al-Erez plant; Hila Chimi-Alpert, CEO of Discount Capital;

Gil Segal, Deputy Chairman of the World Zionist Organization and Head of the Department of Israel and the Commemoration of the Holocaust; Avi Ortal, CEO of Leumi Partners;

Dr. Shai David, co-founder and CEO of Culture;

Prof. Oded Sarig, former Head of the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings at the Ministry of Finance; Oren Weiman of the Diplomat Group;

Imad Telhami, Chairman and Founder of Avcom; Yaniv Gerti, CEO of Intel Israel;

Avraham Biger, outgoing chairman of Paz; Tziki Raz, director of community investors at the International Bank; Tzachi Reichenstein, CEO of the cyber company Cybonet;

Bar Surf, CEO and co-founder of RestAr; Guy Franklin, founder and CEO of Israeli Mapped in NY;

Jose Francisco, entrepreneur Agrotech from Dubai.

Played her

Alona Strauss (Photo: PR, Uri Strauss)

Alona Strauss, 17, set up the "you played it" project, in which she collects unused games from families who want to donate, sells them at a nominal price, and distributes the money to low-income families.

Schneur Jrofi of Isratois and Kfir Gabay of the toy site Click Toy were excited about the project, did not remain indifferent, sent new games, and when they realized that the help Strauss needed was collecting games from families interested in donating, they took on the game collection system for the project.

In small

+ A group that is all good takes care to pass the time during the closure for people with disabilities, distributed over 120 packages of "Come on have fun", the group's leisure venture and company in collaboration with the Department of Mental Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Health in hostels across the country.

The packages include board games, coloring boxes, booklets, sticks, skips, target shooting and more.

The purpose of the division is to encourage people with disabilities during the closure, to provide activities that will enhance the sense of togetherness and belonging.

+ The Israeli fashion house feyge has joined the fight to prevent violence against girls and is launching a fundraising campaign for Elam, for every sale of a wrap dress, 10% will be donated to the treatment of girls and boys who experience violence.

+ Vegan Scout.

There is no doubt that our relationship with the refrigerator has tightened in Corona and especially in quarantine, Scout Grant decided to take control of her diet, and shed 8 kg of her weight, a genetic diagnosis at MyBio gave her scientific confirmation that the vegan diet she switched to a few months ago is right and suitable for her.

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