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Business gossip: Caring for at-risk teens - Walla! Business


Also: the huge deal between Dor Alon and BBB, a new campus in Kiryat Ono, learning to make pizza from home and when the face is hidden behind a mask - you should take care of the look of the neck

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Business gossip: Take care of at-risk teens

Also: the huge deal between Dor Alon and BBB, a new campus in Kiryat Ono, learning to make pizza from home and when the face is hidden behind a mask - you should take care of the look of the neck


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Ronit Matias

Wednesday, 27 January 2021, 13:12

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Taste buying

Yossi Shalio and Hagai Shalom (Photo: PR, Assaf Lev)

The children of the Shanti House will be really happy that they kept quiet in good taste.

The chain launches a wide range of fundraising activities for the children of the Shanti House in the chain's 41 branches throughout the country.

During the month of February, Tiv-Ta'am customers will be offered to donate NIS 5 for each purchase, with the amount collected being transferred in full for the benefit of the Shanti House's activities.

During the Corona period, the Shanti House faced challenges it had never experienced before.

Expenditures increased considerably to provide a diverse response to the employment of youth in various activities 24/7, more youths who came due to the proliferation of domestic violence were absorbed, and activity activities were reduced to provide a response to at-risk youth who closed their gates.

Recognizing the importance of the association's work, especially these days, the Tiv Ta'am network has mobilized to help raise donations from the public, to ensure that the doors of the Shanti House remain open to at-risk youth and immediate danger.

The Shanti House provides a home and a short-term and long-term educational framework for at-risk, life-threatening and homeless youth and is a home in the full sense of the word.

At the beginning of 2022, another Shanti House in Jerusalem is expected to open.

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Sign and develop

Ahuva Turgeman and Amit Zeev (Photo: PR, Dor Alon)

A hamburger-flavored deal was signed this week between Amit Zeev, CEO of Dor Alon, and Ahuva Turgeman, CEO of BBB.

According to the new partnership deal, Dor Alon will acquire 50% of the BBB Group from the Blue Square Group, owned by Moti Ben-Moshe, at a company value of approximately NIS 150 million.

Zeev noted that in recent years Dor Alon has been implementing a strategy to expand its activities and diversify its sources of income. And the profit continues to develop the energy, retail and real estate business, the Dor Alon Group continues to nurture growth engines and expands its catering arm with the BBB family joining the group's portfolio of companies.

Turgeman said the value of the deal is a sign of appreciation for the group's franchisees and employees and said they are proud to join a strong, growing oak ball group, a WIN-WIN deal that will allow them to continue to grow and enjoy the synergy and significant size advantage created here. The joint business with Dor Alon's growing retail activity.

Galloping to school

Israel Gal, Gil Geva, Keren Khalifa Foundation, Renan Hartman (Photo: PR, Kiryat Ono Municipality)

Israel Gal, Mayor of Kiryat Ono, has signed a building permit for the construction of the academic campus - the first project of its kind in Israel led by a joint real estate project of the Tidhar Real Estate Group and Harel Insurance and Finance, which will be built at the MY ONO complex at Savyon Junction.

The Ono Academic Campus, with its branches, will move to the new campus to be established in the business, leisure and leisure district of Kiryat Ono, and will enjoy an innovative, multidisciplinary and unique concept in a central and accessible location.

The licensing process lasted only about 5 months, thanks to effective cooperation between the Kiryat Ono local committee, the architect and the developer. The new campus will start operating within two years. Tidhar and Harel will build the complex and rent it to the college for 25 years. The project will unite the Ono Academic Campus branches for the first time. In general, the Ono Valley into one large-scale complex that will be spread over a plot of land on an area of ​​13.7 dunams, on which about 54,000 square meters of advanced academic campus, student dormitories and offices will be built.

The deal is estimated to have a construction cost of more than NIS 550 million. The land was purchased by the companies from Yaakov Atrakchi for NIS 100 million in a cash transaction.

Gil Geva, Chairman of the Tidhar Group, said that they are proud to build the new complex and create fertile ground for the education of the future generation of the State of Israel in the best conditions and at the highest level, and that this is a unique deal that they are leading from the purchase of the land to the academic complex. The opening of the academic year in 2023, and the partnership of Tidhar and Harel with high capabilities each in their field, allows them to break forward together and take the revenue field that develops in the two companies to the next level.The entrepreneurial, planning and execution capabilities we have developed over the years. Significant development which looks a decade ahead.

Castel contributes to Betram

Shai Lifshitz and Orly Silvinger (Photo: PR, Castel)

Shai Lifshitz, CEO of Teva Castel, left in a fundraising campaign for child safety organization before celebrating 25 years of operation. Each year the network is committed for the benefit of other important non-profit organization, and the organization selected year before, which makes worship safety of the children.

According to the organization before, too Every year, an average of 124 children die in drowning, suffocation, falls, poisoning, forgetting children in the car, road accidents, etc. Every year, more than 200,000 children come to the emergency rooms due to accidents, most of which could be prevented.The

organization operates in a variety of proven strategies including data collection, research Sharon Haber, director of marketing at the organization, is happy about the collaboration with Teva Castel and said that they believe that thanks to the donations, they can expand the circle of influence and reach more parents, provide them with the information and together save the children's lives.

Pizza explosion

Yael Podolsky and Erez Komrovsky.

(Photo: Courtesy of the photographers)

Dreaming of making a chef's pizza?

Sugat has launched a new "Yeast Flour for Pizza" flour, for perfect and quick home-baked pizza, developed in collaboration with Chef Erez Komrovsky. and Msfianim, prepare still in awe variety of special compensation flour.

Komarovsky told that flour contains composition of materials accurately making pizza fine, just add water to flour and dough for making pizza and Italian.

Yael Podolsky, director of marketing for the genre said that especially in complex, however, in which we spend hours at home In the family and in the kitchen, they found it appropriate to give cooking and baking enthusiasts a chance to learn from the greatest of them all, Erez Komrovsky, how to best bake fine pizzas, from the flour they developed together.

Boogie Collector

Moshe Ya'alon, Gidi Karuch (Photo: PR, Itamar Shaul)

MK Moshe (Boogie) Ya'alon, visited the logistics center of the Leket Israel organization - the largest food rescue organization in Israel. Gidi Karuch, the organization's director general, told him about the organization's work during the Corona period and the farmers' mobilization to donate 18.5 tons of agricultural produce. 2,960,000 cooked meals reaching 246,000 supported per week.

The two toured the refrigerators full of fruits and vegetables and met the organization’s volunteers.

Ya'alon said that the outbreak of the corona virus caused a huge economic crisis in Israel, which created a growing increase in the number of needy and said that government funding should be supported and assisted by organizations such as "Israel Collection", to expand the scope of important aid, and provide thousands of needy food security.

Involved said that the next government should leverage government budgets through food rescue and thus it will be possible to help a greater number of needy people, whose number is only growing in the face of the corona crisis.

Star of Neptune

Omar Miller (Photo: PR, Snir Guetta)

Chef Omar Miller who moved with Shiranka and twins Moon and Ray to Moshav Neve Yarak does not let Corona stop him.

Miller and the spice company "Neptune" are collaborating on "Delicious Fire" - Miller's new cooking program on the food channel that has become one of the most popular channels in the past year.

Miller presents delicious, family-friendly recipes that are easy to prepare and fun to eat, which he prepares in his backyard.

Neptune's products from 1990 with the blue lid, include hundreds of spices, blends, spreads, sauces and coatings for schnitzel, for the private and institutional market.

The first chapter included, among other things, preparing a whole chicken stuffed with challah, parsley, scallions, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, arisa and spices, plus crispy potatoes.

Even the twins tasted and loved.

8 episodes are planned in the series, in each episode 3 recipes with spices will be presented.

Zoom yoga

Tami Mike, Liat Flisser Halpert and Mi-Ran Menkes (Photo: PR, Dermalogica)

If there is one area that attracts attention when wearing masks (except eyes), it is the neck, at Dermalogica, one of the leaders in the field of skin health for 30 years, launched a unique technological development of the company, an innovative contour serum for tightening and firming the neck and neckline, combining applicator and roller Metallic skin massage, which gives an effect from the first use.

During the virtual event, participants were surprised when they were invited for a stretch and hands-on practice with Mi-Ren Menkes, a model actress, and certified yoga instructor who said that one of the reasons for neck aging is related to neck muscle activity, so strengthening and extending it is important.

Yariv Mike, CEO of Dermalogica Israel, said they are proud to be a world leader, not only in the scientific development of a formula in clinically proven ingredient technology, but also in an advanced and unique choice of packaging that allows the client to work and stretch the neck muscles from the outside on a daily basis, using an applicator A special metallic, Liat Halpert-Flisser, demonstrated the use of a product that works in synergy with the help of the unique

formula.The product treats the skin tissue inside, and the applicator performs a stretch of the skin tissue from the outside, in a mechanical way that accelerates collagen and elastin production.

Put oil

Tzachi Bukashster (Photo: PR, Gilad Gilad)

Businessman Guy Ben-Zvi, who founded the Omega Galil company about a decade ago, launched the new "Keto-Oil" oil at the Zoom event.

Ben-Zvi, a high-tech pilot and entrepreneur, turned to entrepreneurship in the field of nutritional supplements more than a decade ago, following a personal recovery story, when he founded Omega 3 Galil for an audience in need of quality nutritional supplements, with an emphasis on omega 3. Ben-Zvi said the company regretted its flag The concept of "health chooses a diet" and from there naturally the business developed into the field of food, and the company began to import to Israel the new kitchen oil keto-oil, which is considered a common edible oil in the ketogenic diet and ideal kitchen oil for all types of kitchens. Naturopathy, an ideal keto-oil.

Chef Tzachi Bukshashter conducted a cooking workshop and said that the result is clear oil, transparent as water, ideal for hot cooking, frying and baking, does not oxidize and burn in heating and frying compared to other vegetable edible oils such as olive and canola, can be fried more without replacing it and has no smell of Frying, which makes it safe to cook and fry safely, noting that the oil gives respect to the raw materials - clear and neutral as water, without taste and smell.

Fried eggplant has an eggplant flavor, and an egg has an egg flavor rather than a burnt oil flavor.

Embracing the independent

Pini Gershon Etty Raz (Photo: Courtesy of those photographed)

The ALLCLUB Independent Club, led by the founder and CEO Etty Raz, embraces thousands of freelancers every Wednesday and provides them with knowledge, tools and free lectures.

Among the lecturers: Pini Gershon, Jordan Jerby, Tal Shimshon, Sharon Gottlieb, Tal Cohen, Odelia Yakir, Yaron Gindi and Prof. Yaron Zelicha, who enlisted the help of their knowledge and experience for independent business owners. The consumption basket.

Cheerleaders in the village

Two unity (Photo: PR, Tal Shoval)

Many of Israel's artists mobilized to congratulate the residents of the village of Enid on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the village.

They sent tenants short videos on WhatsApp and uploaded to social media, sang to the tenants, and recounted memories of their visit to the village.

Shani Ahdut, CEO of Kfar Idud, said that after a difficult year for the residents of the village, she demanded that they show maturity and restraint, while maintaining social distance, distance from family and friends, the gesture moved them, and instilled hope, optimism and anticipation for the day they could host the artists in the village. .

village encouragement was established 25 years ago by parents who were looking for a solution to their children needs. in 1988 founded Association of parents to create a framework that will constitute for their children home, safe and sound, high quality standards and audited. village 160 residential units in privately owned by families. Gabi Fridigr, The chairman of the parents' association committee said that for the parents of the tenants and their families, Kfar Idud is a dream come true in which their dream of seeing their children lead independent and mature lives, rich in activity and content, comes true.

The friends are smart

Or Ben Artzi (Photo: courtesy of the photographers)

Last night, an event was held by WeizmannVibe - the next generation club of friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Amir Shaltiel, Chairman and Yael Goren-Wegman, CEO of the Friends Association, hosted about 70 friends and donors of the institute, for a lecture by Prof. Tzachi Pelpel, Head of the Department of Molecular Genetics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, who was fascinated by sex and genetics-related research.

Pepper's research has touches on the aging process, diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer and more that are related, among other things, to errors in proteins.

At the end of the evening, a "distant beer tasting" workshop was held at the Alexander Brewery.

Wise: Tali and Alon Chen, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science;

Lior Ben-Artzi, CEO of Leader Investments; Sharon and Eli Horowitz, CEO of the Trump Fund;

Orly Nashitz, Associate Attorney and Psychologist; Or Hameiri, Director of the Innovation Arm of Procter & Gamble in Israel; Prof. Roi Ozeri, Vice President of Resource Development at the Institute; Limor and Shai Teitelbaum, CFO and Administration at the Society for the Protection of Nature;

Meirav and CPA Elad Firk.

Take pictures and eat

Ofer Gabay and Eden Harel.

(Photo: PR, Yehudit Benili)

Itzik Gabay, CEO of OIG, which manufactures, imports and markets household appliances, and Ofer Gabay, VP of Sales and Business Development, hosted Eden Harel, who came to shoot instructional videos with the company's products.

Harel showed creativity and cooked a Hungarian surfer, khomin, rice and orange cake.

Planted in Chevruta

Svetlana Bodnitzky, Michal Kedar, Lydia Moiseev and Ludmila Azulin (Photo: PR, Omer Cohen)

Keter donated garden beds made of recycled plastic to the "Chevruta" project - a project led by the Council of Groups and Task Communities with the aim of sustaining social groups for the elderly in the days of the Corona.

The garden beds stand on high legs and are suitable for older people, they were placed in the community garden set up by members of "Chevruta" with the help of members of the Dror Israel movement in the Janusz Korczak neighborhood in Acre.

The program, which operates according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and in cooperation with the city's director of welfare, has been adapted to the corona period, the group operates according to capsules, and during the closure periods, Zum also meets.

The seniors were thrilled by the donation and the planting activity and concluded that the planting activity was a particularly wonderful experience during this period.

In small

This week marks World Global Community Involvement Day, after Philip Morris was the first tobacco company in Israel to launch a Corporate Responsibility Report, calling for support for social and environmental initiatives that promote sustainable UN development goals, reduce social and geographical disparities, Work to eradicate violence against women, gender equality and employment equality.

The company works to support social and environmental initiatives and is involved in diverse areas related to community contribution.

The focus of investment in the community is reflected in the creation of long-term collaborations with organizations, social involvement of the company's employees in various activities in the community and financial and money donations.

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