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One out of every three busy Buenos Aires workers works from home


They are data from the Department of Statistics and Censuses of the City of Buenos Aires. In addition to teleworking, the number of self-employed is growing.

Ismael Bermúdez

02/23/2021 11:11

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Updated 02/23/2021 11:11 AM

A third of the employed in Buenos Aires –477,787 people - worked from home or did telework, the vast majority using some technological device, such as a computer, cell phone or tablet.

The data is from the Department of Statistics and Censuses of the City of Buenos Aires for the fourth quarter of last year, which adds that, of those who worked "from their home or telecommuting, 88.8% were salaried people."

The Report indicates that in one year there was a

year-on-year drop in the employed population of 94,248 people


The number of unemployed increased 6,389 people and 91,513 people joined the inactivity (they did not work and did not look for work).

"The increase in inactive people is still significant for the third consecutive quarter, but to a lesser extent compared to the previous quarter, in the same way as the number of unemployed people", clarifies the Buenos Aires Report.

In total, the employed Buenos Aires totaled 1,491,576 and the unemployed 166,994, which totals an active population of 1,658,570 people.

There are 767,471 employed men from Buenos Aires and 724,105 employed women, but there are more unemployed women - 83,663 - than among men - 83,331.

Meanwhile, there was

an increase in self-employment

to the detriment of wage earners.

“73.9% of the employed population residing in the City is salaried, while 21.5% works as self-employed, an increase of 1.3 points resulting in

the highest value in the series

, which starts in 2014. While wage earners showed a decrease of 1 point and the

lowest value in

the series ”.

Other labor data from Buenos Aires indicate that:

- 11.6% of the employed population works in industrial and construction activities;

and 11.8% do so in commerce;

of the rest, almost three quarters of the employed population does so in different service activities, both in the private sector and in the public sphere.

- Almost

seven out of every ten

employed persons in the City of Buenos Aires

have higher or university level studies


45% of the employed population completed higher or university studies.

-24.3% of those employed stated that the number of hours worked was modified due to the health emergency situation.

For 63.5% - 230,288 - there was a decrease in their hours worked.

And for the rest (132,362) an increase.


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