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Business gossip: Getting ready for Seder night with a new wine - Walla! Business


Also: helping to protect facial skin, a tour full of strawberries, a new collaboration in the field of consumption and a new Israeli representative on Wall Street - and this time in the field of cannabis

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Business gossip: Get ready for Seder night with a new wine

Also: helping to protect facial skin, a tour full of strawberries, a new collaboration in the field of consumption and a new Israeli representative on Wall Street - and this time in the field of cannabis


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Ronit Matias

Wednesday, 03 March 2021, 13:51 Updated: 14:04

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Wine in Zoom

Lee Bouldes and Ido Levinson (Photo: Lior Gulsad)

Nir Gal, Deputy CEO of Barkan Wineries, Lee Bouldes, Marketing Director Ido Levinson, the winery's chief winemaker, are used to holding the most stylistic launches available. Do not think for a moment that the Corona era cut off the Bay of Creativity. For the launch of Cabernet Sauvignon, 'PLATINUM', in the 2018 vintage, which was broadcast LIVE from Barkan Winery in Hulda. Guests

received packages of quality cheeses, sourdough breads, fruits and other goodies that go great with the wine. Ido Levinson, the winery's chief winemaker, first revealed the Groom Sauvignon, 'PLATINUM', vintage 2018. Critics and wine experts in Israel, raised a glass from home, did not miss the glass and roll the wine in their mouths, and concluded that it is a powerful wine rich in flavors and aromas that blend in perfect harmony.

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Nir Gal and Ido Levinso (Photo: PR)

Levinson talked about the Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from the Upper Galilee, which showed exceptional properties during the annual tasting during which the winemakers' team determines which wine each barrel is intended for.

In this tasting, excellent barrels were selected in taste, aroma and other characteristics that made them stand out from the rest.

After being selected and separated from the rest of the barrels, the wine continued to age in them, and the first edition of Platinum was prepared.

The new wine is being launched these days in the best wine shops and specialty marketing points around the country.

Gal said that Barkan Wineries continues to pick up medals and awards in professional wine competitions in Israel and around the world and repeatedly receive commendation marks for the quality of their wines, adding that he is happy and proud to win the prestigious competition in which the best wines win the best value for money.

The medals join the approximately 500 medals that the winery has won over the years and make it the most decorated winery in international wine competitions.

beautiful family

Hava Zingboim and daughter of El Gross Zingboim (Photo: PR)

Hava Zingboim has successfully launched the new New Essential series developed in accordance with the changes, habits and challenges that characterize the new era in which we live.

Zingboim and her eldest daughter, Bat El Gross Zingboim, director of the company's training division, introduced the first product in the series - Anti Pollution Serum which through a revolutionary technological development simulates the natural action of vitamin D on facial skin and provides protection against blue light radiation and other pollutants.

Moti and Hava Zingboim (Photo: PR)

Zingboim revealed the unique development process in the shadow of the closures that was born out of future vision, and said that the past year has presented everyone with new challenges.

Stress, uncertainty and prolonged sitting in front of screens that have joined challenging environmental conditions that have been here before, noticeable effects on all of us, in the mind, body and of course the skin.

She told of thousands of calls she received about the damage to the skin caused by the mask and added that the new world we are in requires us to protect ourselves and maintain a new routine, which not only nurtures the existing but also one that will protect us and educate our skin to protect itself.

Innovation in the Negev

Zion Shemer, Itzik Tzur, Yonatan Basi, Leon David, Miriam Druck, Or Habib, Rafi Nevo, Michal Tzoran (Photo: PR)

Arieli Capital Holding and Investment Company, which leads the Frontier agritech Innovation Center for Desert Agriculture in collaboration with the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council, hosted members of the Kibbutz Industrial Association in Innovation and Investment at the Innovation Center in order to present the unique innovation in the Negev.

The group toured the greenhouse structure used to test strawberry varieties, a greenhouse where strawberries are grown with a unique technology of strawberry hanging on substrates detached from the ground, and strawberry varieties for early flowering through pre-planting treatments.

In the tours: Or Habib, partner and head of international innovation at Arieli Capital; Zion Shemer, director of R&D Ramat Hanegev;

Adv. Itzik Tzur, VP of Economic Development at the Ramat Hanegev factories;

Yonatan Basi, Chairman of the Kibbutz Industry Association; Leon David, Director of Business Development and Innovation at Ramat Hanegev; Miriam Druck, CEO of the Kibbutz Industry Association;

Rafi Nevo, Director of the Technology Division of the Kibbutz Industry Association;

And Michal Zoran, Director of the International Activities, Business Development and Trade Division of the Kibbutz Industry Association.

Passover at the door

Ilanit Levy, Eliraz Sara, Pesach Brent (Photo: PR)

Pesach Brent, CEO of Shaniv Paper Industries, posed for a photo with the company's presenters Ilanit Levy and Eliraz Sadeh, after the company invested NIS 25.5 million in Opel Packaging Ltd. in exchange for an allotment of 51% of the company's shares.

Brent wrote to the company's employees and managers that the deal promotes the company's vision to be a leading manufacturer and marketer in the field of consumer products in Israel.

Among Shaniv's most prominent brands: Touch - one of the fastest growing brands in Israel, to which the Levy and Sadeh couple were recruited.

Opel is engaged in the production, import, packaging, marketing and distribution of aluminum foil molds, nylon products, packaging and various paper.

As part of the partnership deal, Shaniv will expand its product and service basket, expand its sales network and enjoy quick entry into new areas of activity.

Opel will continue to operate in its current business and operational format.

Brent promised that Opel, which is considered a quality, veteran and reliable manufacturer, whose products increase the product basket in which the company operates, will continue to conduct itself with the existing employees and managers who do their job faithfully and with great success. "

Cannabis on Wall Street

Oren Schuster, from Similiano Di Mateo (Photo: Aharon Gedalia)

The cannabis company IMC, which operates in Israel and Europe, is listed on the Nasdaq at a value of about $ 315 million, has completed a double registration procedure, and is the first Israeli cannabis company to be traded in the US alongside trading on the CSE exchange in Canada.

The listing for trading will help IMC continue to implement the acquisition strategy as an additional means of accelerating growth and expanding activity in the medical cannabis market and the leisure cannabis market.

The event was marked by IMC at an Italian dinner for company employees cooked by Chef Similiano Di Matteo.

A double celebration

Autumn Kwas, Shifra Cohen, Yael Painero, Zvi Gerstel (Photo: Vadim Suharovsky)

At the Israeli development center of Synamedia, which develops advanced technologies for the world of video and television, we celebrated the return to routine with a double celebration: a return to offices, and the inauguration of new offices in the RAD tower "Jerusalem" on Mount Hotzvim in Jerusalem.

Yael Fainero, CEO of Cinmedia Israel, and Zvi Gerstel, senior vice president of engineering who lead the Jerusalem Development Center, prepared surprises for employees such as umbrellas with the caption "We will soon feel at home", wooden blocks with their pictures, dry fit shirts, chocolate boxes and more.

Shifra Cohen Israel and Europe Senior Operations Manager Israel and Europe and Autumn Kwas The company's human resources manager in Israel won the celebration, Feinero said the move marks an important stage in the development of Cinmedia as a breakthrough company in video technologies for the TV and streaming market, and in 2020 experienced a significant increase in Cinmedia's solutions from existing and new customers. , And this year they plan to continue to recruit dozens of new employees to meet demand.

See and contribute

Daniel Ogork, Guy Lahat, Sofer Dror, Maayan Hassid, Idit Matot and Lee Afik (Photo: Assaf Levy)

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the management of the Eroka network at Ichilov Hospital showed up to strengthen the medical staff.

Lee Afik, CEO of Eroca, executives and employees of the company, visited the intensive care unit headed by Prof. Idit Matot, and the surgical division under the management of Prof. Guy Lahat and performed eyeglass and sunglasses. The optometrists performed an eye examination, and a team of stylists helped them choose a model. That the mobilization of Eroka is not self-evident.

King David hosts

Tamir Kubrin and Muhammad al-Haja (Photo: Shlomi Amsalem)

The King David Hotel in Jerusalem, from the Dan Hotel chain, which is still closed due to the Corona crisis, was opened especially to host a delegation from the United Arab Emirates' Ambassador to Israel, Muhammad al-Hajah and his entourage, who met with President Reuven Rivlin.

Tamir Kobrin, CEO of the King David Hotel Jerusalem, welcomed the delegation, gave the ambassador an introductory tour of the hotel and on the roof of the hotel overlooking the Old City, the Temple Mount and the new city. During the visit, a joint lunch was held with Gil Hashakel, head of the State of Israel ceremony. .

What is insurance insurance

Tal Brody, Yohanan Danino, Shimon Mizrahi and Roni Gamzo (Photo: Sefi Magrizo)

The Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Club, sponsored by the digital insurance company weSure, came to visit the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Club veterans and weSure representatives saluted the medical staff as the heroes of the Corona Front Front.

Prof. Roni Gamzo, CEO of Ichilov Hospital; Yohanan Danino, President and Chairman of the weSure Group;

And Shimon Mizrahi, chairman of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball club, greeted. Surprising: Nitzan Tze'ir-Harim, CEO of weSure;

Hagit Novik, Business Development Manager;

Adli Marcus, General Manager of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Club Veterans of the club: Doron Jamchi, VP of Marketing and Sales, Tal Brody, Miki Berkovich, Ulsi Perry and Moti Daniel.

moving apartments

Yechiel Shemen, Gil Sharon, Ran Gurion, Deganit Kramer and Rami Greenberg (Photo: Micha Brickman)

After 20 years in the Pelephone building in Givatayim, the company moved to its new home in the building in Ofer Park in Petah Tikva, designed by architect Ram Goldberg with designed seating areas, meeting rooms of various sizes and a design that allows comfortable work and connection to the brand.

The company's offices cover 15,000 square meters and the lease period is set for 10 years with an option to extend for another 10 years.

The launch event was held in a limited format, and was broadcast digitally to all employees live. In mentors: Ran Gurion, CEO of Pelephone Group, yes and Bezeq International;

Deganit Kramer, Deputy CEO of the group; Gil Sharon, Chairman of Bezeq;

Rami Greenberg, Mayor of Petah Tikva, who was at the end of the film's cutting ceremony from a performance by Ivri Lider.

Sort and recycle

Shlomo Elmaleh, Ofir Katz, Gila Gamliel, Ilan Ben Simon, Avi Alkabetz, David Yahalomi (Photo: PR)

In Afula, a new sorting and recycling plant was inaugurated by Veridis Investment, with an investment of NIS 125 million, with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The plant, which is considered the largest recycling plant in the north, is expected to absorb over 40,000 thousand tons of waste per month from dozens of communities from Hadera to the Eastern Galilee.

Ilan Ben-Simon, CEO of Veridis, said that the plant is one of the leading and most innovative in the world, and to ensure the success of the plant and ensure that the state's investment in it does not go down the drain, it must immediately stop all pirated transit stations.

Eating and enjoying

Udi Ben Shimol, Zvika Tzoran and Ilan Sela (Photo: PR)

Udi Ben Shimol, CEO of Sodexo On Site, paid a visit to the National School of Fire and Rescue in Rishon Lezion following the company's winning tender for the management of the catering complex. Ben Shimol met Tafser Zvika Zoran, Commander of the National College of Fire and Rescue and Deputy Tafser Eyal Sela Re " Logistics National Fire Department and thanked them for the trust of the National Fire and Rescue Authority.

He noted that the servants and visitors to the complex will enjoy quality service and a menu in accordance with the high standards set by the company.

Musical living room

Roni Somek, Meital Trabelsi, Nir Brand, Ilana Brand, Uri Ofek and Ziv Kaplan (Photo: PR)

In the loft of maestro Nir Brand and mentor Ilana Brand, the teachers' union held a zoom show under the sign "Songs about women" with the participation of poet Roni Somek and singer Meital Trabelsi.

The show hosted by Brand aired to over 1,000 teachers, just before the first steps of the education system returned to routine.

Female sponsorship

Yair Hamburger, Hila Kinster, Michelle Siboni and Liat Sadan (Photo: PR)

Ahead of International Women's Month, the Harel Insurance and Finance team has signed a sponsorship deal for the Women's Basketball Premier League until the end of the next 2021/2022 game season.

The agreement is a significant milestone for the most senior women's league in sports in Israel, consisting of 10 teams with about 100 players from all over the country.

Under the agreement, the Harel Insurance and Finance Group will sponsor the league and its activities.

As part of the collaboration, Harel will hold activities with the league director in preparation for and during International Women's Month.

Over the years, as a worldview and as part of Harel's activities in the field of corporate responsibility, the Harel Insurance and Finance Group works to empower and promote women in society through a common public social goal.

Plant and greet

Yariv Levin and Israel Goldstein (Photo: Amos Luzon, Kakel Information System)

Knesset Speaker MK Yariv Levin planted a tree in Mevo Modiin and met with Avraham Duvdevani, Chairman of the JNF and professionals.

Israel Goldstein, chairman of the JNF's national workers' organization, said that planting a tree symbolizes the deep roots of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, roots of heritage, of a growing future for our country.

Levin is happy to meet with the leadership of the Jewish National Fund, which is engaged in sacred work, and expressed appreciation for the hard work they do in preserving the lands of the nation, nature, the environment and the quality of life of us all.

Lapel with song

Elmalih song (Photo: Shuka Cohen)

With an investment of about one million shekels, the model Shir Elmaleh launched her lingerie brand - "Colette".

The brand includes unique and fashionable models alongside basic models, in all sizes and they are sold on a dedicated website.

In small

Afikim, the director of pensioners and community centers in Petah Tikva, is collaborating on behalf of Holocaust survivors in an initiative that aims to make Holocaust survivors happy and encouraged during this period. During the week, a free bus will transport those interested from regular collection points to public singing and tours around the city. Health, passengers will present a green badge and register in advance with the directors of the community centers


Ackerman will attend the company's conferences in the field of injections, will speak to doctors around the world, and will teach physicians in the field of aesthetics in Europe and the world how to work with the unique injection material, different from fillers available on the market.

It is present in aesthetics in the US and Brazil, and now comes to Europe and Israel. Only five dermatologists and plastic surgeons will use in the first stage product and subsequently teach and mentor physicians other Israelis, after undergoing professional training by physicians international company.

+ Week launched a plant for sorting waste mandrakes park For the recycling and environmental education in the Negev, which was established at a cost of about NIS 100 million and is partnered by the Bnei Shimon Council and the Negev Ecology Recycling Company. In mentors: Minister of Environmental Protection Gila Gamliel, David Yahalomi, director

Nir Bar David, CEO of Dudaim, said that the landfill era was over and the recycling era had begun. The home will be recycled.

+ Yesterday, the visitor center in Timna Park was launched in the southern Arava with an investment of about NIS 3.5 million, and with funding from the Ministry of Tourism, the YKA Foundation, JNF and the Eilot Economic Development Company.

In tutors: Zeev Miller, CEO of the YCA Foundation in Israel;

Arik Michaelson, CEO of JNF Israel; Iris Danieli, CEO of the Eilot Economic Development Company;

Minister of Tourism Orit Farkash-Hacohen;

Head of the Eilot Regional Council, Dr. Hanan Ginat.

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