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Changes in burning habits: The Great BBQ Battle - Walla! Of money


On the fire on Independence Day, innovations in the world of barbecues and grills, home grills, gas grills and electric grills. And there is also a hybrid grill that combines both.

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Changes in burning habits: The Great BBQ Battle

The barbecue market wakes up as the weather warms up.

The local "on fire" season, which began on Passover, will culminate on Independence Day - and this is exactly the time to look at the new trends in the grill scene.

Have you heard of a hybrid grill?


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I have Seville

Wednesday, 07 April 2021, 15:32 Updated: Monday, 12 April 2021, 08:56

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The barbecue season arises every year in the spring, and this year - all the more so: the removal of the closures and the abolition of (almost) all the restrictions of the corona, caused the fans to wave a special joy.

Anyone who thinks this is a seasonal journalistic whim, should check the data on meat consumption in Israel: in the week of Independence Day we consume 3 times more meat than in an average week!

While the meat market does not present significant innovations: a chicken is a chicken and an entrecote is an entrecote, the cut of roasting facilities, grills or barbecues registers quite a few innovations in two different trends: health and specialization.

The specialization trend of amateur cooks who have recently adopted advanced cooking methods and are exposed to professional equipment, brings with it a variety of solutions that take the fluttering experience several levels forward, while the health trend dictates less soot, less fat and less environmental pollution.

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Coal or gas?

There are still two main types of grills: charcoal grills and gas grills, and each has its pros and cons.

(Spoiler: Later we will also unveil more models with innovations such as grilling with infrared technology and also a hybrid model that allows the use of gas or charcoal in one product).

Gas grill

: Its advantages are clear, it is convenient to operate, clean, ignite and control the heat comfortably and quickly.

Its main disadvantage is that the use of gas does not give the same result in terms of flavors as the aroma of the coals, and of course: a dedicated connection to the gas is needed.

Unlike a charcoal grill that can be placed in any corner, its mobility is limited, according to the length of the gas pipe that was installed in the first place.

The charcoal grill

: its disadvantage in its complex operation, you need to know when to place the meat, as too high a heat may dry out and even burn the meal.

Its cleaning and maintenance are more cumbersome, but according to the taste of most Israeli consumers, the result we will get will be tastier.

The experts analyze

Kobi Abed, chef and owner of Mythos Meatos and with a resume of about 30 years in the meat restaurant industry, emphasizes the benefits between a gas grill and a charcoal grill: The

benefits of a gas grill: "The grill heat works throughout the roasting at a high and uniform temperature for large cuts, such as steak on bone And steaks of various sizes, can maintain juiciness so that the meat juices are kept inside the slice itself, which is called "closing the slice" in the professional language.

The benefits of charcoal grilling: "There is no alternative to the aroma produced by charcoal grilling, especially in grilling meat such as chicken, kebab, and parts of the face that are supposed to have a short grilling and at a not very high temperature" Abed concludes: "Grilling charcoal grilled meat ".

Avi Tzedaka, Sales Manager at Net Net: "Unlike last year, when we were closed on Independence Day and there was a sharp increase in sales of electric grills for indoor use, this year we feel the return to routine. Gas grill sales are rising sharply ahead of Independence Day. The meat smokers. "

Red rises

Infrared technology: An

innovation in the field of gas-based grills is a combination of infrared technology that allows grilling outside even in winter, since it is an energy that is not affected by low temperatures.

A BBQ with an infrared burner heats up faster and reaches higher temperatures.

A grill model that works with infrared technology is the Rogue SE 425 from the Canadian grill brand Napoleon, which has two infrared burners, one senior side that reaches 900 degrees and one of these, which joins three stainless steel burners that produce a heat intensity of 14,000 BTU each, which improves quality Grilling, shortens preparation times and allows grilling and burning of food even on a rotating skewer.

Consumer price: NIS 7,000, available at Carmel Direct.

Powerful infrared burner that reaches 900 º in about 30 seconds (Photo: Carmel Direct)

Napoleon's rogue se 425 model, with infrared burner (Photo: Carmel Direct)

Another model in this technology is offered by the Char-Broil brand in the Professional PRO grill series:

TRU-Infra red technology of the series, allows balanced grilling that dissipates the heat of the burners on the grilling surface quickly and evenly and prevents flares of meat fat, which damage the meat.

Each burner is equipped with a Surfire® electronic ignition device, which allows control of the flame intensity over any part of the surface.

Thanks to this advantage you can roast at the same time, both steaks and delicate pieces of meat, chicken, fish, sausages and even vegetables.

The grilling surfaces are made of cast iron.

The grill includes a top heating shelf for placing the prepared meat, for heating pitas and two other side shelves for placing accessories.

In some models the grill comes with a burner to close the meat parallel to the grilling surfaces in the facility.

The grills are portable thanks to wheels built into the base of the cabinet.

Price range: NIS 2,000-3,500.

Professional model of the Char Broyle brand, price range NIS 2,200-3,500 (Photo: PR)

Gas grill with 3 Michelin stars:

The prestigious Australian brand everdure, from Chef Heston Blumenthal, which owns a 3 Michelin star restaurant, offers a series of luxury products that win design awards.

The product range in the series also includes gas grills with 2 and 3 burners with lids in fashionable colors, with powerful stainless steel burners that reach a heat level of about 300 degrees within 10 minutes of operation, cast iron nets with porcelain coating and enamel-coated surfaces for easy and convenient connection and perfect connection Of box and lid made of aluminum casting to prevent rust.

The gas grills combine power with an elegant design, they have sloping legs for stability, which can be removed and make the grill portable.

Price: NIS 3,990.

Aberdior brand gas grill, from Chef Heston Blumenthal, price: NIS 3,990 (Photo: PR)

Gas grill for the Bistro terrace:

A compact grill that is spectacular in its beauty and has infrared technology.

The bistro is suitable for any balcony and garden, both in terms of its small dimensions and in terms of its design and variety of colors.

The new grill is designed in clean, clean lines and comes in colors: red and black.

The grilling surface is made of cast iron coated with a ceramic coating and the lid of the grill is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Roasting surface with a diameter of 44 cm, burner made of stainless steel with a power of 3.8 kW / h, temperature gauge and electronic ignition. The

grill is portable and equipped with a carrying device on wheels for moving from place to place. Recommended retail price: NIS 999.

Gas grill with 4 burners BBQ ELEGANT:

ACE chain offers gas grill with 4 burners including side stove with heat intensity including 52,000 BTU, grilling area 40.6 * 63.5 cm, electronic ignition system, cast grilling grids porcelain coated, including storage compartment with doors and timer For professional cooking, the consumer price: NIS 999

BBQ gas grill, available at the ACE chain for NIS 999 (Photo: Israel Cohen)

There is no alternative to aroma

The Revolution series, characterized by technology that promotes healthy grilling: a

series of grills with Coleman's exclusive Flare Free technology, prevents flames from igniting thanks to the dual cooking nets that include a U-shaped channel


In this way, the meat is roasted in a balanced way, draining most of the oil before it reaches the burners and causing flares and soot.

This innovative mechanism, which drains over 75% of the fat, prevents over-roasting or scorching of the meat, ensures a simpler, safer and healthier roasting and allows easy and quick cleaning of the grill.

The price: about NIS 3,490.

Grill 4 burners from the Revolution series of the Coleman brand, NIS 3,590 (Photo: Aya Ben Ezri)

Foldable portable barbecue, with the option of igniting the coals with gas:

Another interesting upgrade in the field of outdoor barbecues is an Israeli development for which the Geomatrix development company is responsible, which is a new concept for the familiar barbecue.

This is a portable folding barbecue, with the option of igniting charcoal with gas designed to allow free carrying and enjoyment of the qualities of the barbecue anywhere in a comfortable way.

The development now marketed around the world folds at the end of use into a compact carrying case which makes it easier to carry and prevents carbon dirt on clothes and vehicles.

Unfortunately, the development is not yet marketed at its source, that is - in Israel, but in the US it was offered for sale starting at $ 99.

geomatrix, a folding barbecue for a carrying case, allows coal to be ignited with gas (Photo: geomatrix)

What is a hybrid grill?

Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill Both:

The Char-Broil brand introduces the hybrid grill, which is basically a 3-burner gas grill with a simple and easy way to convert it to a charcoal grill.

With it you can enjoy both the comfort of the gas and the smoky taste of the coals in the same product.

Lighting the coals simply with the gas burners, without the need for a charcoal lighter.

Enjoy both worlds, the wonderful taste of coals with the lightness and comfort of gas, the choice is yours.

The innovative design of the charcoal tray allows the charcoal to burn from the top down instead of from the bottom up.

The guided airflow in this design reduces flares, allows for more efficient combustion and, evenly, heat in the grilling surface.

The model is equipped with 3 stainless steel burners with a capacity of 40,000 BTU, and a grilling area of ​​2709.67 square meters. The grilling box and shelves are coated with porcelain. The recommended price for the consumer: NIS 2,300.

Neither coal nor gas

CAMP CHEF is a new grill brand of meat smokers and output grills.

The products are a development and combination of a grill and a smokehouse into one product.

The grill is fed with output chips that create heat and smoke and give subtle flavors of wood and fire to the food.

The purpose of the output grills, to simulate the old meat preparation method,

without the use of gas or charcoal.

The new grills incorporate a professional smoker using as natural materials as possible.

The idea behind the company's product line came from the company's founder Ty Massum who wanted to create a mobile product that combines the two loves of meat lovers into one product.

Corona on fire

  • Zap Price Comparison checked the changes that applied to the grill category and found that:

  • The average price of a gas grill has increased by about 30% compared to the same period last year.

  • The average price in April 2020 was NIS 2,048 and today the average price is NIS 2,653.

  • The year 2020 was characterized by exceptional demand in worlds related to home cooking due to closures and restrictions and therefore there was an exceptional demand of about 250% compared to 2019, in the period of 30 days before Independence Day.

  • In normalizing the data between 2019 and 2021, an average increase of about 30% can be seen between the years.

Demand data according to Zap Price Comparison (Photo: Courtesy of Zap Price Comparison)

Dror Zlit, CEO of the Zap Price Comparison website

: "The year 2020 and the prolonged stay of Israelis at home has led to exceptional demand in the home cooking category.

The difficulty in the production and increase in shipping prices led to a 30% increase in the average price compared to last year.

The need for price comparisons and opinions is particularly relevant during this period.

We recommend comparing prices, using the consumer tools on the site in order to make wise consumer decisions. "

Grills and accessories for home grilling

In addition to innovations in traditional barbecues, a new concept brings the grilling qualities of the barbecue home.

The existing products and the prominent innovations in this trend are:

Electric grill of the Normande brand:

One of the most sought-after products from the brand in recent months is the electric grill that allows you to enjoy grilled meat at home and without the damage of the coals.

"The roasting method is a relatively healthy cooking method due to the fact that it does not consume oil, if you take out the charcoal damage it is actually one of the healthiest ways to consume meat, chicken and vegetables," notes Asi Arbiv, owner of the Clinton Trade Group.

Normande electric grill, grilled meat without charcoal damage (Photo: PR)

TEKA steak master

home oven developed in collaboration with the Spanish chef with Michelin star Fernando Canales (Fernando Canales) and able to reach a temperature of בר700 and simulate grilling meat with the precision level of a chef restaurant.

"The oven accompanies the cook throughout the process. Signals when to insert, turn and remove the slice according to a pre-selected degree of workmanship, and even comes with a chef's knife that allows precise cutting," adds

Asi Arbiv, owner of the Clinton Trade Group,

an importer of the brand in Israel. And much more convenient than grilling meat outside, it is a product for avid meat lovers who want to take the qualities and accuracy of their meat preparation one step further. "

Teka steakmaster, a home oven developed in collaboration with a Michelin-starred chef (Photo: PR)

Ninja Grill: The

Ninja Grill allows you to roast meat "on the fire" at home, without all the smoke around.

The appliance roasts, bakes, dries food and frys with a uniform heat dissipation at the heating intensity of an outdoor grill.

Smoke-free grill indoors NINJA, price: NIS 1,590 (Photo: PR)

Home grill for the George Foreman brand:

The boxing enthusiasts among you must have missed a beat.

Well, make no mistake - this grill is called by cooking food on both sides at the same time.

The price per consumer is NIS 529.

Smokeless grill by George Foreman, NIS 529 (Photo: PR)

Another Newpan grill, Samurai's BBQ Turbo Air Grill: The

grill operates on RAPID AIR CIRCULATION technology for grilling and frying in the comfort of your home without oil.

The SUMBBQ-1000 model has a W1600 power and a control panel with a digital display and 4 built-in programs to choose from.

The LED display shows time, temperature and alerts for opening the lid and adding food.

Consumer price: NIS 999

Newpan grill, NIS 999 (Photo: PR)

Outdoor kitchens and oven

A series of outdoor kitchens by Niga Chef FOR HOME:

According to

Yael Moskowitz, VP of Marketing and owner of the company

: “Culinary has become an important part of Israeli hospitality culture.

Recently there has been a marked increase in the demand for outdoor kitchens that incorporate professional aids.

The past year has turned us into sworn foodies and connoisseurs, the desire to preserve the taste of the original dishes and the requirement of home cooks to experiment with professional techniques, led the brand to also develop a variety of modern design ovens that blend well with the contemporary living environment Beloved thanks to grilling on a special terracotta stone floor "

Among the brand's variety of models, you can now also find those at special prices: a built-in ONE model, a BRIO model, a TOTO model and a DOLCE VITA model in the price range of NIS 7,900-16,300.

Niga Chef FOR HOME, the outdoor kitchens series also includes an oven, prices range from NIS 7,900-16,300 (Photo: alfa formi)

Coleman Galaxy 4

outdoor kitchen


Outdoor kitchen from Coleman's successful Galaxy series, which includes a modular sink unit with a work surface and storage space.

The grill provides high-quality grilling, with four powerful stainless steel burners, with a unique grilling net made of cast iron that dissipates heat better using the Even Heat method.

4 GALAXY Equipped with a side fryer for frying and cooking, an extra work shelf, a large storage cabinet and wheels for easy movement.

The sink stand next to the grill includes a stainless steel work surface, KAG stainless steel faucet, storage cabinet, 2 hanging hooks and a bottle opener.

Heat intensity includes BTU 62500 with a large grilling area 47 * 67 cm, electronic ignition system and cast grilling nets. Price: NIS 5,090 Available at ACE

Outdoor kitchen 4 COLEMAN, Ace chain, NIS 5,090 (Photo: Israel Cohen)

Ancillary equipment and accessories

Dedicated apron for the BBQ:

The BBQ accessories arena also introduces innovations while increasing the demand for professional BBQ kits.

"This is a niche that was once considered very small and following the increase in demand in recent years, the department has expanded, now offering barbecue kits that come with an easy-to-carry aluminum suitcase or combined with an apron with dedicated pockets, making it easier to wave," said Tal Raz of Gentleman.

Gentleman chain's BBQ kits series (Photo: PR)

Eight-piece BBQ set, NIS 189, available on the Gentleman website and chain (Photo: PR)

Tips for the beginner mangalist:

In order to choose the exact grill for us, one must first think about the size that will fit the amount of meat and the number of diners.

If the number of diners is large, it is important to choose a grill with a wide and comfortable grilling surface, so that all guests can enjoy hot meat directly from the grill to the plate and not in "drips".

It is advisable not to use a charcoal lighter.

The fuel inside the charcoal lighters sticks to the charcoal and gives a noticeable taste to the meat.

We will light the charcoal grill with paper or cardboard, and there is another option called "charcoal chimney".

Using a large can with holes in the bottom, place the can full of charcoal on a pile of paper, and when we light the paper, the fire will climb into the charcoal to suck up oxygen, which will ignite the charcoal in a short time.

The coals should be lit for at least 40 minutes, until a white layer forms on them, inside which the charcoal can be seen, this stage is called "whispering coals".

Place the net in the early stages of charcoal lighting.

The net should be warm when the chunks are placed on it.

Do yourself and your fingers a huge favor, and use long, not short forceps.

The convenience of long tongs will make it easier for you to burn the meat from the hot net.

There are several types and each has a different purpose.

Yakitori skewers are made of wood or bamboo, and are designed for grilling vegetables or entrees.

Wooden skewers are designed for grilling chunks that do not require much time on the grill, stainless steel skewers are designed for long grilling of chunks that require longer grilling and a rotating skewer is designed for grilling the meat evenly on all sides.

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