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Unvaccinated on vacation: How to protect yourself from Corona while traveling


Pool, hotel buffet, gaudy vacation flyer: contacts are inevitable on vacation. Do you want to travel but are not vaccinated or have children with you? Only one thing helps: minimize the risk of infection. That's how it's done.

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First India, then Great Britain - and now?: What the expansion of the Delta variant means for GermanyBy Katherine Rydlink

Return from the UK virus variant area

Expand area Strict quarantine and mandatory testing

Anyone entering Germany from a so-called virus variant area must present a

negative test result



into quarantine


14 days


According to the current coronavirus entry regulations, it is just as impossible to end it prematurely as it is to be

exempted from the obligation to test

, which generally applies to air travel - even if you are already considered recovered or fully vaccinated.

Expand which countries are virus variant areas?

Currently, only

Great Britain


Northern Ireland are

designated as virus variant areas

in Europe

; internationally,



South Africa

are among them

. The full list can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, what is meant are risk areas "in which a virus variant (mutation) of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus has occurred widespread, which is not also widespread in Germany and which can be assumed to pose a particular risk."

For example because the virus variant is presumably or has been shown to be more easily transmitted, because it accelerates the spread of the infection due to another property or because it increases the severity of the disease.

The variant is also considered risky if it weakens the effect of an immunity - achieved through vaccination or survived Sars-CoV-2 infection.

What else influences the individual risk

AreaWhat are the use of quick tests on vacation?

Depending on the travel destination and type, you may come across situations in which quick tests are required, even while on holiday, for example while you are staying in the hotel or when you go to a restaurant. The main problem of rapid antigen tests has been repeatedly emphasized by experts in the past: They give the person tested a

false sense of security

. Unfortunately, the results of antigen tests are

not as reliable

as those of PCR tests that are evaluated in the laboratory. They fail to recognize around 20 out of 100 infected people.

Still, they're not pointless and can serve as another security measure in the pandemic.

You will mainly find people who have a high viral load, i.e. are very infectious.

Anyone who has a positive rapid test result can isolate themselves immediately and do a PCR test.

Anyone who has a negative rapid test result should

still adhere to all other measures


What if I have already been vaccinated?

For vaccinated people

, the risk of

becoming infected and, above all, of getting seriously ill is

greatly reduced

. "Severe, intensive care or even fatal courses are the absolute exception for vaccinated people," says virologist Binder. The prerequisite for this, however, is that

some time has passed

since the vaccination

so that the immune system could build up its protection. In a study in Scotland, the risk of being hospitalized with Covid-19 dropped 85 percent for the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine and 94 percent for the AstraZeneca vaccine four to five weeks after the first vaccination.

However, one must bear in mind that vaccinated persons

can still carry the virus in themselves and

pass it out



Vaccinated holidaymakers should also be aware of this - albeit small - risk so as not to endanger others.

What if I have had Corona before? Expand

Even those who have


have a significantly

lower risk of


infected again and, above all, of getting seriously ill.

However, as with vaccination, it is still unclear how long this protection will last.

And it is

not ruled out

, is that convalescent

still infect times

and can excrete the virus without realizing it.

Such cases of reinfections are already known sporadically.

For this reason, they should continue to observe the AHA + L rules - especially when dealing with non-vaccinated people from risk groups.

That's how tour operators do it

Expand Aldiana area

In Austria, hotel guests are allowed to have their children supervised by hotel staff.

For example, the “Flosse Clubs” of the three Austrian Aldiana Resorts are open.

However, parents are only allowed to accompany their children to the entrance after prior registration, according to the Frankfurt company's regulations.

"The children are taken over at the door by the Flosse team." This means that there is

no direct contact between the parents and the employees

, who incidentally



wear a mask

all the time


For the children, however, there is no mask requirement.

Expand the TUI area

The hotels of the TUI Kids Club brand rely on measures such as a maximum of 15 children per activity, according to the website.

So you want to



distance of 1.5 to 2 meters per child


During the children's club program, employees would


mouth and nose protection


, if necessary, gloves

, and parents would also have to wear

mouth and nose protection

when bringing and picking up the child.

Additionally required: Registration and confirmation of





In addition, the duration of activities in the children's club is limited to 1.5 hours.

Areavamos parent-child trips expand

The fact that the organizers have to drive on sight with regard to their holiday offers on site is shown in the adjustments that the family specialist vamos parent-child trips are also making. "With a heavy heart, we canceled our childcare in the destinations for which Germany issued a travel warning in June," said Alexandra Massek, head of communications at vamos, to SPIEGEL on request. The company is thus following the clear recommendations of the federal government.

In Poland, Mallorca, Portugal (excluding Lisbon) and Italy, the travel warnings have been lifted for some time, so vamos childcare takes place there, in Germany too. From July 1, the situation will change because the federal government is lifting the travel warning for corona risk areas - then vamos can also offer childcare in other countries. If the situation changes anywhere, the company will respond.

However, there is a strict hygiene concept: "Childcare should


take place


, every child should


their own picnic


look after

for hygienic reasons

, and

materials must not be exchanged,

" says Massek. Games would also be carried out in a »variant with a distance«. Many of the most popular activities - such as puzzle rallies, plays and catch games - were a

lot of fun


if the rules of distance

were observed

. "Then you don't clap your hands when you catch, but pull a cloth out of the back of your trouser pocket," says Massek. Also very popular and even

without close physical contact

it is possible to build a raft together or to build a hut in the forest. "And on the scavenger hunt from beach to beach, the children are far away in smaller groups."

Source: spiegel

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