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With an investment of US $ 130 million, the construction of the most exclusive apartments in the City advances


Units range from $ 800,000 to $ 2 million. 45% has already been sold.

Annabella quiroga

07/21/2021 10:41 AM

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Updated 07/21/2021 10:41 AM

With an investment of US $ 130 million, what promises to be

the most exclusive residential building in the City

is being built in Barrio Parque


With two and a half more years of work ahead of it, the work that began in 2019 has already sold 45% of its 117 units with values ​​ranging from US $ 800,000 to US $ 2 million.

The work is being developed by the Anchézar-Santagada studio based on a pool of investors.

"We have between

40 and 50 buildings made in the last 20 years,

" says Juan Martín Santagada, the architect who heads the study.

One of its emblematic buildings is the one occupied by Accenture in the Parque Patricios Technology District, which required an investment of

US $ 80 million

and in which 4,000 people work today.

Today the most important project they are developing is

Line Ocampo

, in Barrio Parque.

It is a residential building that requires an investment of US $ 130 million.

This will be the indoor pool at Line Ocampo.

With a total area of ​​50,000 square meters, the building will offer units of 180, 240, 456 and 773 square meters.

They are departments that range from US $ 800,000 to US $ 2 million.

They have already sold

45% of the 117 homes 

that will be completed by the end of 2023.

Santagada's aspiration is for it to be

the best residential building in the entire city,

including Puerto Madero.

"It is a building conceived from the architecture and not from the business model," he says.

In Line Ocampo the bet is a building with a lot of green and windows that allow you to see the river from one side and Barrio Parque from the other.

The concept is defined as “urbanity in height”, single-family homes with their own garden. “

We wanted all the apartments to have the imprint of a house”


One of the main characteristics of the project is the

strong commitment to sustainability.

This covers both materials and facilities and services that are designed to save energy and take advantage of, for example, rainwater.

Even the garages will have

charging stations for electric vehicles


Another innovation is that the elevator will have a QR code reader for access by each owner and their guests.

In Line Ocampo green spaces will predominate.

From the Anchézar-Santagada study they assure that the central element of the project is the

"botanical blend"


They detail that “the landscape was designed with four levels in mind: the basement, the ground floor, the balconies and the terrace.

We seek to create a system of tropical forests that emerge from the subsoils, providing light, air and a unique atmosphere to access spaces and parking lots ”.

In the common spaces the

green imprint


, with a large fountain of water and mist, a swimming pool with covered and uncovered areas, a gym that combines technology with energy saving and a large terrace in height with wild vegetation.

To finance the projects, the study attracts small to medium investors.

"Ours is very old-fashioned, depending on the scale of the undertaking we go out to find 30, 50 or 100 investors.

Behind the Accenture building there were

80 wills who put US $ 1 million, "he


They have a nucleus of investors who follow them from Cement and others who are adding by project.

The investors are all Argentines

and most have no relation to the real estate market, they come from other fields, from owners of refrigerators to prestigious surgeons.

Among the latest projects there are also investors of greater weight, entrepreneurs from the financial sector or the health sector who

invest US $ 8 or US $ 10 million.

“They are high-quality homes, which means that we have a highly armored product, with

a profitability that will always be between 20 and 25%

, even in bad times.

That is the floor ”.

The studio is also constructing the Line Park building in the area, intended for offices.

This work is very close to the homes that Marcelo Mindlin's company is developing in front of the Malba and that also target

a public with high purchasing power.

Social housing

Among the projects that the study has in mind is participating in the development of the Federal Shot that the Buenos Aires government is carrying out.

But in addition, Santagada comments that they are determined to

develop social housing with private investors.

“We could build modular homes in the style of what is done in the Netherlands and in France.

We already work in this area in Spain.

We want to take what we learned in these 40-something buildings to the social sector.

And do it all with private financing ”.

“In the

next ten years

we should be able to develop a social housing plan: the investors are there and the market is there too.

Today we are building the best building in Buenos Aires and later we are going to build the best social building in the City, "he anticipates.


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