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Branded and modern or padded and orthopedic: how do you choose a school bag? - Walla! Of money


The variety of school bags is wide and the choice is difficult. How to choose a suitable portfolio, what are the innovations in the field and how much does it cost? We went out to check

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Branded and modern or padded and orthopedic: how do you choose a school bag?

In exactly one month, the children will return to the schools, a great time to check the variety of bags on the market: how do you choose a suitable bag for elementary school and what are the innovations in the field?


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Thursday, 29 July 2021, 05:36 Updated: Saturday, 31 July 2021, 08:15

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Of all the shopping for the school: books, notebooks, pens and pencils, the bag is the significant, large item - and often also the most expensive in the shopping basket for returning to school.

The books, notebooks, the well-equipped pencil case, the lunch bag and the drinking bottle, add up to a great deal of weight and it seems that the child's body is unable to carry it for a long time. Still, children tend to choose the bag that will accompany them throughout the year (and maybe even more) out of a connection to the brand, image or color they like, while with us - the parents - the main consideration is the desire to maintain their back health and not overload them. For their proper development.

We went out to examine the supply in the chains and check for you the qualities and prices, but before that, an expert tip:

Rami Ben Zaken, Trade Director of the Office Depot chain

, Offers tips for choosing the bag: "First, it is recommended to choose an orthopedic bag that meets the most stringent Israeli standard - one that will keep the children's back, when the choice should be made according to the child's age, height and weight."

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How to choose a primary school bag?

(Photo: ShutterStock)

Wide straps with the ability to adjust the size according to the student's height.

Many cells will distribute the weight better and allow for better carrying on the back.

It is recommended that the fabric allow air to pass through and evaporate sweat from the student's back.

It is important to make sure at the time of purchase that you receive an extended warranty and service for the entire year so that even if the bag is sent for repair you will be entitled to a replacement bag that will be used by you until the original bag is returned.

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Backpacks - some are also suitable for a stroller


: Smart by sirka semi-orthopedic backpack, colorful, comes in 9 white and white color combinations. Comes with one year warranty.


: The bag has 2 large compartments, another large compartment that falls apart and can function as a separate leisure bag with its own pair of non-orthopedic suspenders and two side compartments. The back is ergonomic, the upper grip handle and the padded straps are made of ventilated materials and it is lightweight.


NIS 100 | Available in a semi-free network


: The bag is practical and of reasonable quality, meets the needs, but is not intended to be carried on a cart and does not offer a hard surface for a stable position so it is highly likely that it will play relatively quickly. At the same time, its price is low and the possibility of disassembling another bag makes it definitely worthwhile - 4 stars.

"Half Free" brand Smart Bag NIS 120 (Photo: courtesy of Sirka Stationery)

Fashions and characters that are a brand


: "Pelpot" presents the "Paul Frank" backpack with a purple Tai Dai coloring, with the figure of the sweet monkey and wings in the back.


: The bag has an ergonomic backrest and includes two large compartments, a large front compartment for small accessories and two side compartments. The bag fits in a stroller, its straps are padded and ventilated and it is lightweight. At the bottom there is a hard surface for a stable position of the bag. And can be used with a stroller. We lack the ease of opening, the zipper is a bit rough and internal which makes it difficult to open for small children but maybe just because it is new.


NIS 200 | Available on the "Palpot" website and in selected stores around the country


: The bag is beautiful and fashionable, the person who received it showed enthusiasm for the character and design, it is practical and meets the criteria for making the right choice. Its price is reasonable and so is its quality - 4 stars.

"Pelpot" company Paul Frank brand bag NIS 200 (Photo: PR)

"Pelpot" offers a variety of designs in this model, including, for example, a bag in multicolor in pastel colors and in combination with the "Smiley" brand.

Unlike the "Paul Frank" bag, the bottom is made of a leather-like material that on the one hand may be more resistant to liquids and include and easier to clean or more sensitive to defects and tears.

In any case, like "Paul Frank", the "Smiley" bag also receives 4 stars from us.

"Pelpot" company bag of the Smiley brand NIS 200 (Photo: PR)

Graffiti, fashion and USB


: The STREET ART brand from Kravitz presents a bag that is all about street art: graffiti, comics, murals or floor. Offered in 12 new models in young, colorful and fashionable designs. Its innovation is suitable for children who feel adults (and also for teenagers) with a headphone port and a built-in USB on the side of the bag, a charging cable and a POWER BANK charger.


: The bag has 10 compartments: 2 large compartments, a dedicated compartment for a laptop, a storage compartment for a water bottle, an upper compartment for small objects such as keys, glasses or silver, a mesh inner compartment, 3 outer compartments for quick retrieval, hidden compartment against theft, padded back with Built-in vents and reflectors.


: NIS 269 | Available at the Kravitz chain of stores and on the company's website


: The bag is fashionable and at the same time practical and meets many needs that children have in 2021.

The vast majority of primary school children use headphones, a mobile phone and also a tablet or laptop and this bag allows what other bags do not.

It is lightweight and the opening of the compartments is easy and convenient, which indicates the quality of the zippers and sewing.

Its price is above average but considering the added value it brings with it, it pays off for those who use the innovative features - 5 stars

streetart Price NIS 269, exclusive to the "Kravitz" chain (Photo: courtesy of Kravitz)

STEP BY STEP branded orthopedic bag


: STEP BY STEP is a European brand that emphasizes a combination of quality and maximum comfort, meets stringent European requirements and has an Israeli standard mark, the bag is orthopedic and suitable for students in the lower grades and is presented in a variety of models. Comes with one year warranty.


: The back is orthopedic and the bottom is rigid with legs and allows for stable standing and ease of organizing its contents. The bag has 3 compartments, a large front compartment for a lunch box, a side pocket for a bottle and an inner pocket for small items. It is possible to attach the bag to a stroller. Unique design and presents a rich combination of fabrics and materials like embroidered velvet and wings made of glossy plastic material. Its weight is moderately light.


: NIS 219 | Available exclusively at the Kravitz chain of stores and on the company's website:


The unique design of the bag gives it a relative advantage in our eyes.

It is different and different, special and beautiful.

It is not one of the lightest we have examined but the division into cells and its width allow for correct division of the carrying weight.

Its price is quite reasonable in relation to the uniqueness and practice it offers, a 6-year-old who goes up to first grade and her friends received the bag with admiration and enthusiasm - 5 stars.

Kravitz brand step by step Price NIS 229 (Photo: courtesy of Kravitz)


Explore 2IN1 - a bag that allows disassembly and assembly of the two parts of the bag according to the user's needs and the load of the equipment. The new models are designed in the spirit of the hot trends of the fashion world, from bags in the design of neutral colors to bags in the design of surfing and sports. The company offers matching pencil cases from the same series.


3 large compartments, an accessible side compartment for quick storage and retrieval of small items such as a mobile phone or wallet, and an outer pocket for a bottle. The bag has an orthopedic back system.


: NIS 199 | The Explorer bags are available in the retail chains and select stores, throughout the country or directly on the Modan website:,230,1478.aspx


The bag is high quality and practical, the weight distribution is correct according to the criteria and the extra bag inside makes it even more useful, it is suitable in its design for children A-B who feel adults or for those who do not have to carry a lot of equipment from home, as well as elementary school children.

Along with the advantages, in relation to its price it provides less than the other bags - 3.5 stars.

Explorer 2in1 - Price: NIS 199 (Photo: Yossi Lazrof)

Combined bags - for carrying on the back or trailers


: An integral trolley package from the "Kal Gev" company offers a school equipment package that includes a bag, an expandable pencil case, a lunch box, a bottle with a thermal cover and a stroller. The satchel has an orthopedic back system with a shock absorber and evaporation of sweat from the back and includes an integral trolley system that can be detached. Offers one year warranty.


: The bag is divided into three main compartments, a front compartment made of insulated material from the inside suitable for storing heat / cold and easy-to-clean food and another compartment with a unique patent that allows increasing volume, in addition, 2 side compartments, ventilated suspenders and hard-resistant bottom

As with expanding suitcase bags, this bag also has an extra compartment that is obtained when opening a zipper, which allows for increased volume and use when needed. The multiplicity of compartments and the rigid bottom allow for correct weight distribution, rain cover is included for protection and reflectors adorn the bag for safety.


: NIS 450 |

Available on the Terminal X website:, on the Kal Gev website: and in selected stores


: The package is expensive but affordable for those who intend to purchase the products included in it.

The value of the related products leaves us with a bag that costs about NIS 250.

The design, the practice, the brands that kids love and the reasonable price together give it 5 stars.

Terminal X "Kal-Gev" space set for grades 1-2 NIS 450 (Photo: PR)

I-TROLLEY Orthopedic and trolley in one


"Kal Gev" presents another model of trolley bag with a built-in non-removable telescopic handle. New development this year - a lightweight stroller made of lightweight materials that allow for comfortable towing and carrying on the back without the need to detach the stroller. The bag is branded with Disney characters including 'Anna and Elsa', 'Captain America' and the 'Avengers' gang and of course the immortal 'Spider-Man' alongside the mythical Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


: The trolley handle in this model is not removable, but at the same time it is possible to carry the bag on the back using removable straps from the back pocket and even cut it into two parts, where one is the trolley and the other is an orthopedic backpack with 3 large compartments and 2 compartments. trapping. The zippers are high quality and make it easy to open and close even at a young age.

Price: NIS 459

| The Disney bags of Kal Gev can be obtained in the retail chains and select stores, throughout the country and on the Kal Gev website: /


The file meets all the needs of children in grades 1-2.

The fact that they can go with a trailing bag and instantly turn it into a bag carried on the back makes a significant difference, unlike bags that attach to a stroller, because even if it swings, it does not fit in the bag so the option to go in the morning with a tetrali and return with the bag on the back is less convenient.

In addition, the Disney characters on the bags connect many children to the product, the innovation in this model which makes it easier to switch between the stroller and the backpack makes the difference, for us this bag has the X FACTOR.

This bag deserves the highest score of the one we tested but due to its not cheap price it will get from us - 5 stars.

Lightweight Disney back, i-trolley, price: NIS 459.

(Photo: Courtesy of Disney Israel, PR)


: Similar to the lightweight backpack, Modan's Trolley 2in1 bag offers the same functions: it has a built-in carrying handle and wheels, allows use in three different modes: first mode of using the trolley system, wheels and carrying handle, second mode of disconnecting the part The front of the bag, and the use of a smaller bag carried on the back and a third mode of travel of the bag includes the wheel system on the back to utilize its full volume (35 liters).


Contains 3 large compartments, a side compartment for a bottle and a front compartment for quick retrieval and storage of small objects. The weight distribution is correct thanks to the multiplicity of cells, and it breaks down easily into two separate bags.


: NIS 350, Modan bags are available in retail chains and select stores throughout the country You can also order directly through the Modan website:,309,1576.aspx


The bag is functional and improves the use of two separate bags when needed.

The fact that it is carried on the back without the need to disassemble the stroller, raises its useful value even more.

It seems that its towing system (the wheels and the handle of the trolley) is high quality and will withstand heavy weights.

Its price is cheaper than the price of the previous bag, which is the same in terms of functions, but feels a little heavier and the opening of the zippers in it is a little less soft - weighing its price with the functions it allows, we gave it 4.5 stars.

Modan's Trolley 2in1 orthopedic bag, NIS 350 (Photo: PR)


Bag Trolley lightweight and convenient to carry the company STEP BY STEP Model Roll2-T


the bag contains 3 cell central compartment big front appropriate lunchbox, pockets sides of the bottle, inner pocket money small front pocket for mobile, rack keychain, Rain cover, reflectors, rigid plastic molded bottom for stability and position. The carrying handle allows the bag to be towed while maintaining the integrity of the shoulders as well as carrying it on the back without disassembling the trolley from it. When lifting the handle, the straps are stretched upwards to prevent them from being dragged on the floor, while lowering the handle, the straps return to the normal position. The brand offers a pencil case in a compatible design.


NIS 350

Summary: The

bag is easy to tow, weighs very low and the materials from which it is made indicate design design behind the model. It seems that the company has strict European standards, invested thought both in the issue of exterior design, and in the level of practice with the multiplicity of cells and uses - 5 stars

Advanced trolley bag in the step by step brand from "Gropi Matanot".

Price NIS 349 (Photo: Grupi Studio Studio)

Garden bags for toddlers


The Skip Hop brand launches a collection back to the garden with animal decorations and matching plastic bottles with folding straw and a stainless steel metal bottle that keeps the cold cold with a rubber shield for hands.

In addition to bottles, matching lunch box utensils are also offered.


: The bags are made of durable fabric, the suspenders are padded, there is a side pocket made of stretch mesh fabric suitable for a water bottle, front compartment and other pockets for storing paints, games, etc.


: Garden bag - NIS 85 |

Garden bag + plastic bottle for NIS 100 |

Sale on Carters website only: garden bag + plastic bottle + lunch box + cold / heat insulated lunch bag Price: NIS 200 |

Available at Carters Oshkosh, O&H and the Carters website:


The bag is beautiful and offers a variety of models, the complementary items from the same brand allow relative uniqueness to the child carrying them and perhaps even less confusion between the dozens of bags and bottles in the kindergarten.

The sewing is high quality and the zippers are easy to open (although the ones who open them mostly will be the adults).

The price is not cheap in relation to the bags offered on the market, but it is noticeable that it is more durable and produces a kind of personal experience for the child through the complementary items - 5 stars.

Skip Hop - Sale bag and drinking bottle Price: NIS 100 (Photo: Assaf Levy)


: In honor of the new year, the SCOOP chain launches white and white garden bags in special, colorful designs with children's favorite elements such as: rainbow, stars, unicorns, penguins, rabbits, bow ties and more. The collection offers a wide range of comfortable backpacks with one wide storage compartment, in favor of a lunch box and personal equipment, a dedicated compartment for a drinking bottle, which are necessary for a whole day in the garden.


Only one compartment bag, without a front compartment or a side compartment for a bottle, is carried by two unpadded back straps.

Price range:

NIS 40-100 | The files are available at the chain's branches and on the online website


The bag is relatively large and allows for contents that stop for a day of visiting the garden, the fact that it does not contain cells makes its use less functional, and a bottle of water together with wipes, clothes and diapers, less convenient.

At the same time, it is especially cheap and therefore worth the investment in it, even if as an additional bag in case of need or as an "emergency" bag with items of clothing and diapers in the car or stroller.

Perhaps it would be more suitable for an afternoon visit to the garden than for a daily visit to the garden - 3 stars.

Scoop mesh backpacks.

Price: NIS 40 (Photo: Amiram Ben Yishai)


: NEXT The British fashion brand, offers a large selection of bags for kindergarten and school in shimmering textures, with Tai Dai prints, unicorns and cool graphics of colorful fruits, candies and dinosaurs. Alongside bags in the shape of characters, with prints of favorite series such as: TOY STORY, Marvel, Star Wars and more.

Examination: The

bag contains only one compartment, without side compartments or a blood compartment, the inscriptions are thick, made of ventilated fabric and padded.




range for school and kindergarten bags: NIS 40-150 | Available on the fashion website


The padded straps will rest well on the little ones' shoulders without fear of being hurt.

The weight distribution on the shoulders will be more correct and it is beautiful and provides the children who like the brands from the movies, its price is reasonable but at the same time, it contains only one compartment and therefore a little less comfortable to use with dry items like damp or wet clothes like: wipes or water bottle .

It has no front compartment for quick retrieval or storage of small objects - 4 stars.

Price range for kindergarten and school bags: 40-150.

Price of "Toy Story" NIS 74, next website (Photo: PR abroad)

The Jumbo Stock chain launches: The Back to Schools 2021 collection, which includes products for children and youth of all ages.

The collection includes bags and schoolbags for kindergarten and school in a wide variety of models and patterns.

Also, a complementary accessory collection is offered that includes ecological drinking bottles and more

Price: up to NIS 100

Jumbo Stock Garden bag NIS 35.90 (Photo: PR)

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