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"Mickey Berkowitz, Lou Silver and Earl Williams were housemates" - Walla! Of money


Ron Avidan, CEO of Azorim, talks about the Maccabist House that made him a winner and why he believes in the current government's ability to deal with the housing crisis

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"Mickey Berkowitz, Lou Silver and Earl Williams were housemates"

He absorbed the Maccabism at home, was surprised when his parents divorced, got a slap in the face when he was fired from a tower - and has since worked with all the big developers.

Ron Avidan, CEO of Azorim, talks about the house, why he believes in the government's ability to deal with the housing crisis and believes that the collapse of the building in Holon clarified the importance of NAP 38


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Liat Ron

Thursday, 16 September 2021, 09:39 Updated: 19:00

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Ron Avidan, 52, CEO of Azorim


Who I am



have an insatiable hunger and my ambition is stronger than mine, which is not always good, but pushes me to do and develop. Competitive, intuitive, loves people and lead, and goes down to the details. Refers to my employees as partners.


: My father's parents immigrated from Russia and Poland as part of the second Aliyah Tel Aviv, land sales sea scouts and got married. Grandma was the wife of a man and Grandpa was one of the first members of the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, where he worked there until his retirement. Grandpa was a musician and pianist, and later ran the claims department at Zion Insurance. They met and settled in Tel Aviv.

My father, Amnon Avidan, was a basketball player for Maccabi Tel Aviv, played for the Israeli national team and lit the torch in the eighth Maccabiah. At the same time, after he was forced to retire because of injury, passed the diamond Exchange. mother, a woman stunning, moving them to the volunteer, were clothing stores and children's shoes Dizengoff.

my childhood

: Tel Aviv, always within the Herzliya Gymnasium, where I studied. I was a Boy Scout and a little basketball, as a player Not my talent. Unfortunately genetics did not pass to me, even though I have all the data to be a basketball player. He would reply, “No he plays the violin.” I studied in a real-life physical trend, and always with an affinity for sports.

I played for the school handball team and had no idea what I wanted to do.

During his service as an intelligence officer, his parents divorced.

This surprised me, because we were a close-knit family and family, as a value, was of great importance.

Dad remarried and so two more daughters were added to the two I have.

Maccabi Tel Aviv

: I grew up with my father who was a diamond dealer, but no less so than Maccabi, and in a room full of Maccabi Tel Aviv trophies.

Mickey Berkowitz, Lou Silver and Earl Williams were housemates.

I would go to training, league games, home, away, European Cup.

I have no doubt that you created the competitiveness, the desire to lead and excel, and the professionalism in everything I do, I absorbed there.

Good to know (promoted)

Why do we suffer from back pain and how can it be treated at home?

To the full article

"I moved to manage the real estate of the Migdal insurance company, and after a year I was fired by my boss, because I went directly to the company's CEO. It was a slap in the face to the ego" (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Immediately after graduation I started studying for a degree in economics and management, during which I worked as a security guard at an electricity company and gave private lessons, graduated with honors and married Liat Federman. I started a master's degree in business administration and at the same time worked at Rapid, then at the investment company Singer-Barnea and then I was appointed CEO of Migdal Haneviim, a real estate company owned by Ran Federman and Yossi Rieger.

Five years later, I divorced, with a little four-year-old girl, Alexa, and thought it appropriate to leave the company, which was owned by Liat's father, who was hurting the breakup. To this day I am in excellent contact with him and her.

I moved to manage the real estate of the Migdal insurance company, and after a year I was fired by my boss, because I went directly to the CEO of the company. It was a slap in the face to the ego. Today, 20 years later, it is clear to me that this has pushed me strongly forward to the next position, VP of Marketing and Sales at Industrial Buildings.

Eliezer Fishman, the owner, was then in full force and under Moshe Morag, the CEO, we managed a million and a half square meters of income-producing real estate all over the country and I plowed it end to end, which helped me a lot as CEO of Azorim. a large scale.

after four years of Steinmetz received an offer to join a scoop, a young and growing, and manage real estate in Slovakia and Russia.

When the activity was frozen after the 2008 crisis, I left and started an independent activity of real estate and real estate appraisers, until I was contacted by Echo Hunter and told me that Liora Ofer is looking for a manager for Ofer Investments, which controls Melisron and Mizrahi Tefahot.

"When she asked me what I was doing. I wanted to throw away my strongest card and I replied, 'Real Estate Appraiser', which for her was the most gray and boring thing there is. There was silence" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

"I used my experience as an intelligence officer and deployed a network of agents to get to it"

Ofer Investments

: For seven and a half years I worked with Liora Ofer, a charming and pleasant woman and I was part of a private company that is run by the standards of a public company. We dealt in real estate, hotels, luxury residences, and income-producing real estate, and I then sold to Stephen Adams a penthouse for NIS 110 million. Then I decided to go to the next stop. I wanted to work for a public company and when I learned that the regions were looking for a CEO, a company I knew well in a successful project in Herzliya that we did together, I met the owner, Hershey Friedman and his son-in-law, and started working in mid-2019.

Limor Goldstein

: My wife, a gifted actress. I was a theater lover even before we met and close to my divorce, I went to see "Lisstarta 2000" written by Anat Gov and Limor played the lead role. When I saw her I knew we must know, but there was no early background on her, I came from business and what about me and art and bohemia? I used my experience as an intelligence officer and for a month I gathered information about her and deployed a network of agents to reach her.

I found out that her father had been sitting for four years, four chairs away from me at Maccabi Tel Aviv, and I met her drama teacher from Ramat Hasharon. Then Daphne Spiegelman, my beloved friend, called me and said, 'Leave everything, I'm sitting with her friend and she will do the softening operation.'

Our first conversation was funny.

When she asked me what I was doing.

I wanted to throw away my strongest card and replied, 'Real Estate Appraiser', for whom it was the dullest gray thing there is.

There was silence.

Apparently she was desperate enough to find out what I was doing when I was not a real estate appraiser and when I told her I was going to shows and concerts, I was able to straighten my nose a bit.

With my obsessive intelligence gathering I had no idea she was vegan, so I took her to a fish and spawn restaurant, and despite that it was a successful evening.

We have been married for 19 years, we have two children together and Alexa and we live in Tel Aviv.

"The new team - Lieberman, Elkin and Shaked, gives me optimism, because if the budget passes, they will be able to work" (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: She locked the people in the houses and they suddenly noticed that there was no balcony, and maybe they would have preferred a garden at all? And decided to improve housing. To adapt ourselves to the situation, we have developed the sale through the zoom that allows accessible programs and software, without being a technology expert.

As a rule, the zoom does not completely replace the meetings in the field, but certainly reduces them. We did a friend-brings-friend operation, and as we progressed with the epidemic we realized that the chances of having a tenants conference with dozens of people were low, so we dressed up on software that submitted the projects to buyers and met with a friend-friend in Zoom.

Rising housing prices

: In the past year it has been due to subdued demand from those who sat on the fence and were released at once. This comes along with the disillusionment with dreams of a price drop and the steps taken by Israel Katz, such as a reduction in the purchase tax, which signals to investors that they are no longer allocated, as in the Kahlon period, when entrepreneurs and contractors were persecuted and called pigs.

Add to that the corona, which brought us all home and sharpened the understanding that it is not worth buying real estate in the UK or Warsaw, when it is impossible to get on a plane and check what is happening there, along with low interest rates and limited supply and you will get what happens now. Only if they

address the

gap between supply and demand

. I am not one of those who demand that it be closed down, because another body will immediately be set up to replace it, but I am talking about long-term processes of setting goals, reducing bureaucracy and shortening processes. The new team - Lieberman, Elkin and Shaked, gives me optimism, because if the budget passes, they will be able to work.

We claim that we enjoy when prices go up, but when you run a company like Azorim, you are not just quantifying the price of the apartment, unless you bought the land, which is not, for the next project - because we are actually a factory for the production of apartments.

Long-term lease: As soon as I entered the areas, Eran Anavim approached me, who recognized the need for a long-term lease and I immediately lifted the glove.

More and more people want an alternative of renting over ownership, a generation that wants flexibility with high standards and is not willing to enslave itself.

We operate in the field through our Reit Foundation, we have three active projects and another ten in maturity.

We give certainty that the tenant will not be evicted from the apartment for ten years, that the rent will not be raised, and the level of maintenance and service will be high, with rental prices determined on the basis of market conditions at the time of signing.

"The case of the collapse of a building in Holon brings back to consciousness the understanding of how important the issue of urban renewal is" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Urban Renewal

: Our growth engine, with over 40 projects to date. I see it as an advantage for all parties, for entrepreneurs who manage to get their hands on land in city centers, and tenants who get to replace old apartments with new ones and receive a response to earthquake and missile protection as well as infrastructure for schools, kindergartens and community centers.

the collapse of the building in Holon

: the case of Holon brings awareness to understanding some of the theme of urban renewal is important. This is the only possible way to renew old buildings in city centers, so that they are resistant against earthquakes and to security risks.

hence also the importance of planning and construction, And the issuance of permits will be done on much shorter schedules to save bureaucracy.

Yielding real estate

: Personally I believe it is back and big, because it does not seem to me that the hybrid model will hold up and my intention to increase the company's profitable portfolio.

Even if there is flexibility of work from home, the demand for offices and commercial space will return in a big way.

"The political bacterium exists in me, but it's hard for me to see myself running between a bar mitzvah and a wedding" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

To be the CEO of a large government ministry

Leisure: A

lot of sports, gym and swimming, because it affects my mood.

I love concerts, theater and history and spirituality books, and get used to podcasts.

Looking to the future:

I have a lot of challenges in the regions and


, to continue to run large companies or go into public office.

The political germ exists in me, but it's hard for me to see myself running between a bar mitzvah and a wedding.

Being the CEO of the Ministry of Finance, or the Ministry of Construction and Housing, can suit. The

full interview with Ron Avidan is also published in the business issue of Maariv, 9/17/2021

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