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"Do not save the planet, produce delicious meat" - Walla! Of money


Happy Hour for the weekend, this time with "Redefine Meat" - as they are called: redefining the meat. About the vision, about life, about vegetarianism and why are they offended when they are called "Beyond Meat"?

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"Do not save the planet, produce delicious meat"

Happy Hour for the weekend, this time with "Redefine Meat" - as the name implies: redefining the meat. Beyond with "


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Liat Ron

Friday, 17 September 2021, 08:43 Updated: 09:08

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What to do

: Redifine Meat is a food-tech company that produces meat substitutes from plants using a three-dimensional printer, with the desire to provide as accurate a solution as possible for meat and vegan consumers.

They currently produce kebabs, burgers, hot dogs, "cigars" and minced meat.


Ayala Meidan Rimoni

, 33, married + 1 from Tel Aviv, Brand and marketing team leader, eight months in the company.

Shai Heiman

, 31, single from Tel Aviv, R&D chef of Redefine Meat for almost 3 years in the company (2.8 to be exact ).

Oded Halevi

, 37, from Pardes Hanna, married, senior researcher in tech & innovation team, a year and a bit in the company.

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Right: Oded Halevi, Ayala Meidan Rimoni and Shay Heiman, Redfine Meat (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: In the offices in the building where there are several other high-tech companies, are the company's offices, a messy collection of rooms, a jubilant atmosphere. The building houses 100 company employees, some in laboratories and some in offices. There is also a corner kitchen where the printed meat is turned into culinary magic.

Coffee break

: A relatively modest kitchen with exposed wooden shelves on top of which is an impressive collection of alcohol, including fine vodka and Rami Martin. The black marble has a coffee machine, cookie-flavored instant coffee and salted caramel-flavored coffee, honey chamomile tea, Louisa and lemon, brown sugar, sucrose, vitaminchik and miniature foam kisses. There are also open boxes of cornflakes of several kinds, oatmeal, muffins, dough minnows, pretzels, oil, tahini and nutella. In the refrigerator of milk of all kinds, ketchup, white cheese, cola, sprite, and plastic boxes with mom's food, leftovers from the holiday meal that are a shame to throw away.


: Doe moves between the spiritual world and the business, between the public and the private. After graduating with a master's degree in political communication, she worked as a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Energy and Water under Minister Silvan Shalom, moved to CNN as a communications consultant, crisis management and soft news and then became a spokeswoman for the Peres Center for Peace, as part of a strong female staff.

After Shimon Peres had died, began to engage in income at the same time managed the marketing of "opening to heart." "I came Lridifiin nine months ago via post looking for a marketing manager for start up new cells have to combine things that are important to me and make the world move forward."

Ph.D. Shalev did chemistry at two universities at the same time, in Jerusalem and Singapore and specializes in three-dimensional printing formulations. In nuclear power plants.

"I was always oriented around her," he says, "and when we returned to Israel a year and a few months ago, I was looking for a job. Daniel, my boss today, got my resume, summoned me and fell in love, because I am a vegetarian who really misses the taste of meat and his eating experience."

Shai started cooking from the age of eight. After completing his national service, he worked Tutu Rafael, flew to the United States where received L"manrish "three-star restaurant cook in California, and then another decorated restaurant in Chicago.

" After my divorce I returned to Israel and worked for years in OCD and later opened a sandwich Vegan in Florence, where I lived, because I had nothing to eat in the neighborhood. When Ashhar, the founder of Redifine Meat, offered me to join him, I was immersed in my pop-up to the shoulders and had no time for him.

When we finally met, we found out that our grandmothers were best friends, my mother would change his diaper and his grandmother took me to the kibbutz dining room to eat a cottage.

There are those who feel that this is when they find their life partner, for me this job is the match. "

Guess: Who's in the yacht section, who's a history buff and who likes to dance?

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

The magic

: Shay recently returned from a busy round of meetings in Europe, during which he managed to pinpoint what he was doing.

"Marketing and technology are geppets, they build Pinocchio, and I'm the good fairy with the wand that breathes life into it. Alexei, our really talented food engineer, who doesn't know how to make an omelet, brings me the meat and says, 'Here's a fillet and I prove it's an entrecote." .

For the soul

: Oded has had a skipper's license for 14 years, because he dies at sea and sails at every opportunity.

Ayala is a saccharine of history and Shai not only knows how to cook but also dance, and he holds a record of dance and dance studies in bands.

What to wear

: The most casual and Shai tries to raise the standard by force.

Doe: "I have shelves with high heels and I dream of us being able to fly abroad to use them."

In the future, chicken will also be engineered (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Beyond Meat

: When I mention that name, everyone reacts as if I hurt them.

Doe strongly argues that they are not a substitute for lentil-based meat that sucks to eat, quite the opposite, and unlike Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, their motivation is not to save the planet, but to produce delicious meat.

Oded points out, "Beyond Meat gives a meaty feel. We researched the meat in an analytical lab in terms of taste, texture, elasticity, juiciness and we develop a combination of ingredients to mimic it one by one, not as if.

Shay admits that Beyond Meat deserves credit for breaking the whole field. And what about chicken? In the future it will also be engineered.

"I have already gained five kilos" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Vegetarians: Most of the workers are carnivores, who open a frieze, a large Argentinian grill revolves around, a vegetarian encouraged.

Corona: No one went to the IDF. In the first closure they worked remotely and then, thanks to the food business, were recognized as an essential factory and everyone came to work every day.

At the end of the year he will open a meat factory in Europe and Israel. What's fun when you see four columns of lasagna pastas you make standing on the counter, you live in an apartment without partners and there is no one to feed?

What, throw away? "Oded confirms that they are constantly eating and drinking near," I have already gained five kilos. "

"Sincere aspiration to make a better world" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Working hours

: Lots. Because the company is global, then once you are in front of Europe and once you are in front of the USA. Shai says that he spent New Year's Eve helping a chef in Amsterdam with the meat, Articles before bed. "Ayala was deep in the brand's relaunch, so the intensity was crazy.

Added value

: they had fitness classes, yoga, and meditation, good food, as mentioned and all three participate in the company's management course, which is taught by an external company. Ayala says she has a mother incredible flexibility. Shay: "You will find very few people here who came for indulgence and programmer salary of NIS 60,000 at age 20. what motivates us is the sincere aspiration to do good in the world, satisfaction and huge challenge."


The reward is very well deserved, no one feels exploited.

For most of them, this is their first high-tech job.

Oded: "I have a lot of friends who work in start-ups and the talk is to switch companies like socks, less here."

"A frieze that will be based only on our products" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What's next

: Shai is here until 2035 and then he's working on another project, that's how he decided.

Oded jokes that he will stay until he can get the perfect steak out, but seriously talks about Vision turning his department, which now employs three workers, including him, into an empire.

Doe is already five years ahead, "We will be in the US, Europe and Israel, with some types of meat and with fries that will be based solely on our products."

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