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The shortage of villas for sale and the rise in prices have increased the number of citizens who self-promote their home

The biggest draw of self-promotion is being able to personalize and imprint the personality of its owner.Peter Cade / Getty Images

It was not a passing fad of those first fateful months of the pandemic.

The chalets have been practically razed by citizens eager for terraces and gardens.

In new construction, there is hardly any



and the offer is being built almost from scratch.

Proof of this is that the number of new construction management visas to build single-family houses has increased by 37% year-on-year in the first five months of the year, according to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

In June alone, single-family sales grew 78% year-on-year and prices rose 16.5%, according to the Council of Notaries.

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Few and expensive.

This scenario has made self-promotion take an unusual momentum in Spain.

More and more people are launching to buy a plot to build their own villa.

And this despite the fact that, like the rest of the sector, it is affected by the lack of labor and the increase in construction costs due to the unstoppable escalation of materials such as concrete, steel or aluminum.

Construction costs in residential buildings rose 13.5% year-on-year until September 2021, which means that prices have shot up more than 10% in just nine months, according to the construction company ACR.

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The architecture companies account for the increase in orders, which even today are still more than those of a normal year.

"Since June 2020, our office has verified a 70% increase in the demand for self-promotion housing," says Ramón Gandía, founder of RGB Arquitectos.

In this study, they explain that as soon as they left the great confinement of 2020, the client began to look for new construction chalets that were already built.

“That demand quickly covered the supply.

Afterwards, the tendency was to go to self-promotion, since the deadlines to get a house were already similar, ”explains Gandía.

The demand is divided between those who flee the big city to reside in a villa on the outskirts and those who self-promote a second home in a more remote environment.

In the Ábaton architecture studio, self-promotion requests have grown between 20% and 30% since the start of the pandemic. Although in this company, focused on the market of houses with an average cost of one million euros, they say they notice a growing interest since the financial crisis of 2008. “It is increasingly important to personalize and adapt each house to the family and to their way of living ”, states Blanca Alonso, director of New Developments at Ábaton. And he adds: “It is difficult for us to understand how there are people who make a tailor-made suit and, instead, consider a


, instead of making something personalized. Given the total investment, the additional cost of the custom design is negligible ”.

Companies like this can take care of the entire process, from the search of the plot to the construction of the house.

"Clients contract with us for architecture, construction, interior design and landscaping and a coherent and harmonious result is guaranteed," says Alonso.

The company can even offer a fixed price, although this would raise the bill by an additional 10%.

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In general, self-promotion can result in cost savings of up to 30%, by eliminating the promoter's profit. Even so, it is frequent that, instead of saving that percentage, the client "chooses to improve his house, either in quality, surfaces or recreational elements", considers Gandía. Although be careful, because the greatest danger of self-promotion is that the budget ends up shooting up. "If it is not done with a study accustomed to cost control, you may have significant deviations or designs that are not viable with your budget," they point out in Ábaton, which has its own construction company.

Finding and buying land is the first step. Up to 600 plots for self-promotion, the Solvia real estate agency has put up for sale at an average price of 30,000 euros. "The increase in demand, especially marked from 2021, has been the main reason for considering launching this campaign with plots at adjusted prices," says José María Santiago, head of the Soil Area of ​​Solvia. And he continues: "We believe that this trend will increase, since the desire to acquire a detached house, be it a chalet or semi-detached, will grow and, with it, probably the prices of this type of housing". The land for sale is located in 32 provinces. In Lloret de Mar (Girona), for example, one of 413 square meters is sold from 17,600 euros. In Peñíscola (Castellón), there are several plots of about 600 square meters from 56,000 euros.

These soils are urbanized, that is, ready to build and, in addition, with access to basic services (electricity, water, sanitation ...).

In the event that a developable land is acquired, its supply will have to be processed, a municipal responsibility, they explain in Solvia.

Project and license

After purchasing the land, it is time to commission the preliminary project and then carry out the basic project, which is necessary to apply for the urban planning license at the corresponding City Council.

With the building license, the execution project is prepared, which reflects all the necessary details for the construction company to start the work.

During the works, supervision by the architect (construction management) is important, which guarantees that the execution is faithful to the project, explains Blanca Alonso.

Each design is unique.

However, lately they have something in common, post-pandemic petitions that are repeated.

"People demand space to work and paths around the house to walk, in addition to energy efficiency," says Alonso.

Also, "more storage areas, interior spaces with natural light and, above all, swimming pools, which have gone from being a normal element to a main one," Gandía insists.

The execution times are usually similar to those of the promotion, between 10 and 12 months.

Of course, if you opt for a prefabricated structure or a fully industrialized house, the times are shortened even to weeks.

The last step is to ask for a mortgage. Almost all banks offer self-supporting credit. “The bank will give us the money for a period of two years. This delivery, therefore, will not be made at once, but in several terms or phases ", they point out in HelpMyCash.

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