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Cyber: "Criminal Organizations Exploit Confusion" - Walla! Of money


Between the Wall and the Safe: Moshe Lipsker talks about his childhood in New York, the transition from Bnei Akiva to the Golani Regiment, the combination of computer science and philosophy, as well as the solutions for protection against Sei attacks.

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Cyber: "Criminal Organizations Exploit Confusion"

Moshe Lipsker talks about his childhood in New York, the transition from Bnei Akiva to the Golani Reconnaissance, the combination of computer science and philosophy, the solutions for protection against cyber attacks, which intensified during the Corona and what it is like to be between the wall and the safe


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Liat Ron

Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 12:30 Updated: Thursday, 23 September 2021, 11:12

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(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Moshe Lipsker, 51, CEO of Immerpeva Israel.

Who I am

: Ability to observe, deepen and draw conclusions. I have a strong drive to do things with meaning and make sure the task I set for myself has a ceiling. I feel the need to bring myself one hundred percent and leave a mark.


: father's family, who came from a town near Warsaw, immigrated to Israel before the war, and grandfather, who was in the - 20 his life back in order to try and save the next - and fled just before the invasion.

Grandma is the daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak David Shmulevich, who was a yeshiva student And a businessman, and walked 90 miles on foot to meet the living object. Grandma also immigrated to Tel Aviv before the war, met Grandpa, they got married, settled in the south of the city and set up a sewing shop.

My grandfather, on my mother's side, came from a family with many children in Poland, immigrated to Israel with most of the family, worked in construction, met my grandmother in Israel, who also immigrated from there, and was deputy mayor of Petah Tikva, and a MK on behalf of Agudat Israel workers. Father and mother met in Tel Aviv in Bnei Akiva, started their life together in Ashdod and moved to Petah Tikva. He dealt with accounts and she was a teacher and principal at the school.

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(Photo: Reuven Castro)


's childhood

: Petah Tikva, crocheted kippah. When I was four, my father went to do a master's degree in business administration and my parents were agency emissaries. I remember that during the Yom Kippur War, my father tried to return to Israel to enlist in the reserve. A large Jewish book, we plowed the United States length and breadth in caravans, I spoke fluent English and at the age of seven we returned to Israel, straight to second grade.

I was never a 'geek' of computers.

I was interested in sports, I was an instructor in Bnei Akiva and at the age of 14 I moved to a boarding school in Nahalim with all my friends, it was close to home, so I would come a lot.

I studied history, physics and augmented mathematics and my biggest ambition was to enlist in an elite unit.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Military service

: I arrived at the Golani Regiment at a time when it was considered the spearhead, with Erez Gerstein and Chico Tamir, and there I was saddened.

I was a team commander, an officer, I signed a permanent contract for a year, I was a battalion commander with the rank of lieutenant colonel and I did 90 days of reserve a year, which did not make it easy for my wife.


: My wife, a social worker.

My parents moved to Elkana when I was an adult boy and she lived there from her childhood.

A mutual friend of our mothers initiated the acquaintance between us when we were students.

We live in a determined moshav in the Ella Valley and we have five children.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Because of my logical perception, I studied computer science and philosophy, a winning combination for me and worked in everything possible, guided tours, flower. Full religious, but they are liberal and

open.I was accepted to Accord from Networks, which specialized in video conferencing, as a software engineer, and after being bought by American Polycom, I moved on to become team leader, team leader, director, senior R&D director and director of internal innovation.

I learned to work in American Corporate and the years I lived there as a child probably made it easier for me. After 14 years, when the company decided to move the R&D to India, I was part of the small team appointed to close the branch here. It was a crisis that gave me a lot of experience to continue down the road.


: I set myself a goal to get a managerial position and even though I came from the world of video, audio and networking, I was appointed VP of Development in the cyber and mobile worlds and managed to make the leap I wanted. After two years she was sold to a venture capital fund in the US. I had a few offers, I even thought of setting up my own startup and in the end I chose Impreva because of the technological depth.


: Cyber, Unicorn, one of Israel's flagships, which started from a start-up founded by three Israelis, became global and in 2019 was acquired by Thomas Bravo, one of the largest risk funds in the world. It employs 1,500 people worldwide, 500 in Israel.

We have a firewall for online applications designed to monitor, report and block broadcasts from hostile entities, and monitor and analyze database activity that operates independently of the database management system.

I started working at Impreba shortly before the sale as the VP of R&D of Data Security, which deals with the prevention of data theft and website protection.

After a year I got the management of the Israeli branch and a year later the global R&D and I serve as senior vice president of R&D.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Pam Murphy

: The CEO of the company, my manager, a very impressive, razor-sharp girl, she has the ability to see the macro and the micro at the same time. She is very human, at eye level and very much loved.


: When we started working from home the question arose, how to manage 500 working remotely, so we set up a war room small and we had it. High Tech was the first in the legs and cyber received a boost crazy, because each virtual work, potential break-ins increases dramatically and they were distressed.

We went during World war quiet. the crime organizations took advantage of the confusion in the world and were not A few sophisticated attacks, one of which was, for example, a bot attack that tried to "snatch" Corona's appointments and vaccinations in the US


With most sectors licking their wounds, cyber companies have reported double-digit growth year after year.

According to one data in the past year, 20% of cyber investments go to Israel.

In 2020, we recruited 70 employees, set a target of 50 employees in 50 days.

Those who held the employees were the team and team managers.

After the corona we went back to the hybrid model, two days - three days in the office so as not to lose human energy.

We are trying to produce days of full office and are thinking about how to increase the connection between people, by examining the problems that arise.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: To prevent the next wand, we are in all the banks in the world and prevent the downfall of sites like Wise, which are constantly trying to bring down. It can be likened to a fortress, which has a room with a safe and is surrounded by a wall. Protect both the wall and the safe.

According to a study we conducted at the company, it was found that 46% of the databases stored on physical sites in immigrants are important for cyber attacks due to known security vulnerabilities. For us, it's even worse - 69% of databases are vulnerable to attacks.

What is worrying is that security updates of apps and end devices are being implemented quickly and smoothly, but organizations are rejecting the security updates of their databases, exposing its most critical assets to hacking. Our products plus those of JSONAR we purchased, give hermetic protection.


A data security company founded by two Israelis, and Impreva acquired a year ago.

The connection between the companies has maintained our control over the organization's sources of information, regardless of the type of technology, manufacturer or location, and has strengthened the research and development centers in Israel.

Cloud Vector

: An American startup that specializes in AIP protection and we recently bought.

The Israeli team continues to lead the product development and the cooperation with the employees allows for a shortening of the schedule which is very significant for the speed of reaching the market, when you do not have to invent the wheel.

Cloud Vector complements our defense capabilities by discovering all APLs in the organization without changing traffic. More for integration between services and applications, when each service reveals an interface, a kind of contract or language, in front of the other party and now we are there too.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Loves to read books, Eshkol Nevo, Paul Oster, I finished the goal of Elijah Goldhart, everything that has depth in it.

Doing lots of walks, hikes and sports.

Looking to the future

: In a period of a few years I see myself running another cyber company and contributing from my managerial and command experience to directors and giving advice to companies, already today I do it because it helps others and it provides me and deals with venture capital funds.

The full interview will also be published in Maariv's "Business" issue, Friday, September 24

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