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Happy Hour: "You don't just leave home" - Walla! Of money


They neutralize cyber attacks, miss the days between the two closures, when they heard quite a few lectures, but also Tal Friedman and Lisa Panels. Their pay is competitive and the attire casual

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Happy Hour: "You don't just leave home"

They neutralize cyber attacks, miss the days between the two closures - when they heard quite a few lectures, but also Tal Friedman and Lisa Panels.

Their wages are competitive, the attire casual - and if that wasn’t enough, there was also a wedding party without a bride, but with a veil and a quarter of a chicken.

Happy Hour for the weekend with "Cyberzen"


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Liat Ron

Thursday, 23 September 2021, 13:38 Updated: 17:20

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What to do

: Cybereason is a defensive cyber company that identifies, prevents and neutralizes cyber attacks with the help of a sophisticated system that collects information from the organization's establishment and IT environment, computers, servers and telephones, and analyzes their actions using machine learning and Big Data technologies.


Ron Balter, 27, single, lives in Tel Aviv, Software Engineer, two years in the company.

Maayan Sela

, 33, married + 2, lives in Givatayim, R&D Team Leader, five years in the company.

Adi Yankovitz

, 37, married + 2, lives in Binyamina, Director of Business Operations, two and a half years in the company.

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To the full article

Cyberzen, from right to left: Ron Balter, Adi Yankovich and Maayan Sela (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: two stories tall office building in Tel Aviv, Israel, 350 employees total, out of 1,000 worldwide. Place is packed, a lot of movement between rooms with glass walls, a busy place. In the conference room enormous window that gives a sense that the city is your oyster and immersed in the sea.

Coffee Break

: kitchenette on each floor. cabinets in the kitchenette top painted blue, above three wooden shelves are thick and clear their plates, bowls and cups. for there are two coffee makers, toaster, microwave, coffee, tea and four flavors of Itmintz'ik.

refrigerator all types of milk, soy, Oatmeal, sweet yogurts, activia, pro, soy delicacies, cottage cheese, white and yellow border, feta, olives and a huge box of dates. , rice cakes, peanut butter, Nutella, jam, honey, chocolate and dawn, cornflakes and muesli, fruit and sliced watermelon.


: The mother of the house and the second mother of all, "Balbusta" who was a teacher and made a transition to care for hitchhikers.

She knows what everyone likes and when, every morning she cuts salads and there is nothing about her famous tuna salad.

"There's nothing about Ruthie's tuna salad" (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Ron, the developer of the Cyberson app core, originally from Acre, attended a school for naval officers, served as a fighter on the missile ships and signed for a while. After graduation, he studied computer science at the Technion, because he was strong on the technical side, and worked as a student at the Microsoft website in Haifa.

When he finished his degree he was offered to stay there and specialize, but he wanted to work in a start-up and searched a lot until he got to Cyberzen and felt he had found a home. "Besides the fact that I loved the technology," he explains, "already in the interview I felt the family vibe I was looking for, the brotherhood and the sense of belonging."

Adi did not grow between screens either. She studied economics and East Asia at Tel Aviv University and immediately after graduating flew to China to Beijing to study advanced Chinese. "After a year there, Kimchina acquired Makhteshim Agan, and when she returned to Israel she became the personal assistant to CEO Chen Lichtenstein, returned to China and was the only Israeli at Kimchina's headquarters."With pictures of Mao in the hallway and Tai Chi in the morning. "

When she returned to Israel after a year she worked as an analyst and later managed the supply chain in one of the factories. In all, she has been on Earth for nine years.

"After the second birth, I decided to make a change," says Adi. "Mom from the garden heard that they were looking for someone who knows how to do everything in cyberspace so I came. I did not come from the worlds question, but I fell in love from day one and everyone who interviewed me immediately wanted to be his girlfriend, there was something unmediated in them.

" On this, even if it does not succeed, the main thing is the experience. I am the team leader in charge of growth efforts and strategy. "Because this is a small start-up that has grown rapidly and acquired companies, it is important to do the integration between the departments and take care of the implementation of the management's strategy, to see the big picture a few years ahead."

Maayan is the oldest in the group and the only one who had any affinity for computers when he served as a drone liaison officer.

When he was looking for the next challenge, his brother, who was interviewed by Cyberzen and did not find what he was looking for, warmly recommended him there.

"It was after the company's second recruitment," he says of his relative seniority. "Every move like this has involved organizational and social change, which makes the work much more diverse."

"If someone wants to knock out a show - why not?"

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: In the second closure, Maayan discovered surfing and since then he has been stabilizing on the beach when the sea is high enough and Ron creates and produces electronic music on the computer. In addition to her command of Chinese, Adi adopted a cat she found under a Subaru and very recently celebrated her in the family for a year.

What to wear

: The most casual. If someone wants to knock out a show - why not.


: The company has a large office in Japan and since Corona started in East Asia, in Israel they understood relatively quickly what was happening and began to organize for remote work. Employees were given a budget for home office equipment and whoever needed something from the office came to take.

Maayan says that on Rosh Hashanah last year, in closure, packages were prepared for employees, "but those who distributed them were members of the management. Each of them received a list of employees and we went from house to house. There were situations where the development manager knocked on a partner's door."

Ron loved the concentrated capsule days they did between the first and second closures, with shared breakfasts outside, and formation games.

"Every Sunday we have the 'opening'," says Adi, "an event 'on the irons' where people celebrate together, chat, announce organizational changes, so in closures it has become virtual. There

was an understanding that the team becomes the nuclear unit of the workers. Each team received A sum of money for a joint activity, a yacht ride, an ATV trip, or a tasting tour of the market. "

And there were also lectures of all kinds, from Lisa panels to Tal Friedman, yoga, sports classes, initiated coffee breaks.

"Cyber-attackers have become more sophisticated" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Where to work

: The hybrid model works on the WEWORK model - book a position in advance and arrive, usually twice or thrice a week. Near Ron's apartment the light rail is dug, he preferred to get to the office as much as possible because of the quiet. .

between two and four and seven to nine, have time to clean Adi: "because there is no separation between home and work, helping us to do the same with Hblokr this calendar."


attempts to attack and ransom Corona increased because of the transition to work remotely, and attackers become more sophisticated and threatening and Ron Says the race to close loopholes and identify vulnerabilities has become fast and intense.

"The amount of data our teams analyze is insane.

We understand that attackers have new tools, but their behavior remains constant and repetitive. "

Mindfulness and a quarter of a chicken (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Added value

: Each employee receives several hundred dollars a year for studies and enrichment. When Adi and some friends wanted to take a management course, the company did a coach and added a little more, and besides, she did a mindfulness course.

Ron took the opportunity to study music production and he takes advantage of the "Perry Pete", an open subscription to gyms all over the country, so even when he travels home to the north he can practice. Besides, the HR team, likes to surprise at the table as a napa, refrigerator Ben & Jerry's, and also at the wedding party without a bride who lifted between the closures. They all came with veils, there were magnets and a quarter of a chicken.


: Competitive to the market, says Maayan. "The fact that we are before the IPO is a great opportunity for employees," and Ron agrees that options are an important component for most employees. Besides there is also a reward based on performance.

Gay friendly

: Pride is a permanent tenant in the company.

The team has two transgender people and a lot of LGBT people. Cyberzen is collaborating with Microsoft on a training program to integrate transgender people.

Training program for the integration of transgender people (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What's next

: the most concise.

Everyone stays here.

Do not leave home just like that.

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