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The peak of the anomalies: IAI with NIS 620 million (including liabilities for the coming years). The "degree" for individuals: an accountant from the local council in Jaljulia, with NIS 70,000

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Wages in the public sector: Who are the peaks of the anomalies?

The person in charge of wages at the Ministry of Finance announces that the wage investigation unit has saved about NIS 8.6 billion (NIS 830 million in 2020) since its establishment.

The peak of the anomalies: IAI with NIS 620 million (including liabilities for the coming years).

The "degree" for individuals - for an accountant from the council in Jaljulia, with NIS 70,000


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Sonia Gorodisky

Monday, 11 October 2021, 10:47 Updated: 11:42

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The Commissioner for Wages and Employment Agreements in the Ministry of Finance, Kobi Bar-Natan, published the report on wage irregularities in the budgeted and supported bodies and the activities of the Enforcement Unit and the Wage Investigation Unit. It stands at about NIS 83 billion a year. The

report shows that in about 10% of the budgeted and supported bodies, alleged anomalies were discovered, and following the activity of the enforcement unit in 2020, about NIS 830 million was saved for public funds.

The total cumulative savings estimate since the establishment of the unit amounts to over NIS 8.6 billion.

In the last decade, the percentage of step-bodies has fallen by about 5%.

It should be noted that in some cases these are


wage deviations

, since these are allegations of wage deviations for which the clarification, not least - the legal proceedings, have been exhausted in front of the various organizations and employees.

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IAI: frozen (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Meged Guzni)

From the aerospace industry to public colleges

As a result of the enforcement unit's activity in the years 2017-2020, more than NIS 82 million was returned to entities.

Although relative to the level of public sector wages, this is a negligible amount, it should be emphasized that the "restitution" processes are particularly complex.

After all, in practice these are workers who went home and were forced to repay the wage irregularities they had received for years.

In the vast majority of cases, these are employees who are not at all aware that their salary was illegal.

In addition, the report presents the activities of the Wage Investigation Unit, in which 166 investigation files were opened in all public bodies since its inception, with almost all indictments ending in conviction (56 out of 57).

The Enforcement Unit and the Wage Investigation Unit operate within the Wage and Employment Agreements Division of the Ministry of Finance. The purposes of the units are to locate and eliminate wage irregularities, to reimburse illegally paid monies and to bring the payment approvals of the wage irregularities into disciplinary proceedings. How do you detect salary irregularities? The unit has an extensive toolbox for detecting wage anomalies such as audits, public inquiries, examining annual wage reports, during the unit's ongoing work with the bodies.

From the operations of the Enforcement Unit in 2020:

Israel Aerospace Industries

- Following a collective hearing for the Company's management and the representatives of the Company's employees, a collective agreement was signed in which promotions at the highest levels were frozen and payments of salary supplements were postponed. The savings resulting from the agreement are estimated at NIS 620 million, the cumulative amount from 2020 and for the coming years.

External teachers in public colleges

- The Enforcement Unit has led a move to address exceptions regarding the pay and employment conditions of outside teachers in nine public colleges. At the same time, intensive negotiations took place for a wage agreement between the committee of college principals, the workers' organization "Power for Workers", the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education and the Commissioner for Wages.

The negotiations have matured into a summary of principles in December 2020, a summary that regulates the alleged anomalies. As a result of the Commissioner's intervention in regulating the salaries of foreign teachers, the total savings (including actuarial savings) are estimated at NIS 160 million.

Magen David Adom

- Between 2015 and 2016, the enforcement unit conducted a wage audit at MDA; as a result of this audit, a collective hearing letter was created regarding alleged wage irregularities in the salaries of the organization's employees.

At the end of negotiations to regulate all the issues, including salary irregularities alleged, the parties reached an agreement and signed a collective agreement for a comprehensive historical regulating the working conditions and wages of employees of MDA. Total annual savings resulting from interference in charge of the salary is estimated at 15 million per year.

Principals Book on the "Oz LaTmura" Reform

- As part of an inspection conducted by the Enforcement Unit on the salaries of school principals and deputy principals, salary deviations were found in the local councils of Abu Sanan, Kabul and Yavneh Municipality. per month per director or deputy director.

thanks to the audits conducted by the enforcement unit and the treatment process conducted with the consent exceptions directors and deputies, only saved about 257,000 per year, and overall actuarial savings is estimated at NIS 2.6 million.


- The wage conditions of employees in the Petah Tikva Municipality, Beer Sheva, Jat Local Council, the Kfar Qassem Municipality, the Beit Shemesh Municipality and more were agreed upon.

The scope of actuarial savings is estimated at over NIS 9 million.

Jaljulia: Advance to the Council's Accountant, in the amount of almost NIS 70,000 (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Investigation files whose treatment ended in the Disciplinary Tribunal in 2020


- The


chief accountant

was convicted of giving herself salary benefits in the amount of NIS 69,816 as advances, which were not approved by those authorized to do so and were not deducted from her salary. Strict disciplinary measures, severe reprimands, a one-degree reduction in pensions, a permanent disqualification from the council and its subsidiaries and a 10-year disqualification from office in all public bodies.

Shenkar Academic College - The president of the college

was convicted in a plea deal approving anomalies in the salaries of five department heads in the total amount of about a quarter of a million shekels. She was fined NIS 15,000 in four equal installments.

Modi'in Regional Council - Human Resources Manager

in the council was convicted in a plea bargain of failing to prevent irregularities in the salaries of the council's director general, the council treasurer and his deputy (an offense under section 36 of the law). The anomalies.

The committee Spatial Planning and Construction "Galilee" - the chairman of the committee spatial

convicted in a plea bargain for giving two workers committee wage increase reform exceeds the total amount of 40,800 NIS. Was charged with disciplinary measures of reprimand and punishment more stringent, due to extenuating circumstances and health problems.

Company For the protection of the cliffs of the Mediterranean - the CEO of the



was convicted in a plea bargain for introducing an exception in the salary of the council engineer in the amount of NIS 6,000 per month.

He was imposed disciplinary measures of reprimand and disqualification for 5 years from serving in any position in the company.

The person in charge of salaries at the Ministry of Finance, Kobi Bar Natan (Photo: official website, no)

"Savings of hundreds of millions of shekels"

Wage Supervisor Kobi Bar-Natan:

"In the past year, the enforcement unit has dealt with a variety of areas, including regulating wage irregularities in government companies, regulating the employment conditions of academic staff members, and dealing with wage irregularities in several local authorities. All this has saved hundreds of millions of shekels.

"Especially at a time when the economy is facing the challenges of the corona, it must be ensured that public funds are paid according to law, in an informed manner and without abuse.

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