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Shopping: TikTok enters the field of online commerce - Walla! Of money


Tiktok announced significant innovations in the popular app as well as expanding its activities in the field of e-commerce

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Shopping: TikTok enters the field of online commerce

Tiktok Israel presents new products that will operate under the app, through which it will deepen its activity in the world of online commerce and enable a two-way connection between creators and brands.

With all due respect to the content, is there a new shopping arena with a potential of one billion users?


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Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 13:57 Updated: Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 09:08

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Tiktok Israel has announced a series of significant innovations in the app, such as those designed to leverage the creative power of its billion community members to enable them to generate income from the talent, while enabling small businesses to be more successful with its help.

Is the popular platform deepening its entry into the field of online commerce?

The innovations introduced by the Chinese app created to share creative videos now include a promise to deepen the world of online commerce, launch a new platform for connecting creators and brands and expand existing content creation tools.

The new options are designed, according to Tiktok, to help brands and small and medium-sized businesses offer their products to a billion members of the Tiktok community around the world and enable content creators to make a living from the content they produce.

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"We address existing market failures and encourage international exports and trade"

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Assaf Sagi, CEO of Tiktok Israel, presents the innovations in the app (Photo: Walla !, Walla! Money)

Get out of Tiktok, buy - and come back

Assaf Sagi, CEO of Tiktok Israel

: “Our community is the driving force behind everything that happens at Tiktok, and the creators are the reason people come to us.

Our declaration today are seeking to leverage the creative power of a billion members of our community around the world to enable them to generate income for their talent, and on the other allow small businesses and brands to be innovative, relevant and exciting for their audiences. "

Sagi refers ticktock shopping and notes:" We have launched a new capability that Creators will be able to broadcast content and incorporate links to products that viewers can purchase directly.

There will be an arrival to the product from a ticking and almost complete completion of the purchasing experience.

The app will make it possible not to lose the content we watched earlier so that we can go out for a purchase and return to the same media we were on. "

TikTok Shopping - TikTok Shopping

In recent months, Tiktok has created a variety of collaborations with leading companies such as Shopify, Square, Ecwid and soon a collaboration with the Israeli web development platform Wix will be announced.

The company is now launching 'Tiktok Shopping' - a set of products and features that will elevate online commerce on the platform to a new level.

With Tiktok Shopping brands will be able to integrate between the organic business and their page at Tiktok and allow community members to purchase from the brand's product catalog without leaving the platform.

New features under Tiktok Shopping:

Live Shopping - Businesses can communicate directly with their community in real time and share dynamic links to products and services.

Link to a specific product - Tiktok allows you to add a link to specific products that community members see in the video, whether it is in an ad or live.

Dynamic ads - a personal shopping experience at the same level as the personal content experience that Tiktok community members receive in the feed.

Rising percentage of product purchases viewed in the app (Photo: Walla !, Walla! Money)

Marketplace for creators

In addition, Tiktok is establishing a Creator Marketplace in Israel, a self-service platform that will allow brands to find content creators with whom they want to collaborate, whether it is for a single campaign or for longer-term work.

The Marketplace will allow two-way movement between brands and creators; Brands can do a smart search and find creators by the type of content they produce, location, average post views and more; And the creators can submit collaborative requests based on briefs that the brands publish into the Marketplace.

"The ability of leading creators to produce interesting, authentic and relevant content is an amazing tool for brands that yearn to enter the platform and do not always know how to do it right," said Assaf Sagi, CEO of Tiktok Israel. "We allow any content creator with over 10,000 followers to join To our marketplace when we go through their accounts to make sure the content they produce is quality and instructive. "

"Since the quiet launch of the Marketplace in Israel a few weeks ago, over 100 leading creators have joined and many hundreds have applied to join."

The applications to join Sagi promised that they would be examined individually and manually and not using an algorithm with the full intention of making sure that the authors are selected and familiar with the content they create.

Tiktok Shopping, in-depth in the field of e-commerce (Photo: Walla !, Walla! Money)

New content creation tools

Dynamic Scene - one of the flagship products that Tiktok launches is an artificial intelligence-based tool that will make the process of creating content much simpler - you put in an existing creative product and the new tool makes it automatically adapted to Tiktok. Dynamic Scene will build hundreds of different ad options by playing with the image, sound and text and will present the surfers with the best performing versions.

Tiktok's inspiration center, "Being up to date with real-time trends" - The center will provide information on organic trends that are growing in a concentrated and convenient way for content creators who want to be the most up-to-date in order to produce the most relevant content.

Tiktok Video Editor - a simple editing tool that allows brands to create Tiktok-adapted content directly on your computer. The video editor also includes a library of music, fonts and images licensed for commercial use.

Dynamic Story Selection - The ability to create dynamic content that engages community members by selecting in real time the plot line of the video they are watching.

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