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Apprentice jokes: "Put sauerkraut in the cold store, we'll make spaghetti"


Once the Fischer Luftdübel, please: Many apprentices are jokingly sent to the camp to fetch fantasy parts and make themselves look ridiculous. How this is received depends on many factors.

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It wasn't meant seriously - but is that clear to everyone?


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“For a couple of years every newcomer in a Bielefeld hotel was asked to go into the cellar and hang individual threads from the sauerkraut barrel over the meat hooks in the cold store.

Because: ›Today we're making spaghetti‹. "

We were told by a reader who was trained there himself.

A typical trainee ore.

So it was clear to his superiors on the first day whether they could be expected to have previous knowledge.

At the beginning of the apprenticeship year a few weeks ago, we asked for your experiences, and you sent us quite a few.

You can read a first batch of pranks and anecdotes here.

It has to be said that cabbage is apparently well suited for such purposes.

Another chef reports from his apprenticeship:

“I once had to hang white cabbage in the cold store so that it turned into red cabbage.

My chef exchanged it overnight - the next morning there really was red cabbage. "

We were interested in good and bad jokes. Because one thing is clear: something like that can backfire. Especially with new colleagues, it may not be easy to assess how such a joke will be received. And after all, not everyone has to find it funny to be sent all over the factory senselessly. Or to be demonstrated like with the red cabbage. In this case, at least, the cook assures:

"For me, however, the jokes were all very warm and I felt very comfortable with the team."

Some readers, on the other hand, criticize these pranks as “toxic” and “humiliating”, they found them “always stupid”:

“I was once sent to fetch a pea peeler.

Oh, was that a joke?

Haha. "

Others counter:" It's also about the newcomers learning to ask questions and to think for themselves. "

“Oh, was that a joke?


Obviously: If you crack an apprentice joke, how is decisive.

A reader who works in the medical rescue service and had to get “frames for EKG images” wrote: “I find jokes like these funny, but in my experience they can lead to negative and stressful experiences with insecure young colleagues.

For this reason, I only do it myself when I am sure that they will be put away well. "

However, we have been sent examples from the medical field in which it is easy to imagine that those who have been hit do not find them funny.

For example, when newcomers end up stranded in the closed psychiatric ward with no ID and work clothes and are barely let out again.

A few classics were still missing

Another reader describes a trap that was set for him as a trainee decades ago at the Leuna plant: an apparently empty box on the floor of the locker room, which was supposed to invite you to kick away, but which was weighed down with a chunk of iron: “I ran there with gym shoes around and I would have broken some toes, ”he would really have kicked afterwards.

Of course, nobody should be bullied permanently, that would be bullying.

A forum participant, who claims to have worked as a trainer himself for years, points out that who is the sender of the joke can be decisive: »The danger of someone feeling defamed exists above all if the training officer agrees to this let yourself be carried away by fun.

If an advanced apprentice did this with us, it was quickly forgotten. "

Others had completely different worries.

You were missing a few classics in our first round:

  • Look for customary law in administrative training (this is not a legal text);

  • in the auto repair shop after the piston return spring (the pistons move back anyway thanks to the crankshaft);

  • in the electrical workshop after the bucket for the voltage drop (but unfortunately the term has nothing to do with garbage);

  • in the photo laboratory according to the optical axis (which you cannot touch and take anywhere);

  • in the bank for the balance tongs to, well: to draw a balance;

  • For the Bundeswehr for the key for the retreat area (which is not a room at all, but the area where a military unit should be ready to fight in the event of an alarm).

Even if there are many classics - you don't need to send us any more examples of Siemens air hooks and Fischer air anchors, thank you - in the end every joke is unique.

Because not everyone is right for every trainee, because not everyone wants to be greeted with a prank.

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And sometimes because there are some who

trick you


“A friend who was a motor vehicle apprentice stood under the car with his journeyman and made an engine oil change.

The journeyman had to go to the toilet and said that he should get the gear sand from the warehouse.

However, since my friend knew about engines, he knew he was going to be fooled.

There was pavement work going on in front of the workshop, so he went to a worker with a small bucket and got some sand.

He then scattered it under the car.

When the journeyman came back from the toilet, he innocently told him that he had already poured the sand into the gearbox.

As a result, the journeyman almost had a heart attack.

Can also walk around like that. "

Source: spiegel

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