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High Voltage: Companies Fighting Stress in the Workplace - Walla! Of money


Demanding work produces mental stress, but what happens when it becomes stress that harms both workers and productivity? New studies show that stress developed in parallel with the spread of the corona

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High stress: Companies that fight stress in the workplace

Demanding work produces mental stress, but what happens when it becomes stress that harms both workers and productivity?

New research shows that personal and professional stress developed in parallel with the spread of the corona, and did not cease in organizations that allowed work from home.

How it manifests itself in the field - and also about some companies trying to calm down


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Thursday, October 21, 2021, 09:42 Updated: Saturday, October 23, 2021, 06:44

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The Corona epidemic created tension and anxiety among managers and employees of companies and organizations, and at the same time demanded a strong demonstration of leadership from the management in order to maintain the continuity of work and the company's activities.

Sometimes it turned out that over time, even stable leadership was not enough, as the effect of closures and isolations, as well as work from home, caused a new kind of pressure on workers and so on workplaces, which caused burnout and stress among them.

A study by KPMG found that 94% of workers in the world suffer from work-related stress and 40% report that under the influence of stress they make less good decisions at work.

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94% of world workers suffer from work-related stress (Photo: ShutterStock)

Every day, a million people do not come to work

Another study by The American Institute of Stress found that stress and burnout meant that about a million workers would not come to work on any given day.

"The stress factor affects every aspect of life. The higher the stress, the lower the quality of life. Of course, even when it comes to work efficiency - if the employee is under stress, his efficiency at work will decrease."

For the sake of refinement, efficiency is not only measured by direct output: "A stressed worker, even if the state of stress, is not directly related to the fact, will be less sensitive to subtleties, less attentive to instructions and consequently less effective in his work. Experiencing stress at work or an employee who experiences stress on another level in his life, in any case his work will be adversely affected, "explains

Dr. Yael Poznanski, from the Department of Psychology at Achva Academic College.

Dr. Yael Poznanski, from the Department of Psychology at Achva Academic College (Photo: PR)

Wellness Day in addition to the usual vacation days

Due to the aggravation of the situation, many companies and organizations have started to put the issue of employees' mental health at the top of their priorities and build action plans that offer various benefits that may make it a little easier for the employee and how to deal with anxiety.

One of these companies is Salesforce, a leading company in cloud technology and CRM services, which has adopted the hybrid work model.

Under this model called Success from anywhere, employees will be able to choose the way of work that is convenient for them: working from home in full format or flexible work from home, with arriving at offices between 1-3 times a week for the employee to choose.

The company recently added to all employees, beyond the regular days off, one day a month known as Wellness Day, where all department employees decide on a day off dedicated to their personal well-being.

The company allows employees to receive free professional emotional support to deal with the new challenging reality and new pressures created and in addition, the company subsidizes all its employees a grant for managing a healthy lifestyle, encourages them to invest in themselves, and offers a monthly payment of NIS 450 per month for activities considered "guest". Healthy living ", such as a gym subscription, acupuncture, art or music lessons, cooking workshops, massages, meditation, reflexology and more.

Efi Cohen, CEO of the Salesforce Israel Research and Development Center

:" One of the things that stands out in Salesforce is the real attention that society has "During the Corona, Salesforce regularly modeled on the well-being of employees in order to respond correctly to the new needs that arose in light of the challenging period and following findings from the field, it adapted itself to the needs and feelings of the employees."

"In the last two years, we have implemented many programs and provided our employees with adapted working conditions so that they can continue the work sequence and at the same time receive support in order to help them maintain a lifestyle that balances work at home."

Efi Cohen, CEO of the Research and Development Center of Salesforce Israel (Photo: PR)

Stress protection mechanisms

"It is recommended that the employer create stress protection mechanisms in the workplace and at the same time offer support mechanisms against stress that originate outside the workplace," notes Dr. Poznanski


Reasonable working hours that calibrate with the rest of life values ​​are also important in this case.

Empathic, personal and attentive management help to develop a pleasant work experience, which clearly reduces stress even in a workplace where stress is a built-in part of the job, such as hospitals for example. "

Dr. Poznanski adds that:" In the broader context, the employer can produce protection mechanisms "Because of stress for the employees, such as health insurance that includes mental health. This way an employee can turn to emotional therapy without fear of the high costs involved."

An employee will be able to turn to emotional therapy as part of health insurance that includes mental health (Photo: ShutterStock)

The complementary experiences envelop the employee

At Bar Lev High-Tech Park in the north, where a variety of high-tech companies and technological start-ups operate, emphasis is placed on the mental health of employees, starting with the park's location in a green pastoral landscape from every corner and the park management increases productivity, satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

In addition to the environmental conditions, the high-tech park staff initiates a variety of activities in the field of WELL BEING that begins with a daily inspirational sentence projected on the screens and greets employees with the morning coffee, and continues with weekly meetings that allow networking.

Also, a variety of sports activities such as Pilates, yoga, ping pong tables, self-shiatsu - methods for self-relief of stress, proper sitting and more.

Meirav Metzger Moshe, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Bar Lev High-Tech Park:

"We invest resources in order to create a unique work environment for employees that combines an international work environment with design and a variety of welfare activities, Well Being, professional enrichment and networking that envelop the employee and complete the experience."

Dr. Poznanski concludes: “In general I believe that stress is a part of modern life.

This cannot be avoided.

Not in life and not in the workplace.

Therefore, creating a comfortable work space that contains (again - even in workplaces where stress is built in) can contribute a lot to both the employee and the employer. "

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