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The Lapid-Lieberman government will provide NIS 1.17 billion for meetings - Walla! Of money


More than 33,000 budget objections have been filed with the Finance Committee. Under pressure from members of the opposition, NIS 1.17 billion was approved for meetings

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The Lapid-Lieberman government will provide NIS 1.17 billion for meetings

State budget: More than 33,000 objections were submitted to the Finance Committee yesterday, the coalition wants to advance the vote to November 4 in order to stop last-minute blackmail - and meanwhile, under pressure from opposition members, NIS 1.17 billion has been approved for meetings


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Sonia Gorodisky

Wednesday, 27 October 2021, 08:48 Updated: 09:19

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33,207 - This is the number of reservations submitted by the opposition yesterday during the Finance Committee's discussions on the Budget Law. Responsible for this are MKs Gafni, Yinon Azulai, Ofir Katz and Smutrich, who submitted more than 22,000 reservations, and MK Ahmad Tibi, who submitted 11,000 additional reservations in the late evening on behalf of the joint list. The

chairman of the Finance Committee, MK Alex Kushnir,

wrote Yesterday on his Facebook account: “I admit, the budget-giving ceremony was exciting. Don't worry, in a few days I will not only sleep comfortably but all the citizens of the State of Israel. "

Yesterday afternoon, the committee headed by him began discussing the budget law for 2021-2022. Despite the large number of reservations in the committee, they hope to end the discussions in the next two days, so that on Sunday the budget law will be on the Knesset table.

According to the coalition agreement, the budget must pass in the Knesset by November 14, but the coalition wants to advance the vote to November 4 (next Thursday) so as not to be dragged to the last minute.

The state budget for 2022 will be about NIS 562.9 billion: the education budget will be NIS 69.7 billion, the defense budget - 59.8 billion, social security - 50 billion, health - 44.8 billion and interest repayments - 42.9 billion.

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MK Alex Kushnir, chairman of the Finance Committee: "I admit, it was exciting" (Photo: Noam Moskowitz, Knesset Spokeswoman)

Yesterday, the Finance Committee approved the State Budget Framework Law, which increased the deficit ceiling and the government spending limit by another NIS 10 billion (as a reserve item for 2022) to deal with the corona crisis due to a larger-than-expected expenditure in the fourth wave.

During the night, the Finance Committee approved the numerical part of the budget, which includes an additional NIS 10 billion for the war in Corona.

The Arrangements Law

of the current budget includes a large number of huge reforms, this after three years of not approving the state budget. The Arrangements Law has been debated in various Knesset committees, most of them in the Finance and Economy Committees.

All significant reforms discussed in the Finance Committee approved for second and third, and major reforms discussed by the Economic Committee, dismissed the ceiling of reform as parking, public transportation and fast lanes, fiber optics, banking reform and open import approved second and third readings.


The controversial agriculture reform, which was opposed by quite a few Knesset members from the coalition, was split from the Arrangements Law even before it passed the Knesset debates, and it will be promoted in the regular legislative process.


Law metro, designed to promote the largest infrastructure project in Israel's history, last week approved a second and third reading

committee special national infrastructure projects and Jewish religious service led by MK Yulia Malinowski (Israel Beiteinu).

Yeshiva students in line for Corona vaccines (archive): The government of Lapid and Lieberman will give them NIS 1.17 billion (Photo: Reuven Castro)

The MKs who achieved more than a billion shekels for meetings

Despite MK Kushnir's satisfaction, there are also some opposition members (Bezalel Smutrich, Yinon Azulai, Yitzhak Pindros and Ofir Katz) who found reasons for the party. another face to the Finance Committee. As a result they could boardroom and overall get full support immediately after the budget in the Knesset and will have to wait several months to transfer the budget increase again in the Finance Committee.

the budget proposal Knesset has passed the first reading was the yeshiva budget to 804 million. the coalition has decided to increase the budget However, the budget increase was introduced by the Budget Division and in accordance with the directive of the Attorney General to the reserve section and not to the regulation of meetings directly.

If the situation had remained like this, the transfer of the addendum to the meeting regulations would have taken several more months and would have been delayed until a legal opinion was received and another budget application was approved by the Finance Committee.

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. During the night were members of the synagogue, "the big Azoulay and Pindar agreement with the Ministries of Finance and Justice, Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Education popped out of her house and prepared during the night the legal opinion needed.

Subsequently pointed Finance Committee for revision submitted opposition, Budget Ministry of Education opened a new discussion committee and section Re-approved when the budget increase was introduced directly into the yeshivot regulation. On

behalf of MKs Smutrich, Azoulay and Pindros, it was stated: "The yeshivot budget is the bread and milk of dozens of rabbinical families and students.

It would not be conceivable to add to the cut also a delay in the partial budget since it was approved.

Since the beginning of the year, the yeshivot have received less than fifty percent of their budget and as a result rabbis have not received salaries and students have not received scholarships.

We are glad that we were able to avoid at least one further delay and make sure that the full budget is transferred to the meetings immediately.

With the help of the name, we will continue to fight against government cuts and budget cuts, and stand to the right of the world of Torah and yeshivot. "

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