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"Once you put your ego aside, everything goes better" - Walla! Of money


What does she think about the joint management, with her sister, of the business her father founded, the cost of living and the reform that will facilitate imports

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"Once you put your ego aside, everything goes better"

She was a hyperactive girl who grew up in old Ramat Aviv, until she discovered horses and became a competitive rider.

She learned to share the management of the family business with her sister, who also serves as chair.


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Of money

Thursday, 25 November 2021, 15:17

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: Sigal Bar-On, co-chair of Dr. Fischer, 57.

Who I am

: ticklish, task-oriented, loves challenges and tasks that are difficult to crack. Knows how to put emotion aside, analyze situations and examine what their impact will be on the environment. Believes in the phrase "and love your neighbor even if he is not like you", because everyone is a world and its fullness.


: Dad's side of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. Grandpa was a family doctor and Grandma came from a house of manufacturers who made porcelain plates and sold the factory in lentil stew to the new Czech rule. They were Zionists and when Hitler entered Prague they fled with their father and brother and came to Israel. Grandpa worked at a health fund in Tel Aviv, and would ride a donkey between the settlements in the center and Grandma worked at the JNF.

Mother's family came to Israel before the war. Grandpa had a factory for agricultural machines and plows in Haifa, and he was also a painter, and Grandma was a sculptor. The artistic talent passed to my sister, Dr. Daphne Moriah, who is a painter.

The parents met on the train to Jerusalem on their way to the Hebrew University and offered him black kernels and have been together ever since.

He studied pharmacy and she studied the Bible and the humanities. After the wedding they flew to the United States, Dad studied and taught biochemistry at Harvard, did his PhD in pharmacy at the University of California and worked with the Nobel Prize-winning Mrs. Rigelman.

He returned to Israel to Asia, after a year he returned to the US and worked at the pharmaceutical company Barnes Haynes,

when they came back to Israel he was in Avik for two years and because it is difficult for him to accept authority, he told his mother, who took a course in They had $ 5,000. Dad started inventing and marketing the formulas and Mom was in charge of the accounts.

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(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Bee Mother

: Until her last day she stayed in the company. She died at the age of 69, 15 years ago after getting cancer, recovering, and getting sick again after 12 years, in the pancreas. For 11 months she managed the disease in her own way. At some point she decided to take a break from treatments, and went to visit the Bilbao Museum in Spain which she really wanted to see.

She was said to have sat quietly in the hearings and given the punch line. She instilled family traditions of shared trips for all of us vacations together, every holiday she bought books as a gift and did a mediation course for the family, which was most important to her.

Family friend

: I grew up in a teamwork home, in an atmosphere where you sit and consult and then make decisions, so it's easy for me to work with my sister, Nurit, as co-chair. It will not always be the way I thought, but we will convince each other and move on. Let me lecture on the company and how we manage to work together.

The secret is simple: emotional intelligence.

Once you put your ego aside, everything goes better.

After Mom passed away, Dad got good offers to sell the company, they told him, 'You have three daughters, they will not continue' and he was debating what to do.

He was then 70 years old and we offered to go through a process with a specialist in family companies.

We worked on it for nine months, it flooded things from childhood, and also the understanding that we love each other very much.

We have made a family agreement and the biggest tip I can give to such companies, do it for the kids.

Even though the girlfriend is his baby, Dad let go and said, go, do what's right for you.

We decided that we would continue the business and with the help of an organizational consultant we worked on the implementation of our joint chairmanship.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

My childhood

: Ramat Aviv of yesteryear, with some buildings and sands all around.

I studied biology at Alliance, and I most liked the biotope I did in Hatzeva and in his honor I would be released from school on the weekends.

I was a naughty, active scout girl and left when I started riding horses and competing.

Horseback riding

: I was a hyperactive girl and was looking for a place to give it to me and when I got to the farm in Rishpon the connection with the horses did me good.

At home we were always told that if anything was done, that it would be serious, then they bought me books in English about the horse's vet and I broke my teeth to understand what was written there.

I competed in jumps and obstacles, I often flew off the horse, cracked a rib, worked on the farm, and after working very hard, they bought me my own horse in high school and I dreamed of becoming a champion.

In the middle of the twelfth I told the parents who sell him that I owe a good maturity. When my fourth son was born and I stopped working for a while, I went crazy and my husband bought me a gift horse and competed in the Wild West style.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: After serving as an officer experience away from home, I traveled three and a half months in Europe with a friend and when I came back I started studying Economics and International Relations. I did not think I go into the family firm, but more towards the production of events, because the army did a lot of events.


: owners, CEO "Body Shop" and the best thing that ever happened to me.

We met in the army at a party for officers returning from Lebanon, he was a paramedic officer and we have been together ever since.

After finishing a BA flew to the United States, he studied business administration, I gave birth to my oldest son and I started MBA, it kept the country. We have four children and a child started to come to us when he was at boarding school and we live in Ramat Hasharon.


: When we returned to Israel, I joined the company during the period of great immigration from the Commonwealth of Independent States and was responsible for training in absorption centers for care and health.

For seven years I filled a number of roles and Csnold fourth child was responsible for the publication of Dr. Fisher then, along with my sister, Nurit, I decided to take a break, and gave strategic advice independent companies.

After a year or so dad he asked me to advise the company. I set up the Human Resources Department and for For several good years I have been the CEO's right hand man.

When the parents raised the transfer of the company to the next generation, they set up an orderly board, even though we were a private company.

We practiced how to manage in a more formalistic way, compared to how everything was managed before, when the meetings were held at breakfast.


: Eli Fischer, president of the company, partner and involved in things that interest him, new markets, new products, he comes up with ideas, opens doors, but the day-to-day management is entirely with us.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: A crazy time. We operated the plant near the Fourier junction in three shifts, with capsules and social distance, even before the instructions came out from the government we created mostly alcohol. At first there was insane demand, and we started running around the whole world to find packaging and raw materials whose costs skyrocketed, transportation prices became insane because half the world was closed. We did eighths in the air and put out new products like, the alcohol cream, because the alcohol dries the skin.

We took care of the workers and did not fire or take out anyone in Dr. Fisher. At Body Shop there was no choice and because they closed the malls, we shut down most of the chain. Danny was in pain when he took most of the workers to the hospital and left those who worked online, and as his wife it was hard for me to see his pain on them - and how a man like him, who was busy around the clock, had to downshift.

After we recovered we took the time to rethink and develop online. One of our strengths is that we have several anchors, sun protection, whose sales have dropped in Corona, infants and children, toiletries, cosmetics, and pharma, which have maintained all reasonable sales tension. Overall 2020 was a good year with a lot of not-so-simple decisions.

Price increases

: Dr. Fischer froze product prices for years, absorbing increases in all inputs, wages, raw materials, transportation and electricity, water and property taxes. Now, after another significant jump in raw material prices, packaging and transportation costs, the company had to submit retailers upload request and limited to modest - only 22 products, from a portfolio of more than - 500 products we market in Israel.

reform cosmetics

: We hope that the benefits given to importers will also be given to the manufacturers, that the competition will be equal and will not kill the Israeli industry, which is the economic security of the country.

I remind everyone what happened at "Eitan Cliff" when the country was closed.

In addition, there is the issue of employment in the periphery and we employ in the Galilee Christians, Muslims, Circassians and Jews, the mosaic of Israeli society.


: Every year it is said that the year will be more difficult and challenging because the retailers are getting stronger.

The point is to maintain our differentiation, as a company with added health value and specialization in skin and eyes, and not to do "Mi Tu" to competitors.


: Many years ago Dad thought of an IPO.

We're not there right now.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: I had two horses and gave them to the farm for people with special needs, so I no longer really ride.

Doing Pilates, running, drawing and reading a lot.

I am the president of Aryeh Yehuda Israel, an international organization of Jewish philanthropic women who contribute to the empowerment of women, and I am active in the "Israeli spirit" and continue my mother's path in "Children at Chance."

Looking to the future

: to be a grandmother and continue to enjoy the action and parties at home and the extended family.

There are many more plans in the business.

We want to enter new markets, and develop overseas. We already market in 30 countries, in some we produce private labels and in others under Dr. Fisher, and now we are also entering Japan, having entered Amazon in the US, Australia and Cyprus.

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