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For nothing for the sake of it: lines for the character of the financial "magician" - Walla! Of money


Moshe Hogg's arrest and the suspicions attributed to him, paint a profile that has recently become known, on the seam between the business and criminal sections: the stars who become overnight for nothing for nothing

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For nothing for the sake of it: lines for the character of the financial "magician"

Moshe's arrest is celebrated and the suspicions attributed to him draw a profile that has recently become familiar, on the seam between the business and criminal sections: the stars who become overnight for nothing and end up leaving a trail of debts.

Meet the business illusionist


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Liat Ron

Thursday, 25 November 2021, 16:34 Updated: 16:35

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A senior economic editor recalled last week how she first heard about businessman Moshe Hogg, chairman of the Singularities Foundation, owner of Alienment, which operates in the blockchain and Betar Jerusalem football club, who is arrested on suspicion of fraud in millions of shekels and sexual offenses.

"One morning about ten years ago," she said, "I received a call from a large and leading public relations firm. The excited publicist on the other end of the line invited me to a rare first meeting with a young businessman, not yet known in Israel, a very rich man. millions of dollars around the world, adding that only a few senior journalists, myself included, were selected to meet him at an upscale hotel in Tel Aviv. his name is Moses celebrates.

"I never heard his name and because I did not understand where he came up and I had other plans specified date, I missed the historic encounter. In retrospect, this was the starting point of celebrating the mainstream economic of the State of Israel. "

This is the place to mention and emphasize that the celebrant of course retains the presumption of innocence, as he was not charged in the cases in which he was suspected and in any case not convicted, but also regardless, we all know the recent connection between business, gossip and criminal sections, which tell economic illusionists.

So the following story is not necessarily about Moshe celebrating, but about many who started their way in the business sections, moved on to the gossip sections and finished in the criminal section.

The future is already here

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The economic flash that will save you from heavy losses: a pumpkin that turns into a carriage is only found in legends (Photo: ShutterStock)

Believe in a self-inflated balloon

These are businessmen (and also businesswomen) who suddenly appear out of nowhere, grab flattering headlines, become legitimate, hold the public eye for a good few years, until it is revealed that they are involved in some dubious deal or scam, leaving behind victims who fell under their spell and lost a lot of money. Their family.

The guide to identifying the master of economic illusions begins with the artist himself. He seems completely normative, usually smart, quick-thinking, a person you would be happy to have lunch with and even be his friends. In the stories they have invented and take care to surround themselves with an entourage that resonates with them and takes the trouble to constantly remind them how great they are.

So when something goes wrong - and it always goes wrong - they can not admit failure and part with the image they have cultivated until they have begun to believe in it themselves. So they often use the victims' money to keep inflating the balloon - while some still believe they are one good deal away from covering all their debts.

When the system does not allow them to break forward, they find creative ways to get around it and achieve the goals they have set. Veteran British lawyer Gary Miller, who has represented many victims of fraud, including those of Bernie Madoff, gives them signs, stating that they are driven by pure greed and must make a great deal of money, to justify their inflated self-esteem to the extreme, far beyond human. Explained.

They suffer from risk-taking and walking on the edge, and almost absurdly to the consequences of their actions, will try to satisfy the will of the people around them and make them feel comfortable, which further disguises the scam and causes more and more victims to fall into the trap.

Bernie Madoff.

Even the best can trust a linked crook (Photo: Reuters)

The way up starts at PR

The first step of the master of economic illusions on his way to the pinnacle of wealth, is to hire the services of an expensive public relations firm, it is likely that the senior public relations officer, despite his experience, will not recognize the danger, Estate - and they will already throw a good word at him if necessary.

The PR office will start pushing little news on him - once in the economics section and once in the economic gossip section. Economy journalists, even if initially skeptical, will see that their colleagues are writing about the new guy in town, and will not allow themselves to stay out of the game. That is, eventually they too will write about it.

From here to a big press conference, a cover story in a reputable newspaper or an in-depth article in the weekend chapter of the magazine - the road is short.On his fantastic business path - and will not forget to spice up here and there economic masterpieces of incredible profit in an unexpected place that will turn on the listeners.

At this point his name is already familiar, but not enough.

In order to maintain the framework that supports his ostentatious lifestyle, the master of illusions works on masses of victims - and in order to produce them, celebrities must also be recruited.

They will show up at their own event, rub shoulders with a reality show, a network star or a singer who was at his peak a few years ago and went out with the one who is the ex of that one - and those with no business experience will be blinded by the heroic stories of the new economic genius.

In contrast, senior illusionists will be photographed with tycoons or bring in first-rate celebs in the country: prime-time TV stars, or even international movie stars, to one of their ventures at a deep or free discount, for publicity, prestige and deepening public trust.

In other words: if Di Caprio, Clooney or Rihanna have invested in a man, you can probably trust him.

From guests at parties that are considered hosts of glittering launch events (Photo: ShutterStock, ShutterStock)

Do it yourself

From hosting other people's events, the illusionist will go on to host events himself, whether it's a grandiose birthday party with dancers in white leotards with angel wings dangling from the ceiling and catering to the hottest name in the restaurant world, or hosting a new and glamorous real estate project. Of millions of shekels, preferably billions - of course, reports to the media. The

psychological manipulation of the victims is simple. The master of economic illusions will make them concentrate on his business proposal and ignore the warning signs. What if there is no such list at all ?!) will give them pieces of information that they can verify, to instill confidence that they are the ones controlling the process in front of him.They will believe in him completely, invest their best money in his projects and dream of the yacht he promised they could buy soon.

Then comes the fall.

It starts with drips.

Here is a less flattering article about a dispute with a partner, where questions arise about the source of equity and who is behind the grandiose ventures, suddenly a check of a few hundred shekels of the superstar returns from the bank and everyone wonders why, and lawsuits against him roll to court and from there to the front pages of newspapers and sections.

The large and shiny balloon explodes with great noise and with quite a bit of joy for Eid, a criminal investigation and often also with deceived victims on the side of the road.

What do you do about all this?

First of all, be aware of the early signs mentioned here and examine in depth everyone standing in front of you.

The strict ones, who never fall into the trap, start from an overall assumption that everyone is a liar until proven otherwise, perhaps because they know that illusionists are everywhere, not just a request between Nimrod Harel and Lior Soshard.

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