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Read product reviews before buying? Beware of fake reviews - Walla! Of money


User reviews and reviews of what we want to buy may help us make that decision, but what if they are fake, planted or biased?

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Read product reviews before buying?

Beware of fake opinions

Most of us are waiting for Black Friday to make significant purchases at more affordable prices but as consumers, we are facing a not so simple reality as this day presents us with difficult choices.

User reviews and reviews may help us decide whether to purchase the product or not, but what if they are counterfeit?


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I have Seville

Thursday, November 25, 2021, 9 p.m.

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Most people are waiting for Black Friday to make the shopping they have been waiting to do for months, in promotions that are more convenient for the pocket but as consumers, we encounter a not so simple reality, as this day presents us with more difficult choices than usual.

These are hundreds, if not thousands of stores offering a wide range of different products and promotions.

Sometimes, stores offer a similar product at different prices, or compete with each other at attractive prices and put the consumer in a situation where even after the purchase, he is not sure if he made the right and most affordable purchase for him.

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Screenshot from an official Dyson website, the star rating will not always be enough before purchasing an expensive product (Photo: Screenshot from an official website)

Product reviews can be biased and even fake

"Correct and informed purchasing begins with looking at customer reviews of products on the sites," says

Ezra Daya, CEO of Aspectiva, Walmart's Development and Innovation Center in Israel

. "Consumer

reviews will usually show the consumer satisfaction with the product, so it is always important to look at them," says Daya. "But it is important to do so carefully because the reviews can sometimes be bought, biased or fake."

Confusing opinion: some are negative and some praise the product - what is authentic?

(Photo: From Dyson's official website)

Give more weight to the negative opinions

Aspectiva has developed an artificial intelligence and NLP based system that analyzes product reviews and generates insights and buying recommendations. She is able to understand what people are writing about in their reviews, what the different topics are and what they think about them - for any type of product and without prior knowledge.

With the help of this analysis it is possible to improve the search capabilities of the trade sites, understand what is suitable for the users, and what are the pros and cons in each product. The company was acquired by Walmart in 2019 for tens of millions of dollars and was the group's first purchase Walmart Israel.

"To neutralize the effect of opinions implanted, surprisingly it is better to take the approach of choosing the least unfavorable product under adverse opinion because that the opinion of planted Or fake will in most cases be positive reviews "he adds," the general recommendation is to give more weight to what is said in negative reviews and make sure if the negative aspects of the product are indeed problematic for the buyer. "

Ezra Daya, CEO of Aspectiva, Walmart's Development and Innovation Center in Israel (Photo: PR)

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The star rating of the product is not always enough

Most buyers rely only on the Star Rating of the product, thinking that the product rating will be enough to get a broad enough picture of its quality.

From this conclusion the buyers conclude whether it is worth consuming the product or not.

However, the product rating will not always reflect or address the different needs of the buyers.

"Reviews with Star Rating only or with very short content, are usually less credible. It is better to read the opinion of someone who" invested "in writing. In many cases the reviewer will give a very low score because a very particular aspect of the product was not good for him, But it may be good enough for other consumers, "says Daiya.

"Of course, it is important to prefer to read up-to-date reviews, as they are usually more relevant and more informative, since the product has been on the shelf longer and can be given more feedback in terms of consumer experience with the product."

Aspectiva was acquired by walmart in 2019 (Photo: PR)

User content sharing

The e-Commerce revolution and online purchases, which have spread in the last two years to almost every home and cellphone around the world, manage to confuse even the best.

The abundance of information and its availability make it very difficult to decide - what should I buy? Where will I find the best product? Or the cheapest? Or which of the sites is best to buy? And more and more questions that may make a significant difference in the pocket, in the quality of the product and in general in the shopping experience.

Big bar-marked deals, like Black Friday, are a time when masses of shoppers flock to top online stores, such as Amazon, Ali Express, ASOS or NEXT in search of the best deal. But how do we know if this shoe is better than later, or if the TV model X is better than Y and also get authentic answers about it. To do this it is very worthwhile to hear what other consumers who have already bought the product have to say about it.

David Michaeli, Director of Business Development and Global Expansion at Yotpo

Tells us: "Sharing content for surfers in different communities is the key to making the best answers that will allow the buyer to make informed decisions based on the experience of others. After all, the herd always has good reasons why it chooses this way and not another."

Michaeli wrote us 10 tips for a successful online shopping experience with the help of the wisdom of the masses:

David Michaeli, Director of Business Development and Global Expansion at Yotpo (Photo: Courtesy of Yotpo)

Tips for buying smart - Help with the wisdom of the masses

If you have located the product you are interested in purchasing online, do not complete the purchase before going through the user comments and make sure that the recommendations on the product or the company that markets it are much more positive than negative, otherwise you may be bitterly disappointed.

If you find a product on the site that you are interested in purchasing, wait a moment with the impulsivity and check what the reviews say about the site itself, the customer service, the quality of the products and all that through site review.

If the product you choose to purchase is offered for the celebration at too big a discount on one site, you should compare the price with other sites and examine what surfers say about it in the reviews they write on different sites where it is offered, and there may be another but similar and higher quality product.

The power of the community is enormous and many brands run communities and forums where you can find many details that shed light on the product, service, shipping and return policy and more. Before deciding to purchase a product, it is very worthwhile to take advantage of this wisdom of the masses - it can be Deal Maker or Braker.

Use the more organized information offered on product rating sites that rely on the open consumer reviews or on price comparison sites - they make it very easy to navigate the jungle.

Choose Google or rather Google Shopping the sellers or products with higher star ratings, the wisdom of the masses may attest more authentically to the quality of the product and service.

Before you start purchasing on any online commerce site, you should be familiar with the payment security policy, shipping and refunds, so that you do not find yourself dealing with unnecessary problems later on.

It is not just said that one picture is worth more than 1000 words.

Choose to make the purchase on sites where the products are displayed with a good image, one or more, and if you can see in it the proportion of the product in relation to something else, what good.

Even if there is a list of colors, sizes or models offered for purchase - it should increase your interest in purchasing on the site.

This will reduce the chance of buying a cat in a sack.

Due to the short time buyers have time to make their purchase decisions on sale dates, it is best to prepare for the sale day in advance and identify the best deals, compare them, read what other people are saying about them and examine the terms they offer for sale a few days before.

Just enjoy the online shopping experience, but do not forget to share with the network users your experiences, good or bad, so that those who follow you can also enjoy a successful shopping experience.

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