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We Crossed the Billion: The Amazing Data of Black Friday - Walla! Of money


On International Shopping Day last Friday, Israelis spent NIS 1.125 billion, an amount that indicates a 20% increase in expenses compared to Black Friday 2020

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We Crossed the Billion: Black Friday's Stunning Data

Data from the Shebaa company, which operates the national payment card system, shows that on the international shopping day that took place last Friday, Israelis spent NIS 1.125 billion, an amount that indicates a 20% increase in expenses compared to Black Friday 2020.


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Sunday, 28 November 2021, 15:03

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Black Friday 2021 promotions in Israel have brought Israelis en masse to shop in malls, shopping malls and online commerce sites.

It is important to note that this is the activity with credit cards only in purchases by Israelis in Israel and on Israeli trade sites.

Data from the Automatic Banking Services Company ("ISA"), which operates the national payment card system in Israel, shows that the high activity in making transactions reached a record high, when the amount of credit card expenses in Israel on the day of the specials reached NIS 1.125 billion this year. This increase, online purchases accounted for about 45% and amounted to a cumulative amount of NIS 505.1 million, an increase of 16.3% compared to last year.

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The cumulative amount in online shopping was about NIS 505 million, Black Friday 2021 (Photo: ShutterStock)

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At 12:13 p.m., 12,800 transactions were recorded per minute

The data report by the ISA states that during rush hours on Friday, between 8:00 and 14:00, expenses in the total amount of more than NIS 745 million were recorded.

This is a significant increase compared to November 27, 2020, when between 8:00 and 14:00, credit card expenses in the amount of NIS 610 million were recorded.

The busiest minute on Friday was 12:13, during which more than 12,800 credit card transactions totaling NIS 3.2 million were recorded.

Compared to "regular" expenses on weekdays, it was reported that last Friday, November 19, 2021, expenses totaling NIS 655 million were recorded during these hours.

Black Friday 2021: Israelis purchased NIS 1.125 billion in malls, stores and retail sites in Israel (Photo: ShutterStock)

An increase of 340% for purchases in the tourism industry

Most of the increase this year in credit card expenses was recorded in transactions at the businesses themselves. This is an increase of more than NIS 113 million in the amount of expenses in credit transactions upon presentation of a card, which jumped by 22.3% compared to last year, when expenses in physical transactions amounted to NIS 506.96 million.

In some industries, activity was higher on Friday compared to last year:

stores and toy and book sites

- the jump in purchases reached 24.7% and expenses reached NIS 19.84 million.

Clothing and footwear sites

- sales increased by 17.9% and reached the amount of NIS 143.29 million.

The electricity and electronics industry

- there was a 13.8% increase in credit card expenses, which amounted to NIS 98.95 million.

Tourism, hotels and aviation

- The industry in which the most significant increase was recorded was tourism, hotels and aviation, in which expenses grew by more than 340% and amounted to NIS 35.28 million.

It is important to note that last year, on the day of the promotions, airlines were still in limited activity and hotels in Israel were closed to the public as part of restrictions on the economy due to the spread of the corona virus.

It can also be said that the new restrictions announced by the Cabinet last night (Saturday) on leaving Israel and returning to it after a stay abroad, did not affect purchases in the field of tourism as they were published after the sale as part of the Black Friday.

NIS 1.125 billion in expenses in Israeli malls, stores and retail sites (Photo: ShutterStock)

Black Friday Looking Back:

Black Frida 2020 - The ISA data show that Israelis spent less than 2019: The ISA

data show that over the years there have been changes that show increases and decreases compared to previous years:

Black Friday 2020

: a total of NIS 881.87 million.

Black Friday 2019

: A total of NIS 915.23 million.

Black Friday 2018

: A total of NIS 794.82 million.

The volume of online shopping constitutes about 45% of the total purchases on the day of the sale on black friday (Photo: ShutterStock)

Electrical products - an impressive increase in sales

In industries where there was a significant increase, we checked with the networks and trade sites what actually happened.

The digital electricity and electronics chain, ALM, stated that they concluded the weekend of Black Friday sales with record sales in the chain's branches and on the website and declares an increase of about 22% compared to last year and that the peak of purchases in the chain was a customer from the Netanya branch. NIS 80,000 in one concentrated purchase.

The network also reported that the best-selling product on the network during last Friday as part of Black Friday, is a 65-inch TV screen from Samsung that sold 100 units.

Elm branch on Friday afternoon, in the midst of the Black Friday sale (Photo: PR)

"90% of purchases were made via mobile"

The fashion site SHOESONLINE also reports a 150% jump in sales each November and a 300% point increase in the BLACK FRIDAY weekend compared to last year and the first entry to the millionth (!) Club in a month.

Dekel Stolro, owner and CEO of the site "SHOESONLINE" located in 2nd place among the local ecommerce sites (second to Terminal X) preparing for the IPO: "BLACK FRIDAY this year was the 3rd most profitable day for the site since its launch in 2015."

Stolro adds that: “60% of sales were made by women, with 90% of sales being made through a mobile device rather than a computer. The leading brands in sales were Nike and Converse and the surprise as the fastest growing brand was Puma. "The

website also reports that the 5 most prominent cities in purchases during November are: Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Beer Sheva, Carmiel and Haifa. Online also in the Arab and ultra-Orthodox sector,An increase of 25% in the Arab sector and 32% in the ultra-Orthodox sector.

Shoesonline Campaign with Yves Bornstein (Photo: Yinon Slutsky)

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