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"Hard not to need, but cheese containers yes" - Walla! Of money


The girls who hardly remember in the US, the love for Maccabi Netanya, the professional track and also what it's like to run a company whose board consists of a supervising attorney who keeps the participants from matching prices

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"Hard not to need, but containers for cheese yes"

Rani Eidler, CEO of the Tamir Recycling Corporation, tells the "Executive Summary" about the forgotten childhood in the United States, the love for Maccabi Netanya, the professional track and also answers the allegations against the corporation: "Some importers and manufacturers incite us, we do not oppose competition."


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Liat Ron

Thursday, 02 December 2021, 11:11 Updated: 12:52

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: Rani Eidler, 53, CEO of the Tamir Recycling Corporation.

Who I am



love people very much. Not as a cliché, but from the bottom of my heart. I have always been versatile in being able to connect with others, no matter if it is a senior professor Netanya. believe in openness, say what's on my heart and wanted argued with because it produces doing better.


: father's family came from Russia and Poland, common people day laborers, who were fleeing from country to country during the war. Dad was born during and in 1945, when he was two years old , Arrived in Tel Aviv and lived in a key apartment in Ben Yehuda. Grandpa worked in security and Grandma was a housewife.

Mother's side came to Israel in the 1920s. Mother's grandmother hid Menachem Begin in the house when he was wanted, when Grandpa went to the British prison in Latrun. She was pregnant with Mom and he met her once in jail and then only when he was released after four years.Grandpa and Grandma were builders of Netanya and received the city's darling award.

Dad played football for Maccabi Tel Aviv until he enlisted and from there my love for the game.

The parents met in the military when he was a lieutenant colonel and she was a female teacher. After they were released, they did not find themselves and decided to try their luck in Brooklyn, USA, where the father had relatives.

My brother and I were born there.

Dad studied air conditioning engineering, Mom raised us and after seven years, she could not stand the longing for family and we returned to Netanya.

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(Photo: Reuven Castro)

My childhood

: I have almost no memories of America, except for the time Grandma came to look after me and I hid in the closet. When they did not find me, they called the police and found me inside, sitting on a stool and smiling.

I studied there in a kindergarten class at a yeshiva of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and kept his dollars. When we returned to Israel, they laughed at me because I did not know Hebrew, and after two weeks I acquired the language and insisted on not speaking English. That's why I do not speak it fluently.

I was obsessed with the whole package and a die-hard Maccabi Netanya fan. I studied at ORT Yad Leibowitz Electronics because Dad thought a vocational school would give me a profession and a livelihood, the problem is that I do not have good hands or a talent for languages. I got good grades because I was worried they prepare for me the lessons and wanted to be a lawyer. So it was clear that it will happen, when Mother met the director after years, she did not ask a graduate from law school, but some office I work.

Military Career

: Naturally I went on to reserve in electronics.

After half a year I retired and as punishment I was sent to the maintenance and logistics corps.

I loved command and management, acquired values, a good foundation for continuing and allowed myself to study a bachelor’s degree in economics and logistics and a master’s degree in public administration.

In the IDF, if you do not grow in the field and in the core tracks, you have no chance to advance and at the age of 32, after 13 years permanently, I decided to retire. .

towards the end of the service, I decided I wanted to go to the citizens. because Heath have great experience in Home Front command, joined to the central province summarize the preparations for war and sat campus.

organizational consultant of GOC was human resources manager at Coca-Cola. I gave him a resume and three months later I started to work Name.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: A high-tech woman, has worked for the fintech company Finstra for 17 years, and is now a director of a large project. We met two and a half years after the divorce the army, when I was a Major and regular soldiers, with the difference in age of 12 years. We got married after seven years. We live in the gardens of hope and we have two children together, four in total.

The Central

: I was for years the headquarters of Operations The company and even before I started, I told my boss that I wanted to run a space. After a year it happened. Work around the clock.

They do not usually leave the central company, but after not finding a follow-up position after four years, the company president and CEO asked me if I was interested in running the Tamir Corporation. Knowing I wanted to move to a national activity and be on the board and management of 750 employees, I moved to a company of six people, with no one below me.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: A non-profit company, for the benefit of the public, which was established to implement the Packaging Law of 2011, which aims to reduce the burying of packaging in the ground.

Every company that puts packaging on the market, manufacturer or importer, and all brand owners, are obligated to enter into an agreement with a recognized body, report on the number of packaging in Israel and pay by weight, type of material and where it ends its life.

A product that ends its life at home, such as milk, delicacies, or chickpeas, costs more because you have to collect it, sort it, recycle it, and campaign with Dedi the cat to be thrown in the orange bin.

The tariff is set once a week, according to the cost of the raw materials.

The local authorities are responsible for the evacuation to our sorting stations in Rishon LeZion and Afula, where they are separated using an optical eye, bag cleaners and magnets. Out of seven raw materials, four are sorted without human hand contact and sent for recycling in Israel.

There are private factories in the market that buy from me, or I pay them, depending on the type of material, and they wash and shred them and pass them on to manufacturers who recycle them into new products. Plastic bags can be turned into communication cables or black buckets for building, shampoos and detergents for benches and planters, and beverage bottles for “suppliers,” the manufacturers of the cherry tomatoes.

Circular Economy

: When I took the job I hired an innovation manager who has been involved in packaging all her life and we advise manufacturers and importers on what materials they should use and how, what color to choose so that the optical eye absorbs them, and what to avoid - multi-layered packaging like milk.

Its directors

My property consists of the largest companies in the economy, Tnuva, Osem, Strauss, Unilever, the Central Company, Shufersal, Hogla Kimberly and more.

We have a restrictive exemption from the competition authority, with the supervision of an attorney at each meeting so that they do not talk about prohibited issues. Only a very small number of people are allowed to go through the packaging reports and are not allowed to pass on information.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: There are 1,700 importers and manufacturers who pay us handling fees and bear on their backs at least 3,000 lawbreakers, who do not apply the language of the law and are not enforced. I suggested to the Minister of Economy and the Minister of the Environment that anyone who puts a container in Israel should show that he has an agreement with Tamir and then there will be a real indication of all the packaging entering the country and the ability to track those who evade payment.

Orange tin

: Designed for collecting plastic packaging, beverage cartons, tin cans and beverage bottles. I separate the lid of the delicacy, clean the cottage container and keep the roll of toilet paper separately, and place in our bags only orange disposables. Over time I learned to treat garbage like raw material.

The climate conference mainly discusses the carbon footprint and unfortunately the high talk does not seep down. To keep our ball, everyone has to do their best in his little God plot.

Extension of the Deposit Act

: The burden of the deposit law on the public is heavy so I opposed it.

Our orange tin was accessible and the bottles could be routed there without having to impose a 30 agorot deposit on them.

The small bottles are consumed in the supermarket and restaurants, and the large ones at home.

I do not see many people go to the supermarket with ten bottles to get three shekels.

It is much easier to throw them in the written bin which is widely scattered and without unnecessary hassles.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: In the world of garbage, which is considered to be the most low-tech there is, technology will lead.

The reports of how much and what waste will be done without human hand contact to be transparent and increase trust, we have carts in garbage rooms and when they are collected the truck documents them, and round bins that look like igloos standing on street corners and have sensors that can detect the volume in the bin.

When it passes 75% occupancy it transmits a signal and they come to evacuate it.

Criminal organizations

: Our garbage is less attractive to their taste, they like the deposit.

There are cases where they drill holes in the purple bins to take out the small bottles.

One-time taxation

: Plastic consumption should be reduced, but this world should be divided into critical and unnecessary things.

Hard not to need, but containers for cheese yes.

I would like them to reduce the use of non-recyclable raw materials so that we do not have to bury them in the ground.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Competition: The Packaging Law allows for multiple entities, even those established for profit. Competition is a means that usually helps to get a cheaper product. Recycling costs money and if not everyone is required to charge a minimum amount from the manufacturer and importer and pay fixed amounts for advertising and marketing expenses, it will go to waste and a pity.

Increasing the handling fee

: We announced an increase in the handling fee from the manufacturers and importers by 15% and not by 26% as published. The demands from the Ministry of Environmental Protection to lay out more bins and dispose of more waste, are justified. For five years we hardly raised the price and in Corona we made sure not to do so.

80% of our expenses are in the local authorities and when they dispose of more waste and bins, and money is invested in advertising and marketing, the price goes up. We charge a few cents for each item and the consumer should not feel the price increase.

There is a company that collects e-waste and wants to be a recognized body for collecting packaging and it is the one that incites some importers and manufacturers against us. We at Tamir do not oppose the competition, assuming it comes under the series, lest the competitors, who operate within business companies, charge less money to transfer our customers to them, and invest less in publicity, marketing and making the cycle accessible to the public.

I understand the anger because of the price increase, but the companies also understand that Tamir does things with transparency and responsibility. I made appointments with Electra and IKEA even before they came out against us in the media, because I am not interested in arguing in public. After we sit down and talk I'm sure they'll be less angry.


: Make sure you have at least one short day a week to be with family. I have a good gym downstairs and I take care of aerobics and weights.

Looking to the future

Sometime I want to be the CEO of a global company or a part of the world. Before entering Tamir did not have the slightest idea about the climate crisis and caught the bug environment and B"tmir "I have more to do and implement.

" Executive Summary "with Rani Aiidlr, also published in the supplement Maariv "Business", Friday, 3.12

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