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"The CEO explained to us how important it is to take care of the mind and fitness" - Walla! Money


Happy Hour "in the company's offices with the most fun name in the field:" Gong "- which analyzes and streamlines sales and communication processes. We found happy employees, yoga mattresses and even a bottle of Jack Daniels

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"The CEO explained to us how important it is to take care of the mind and fitness"

We went to "Happy Hour" in the company's offices with the most fun name in the field: "Gong" - which analyzes and streamlines sales and communication processes between companies and customers.

We found happy workers, yoga mats and even a bottle of Jack Daniels


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Liat Ron

Thursday, 02 December 2021, 14:02 Updated: 15:24

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What to do

: Gong Iao, or "Gong" for short, records all sales, service, and technical support calls made by phone, email, and other media. The system analyzes what is said and identifies the important patterns, trends and insights in order to increase sales, reduce customer abandonment and increase the company's market share, show salespeople the chances of closing any transaction, and provide alerts on transactions that require intervention.


Tali Hirsch

, 40 plus, married plus two, lives in Ramat Hasharon. Position: Group product manager, one year and ten months in the company.

Oren Cohen

, 35, married, lives in Petah Tikva. Position: Software engineer, six months in the company

Shai Mark

, 35, single, lives in Tel Aviv. Position: Software engineer, ten months in the company.


: Gong offices are located in the stock exchange complex in Ramat Gan, in a new and tall tower, and 200 employees of the company in Israel, scattered on two high floors. Properly there, right in front of the front door hangs a large Chinese gong made of metal. .

there is a modest room with yoga mats, table tennis and a gym and nursing room with a comfortable armchair, a tissue, a refrigerator with water and mostly private.

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To the full article

Gong Iao, or in short - Gong.

Right: Oren Cohen, Tali Hirsch and Shai Mark (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Coffee break

: The kitchenette is decorated in natural wood, with a burgundy stripe.

Opposite are large windows overlooking the sea with paintings in honor of the hackathon that took place in the morning.

On a large island covered with natural marble are placed small wooden crates with apples, pineapple and avocado.

On the counter are glassware with a mix of health, granola, dates, yogi berry, a coffee machine, two microwaves, a vitaminchik, an open box for ten types of tea, and granulated coffee, sucrose and sugar.

On the burgundy shelf are drink bottles, including Jack Daniels good vodka and fine martinis.

There is also a snack drawer on halva in all sorts of flavors, crembo, health snacks and Lindt chocolate.

In the refrigerator Bulgarian cheese, feta, cottage cheese, cream cheese with olives, plain yogurts, pro yogurt, soy delicacies, pastrami and also tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and lettuce for those who feel like cutting a salad, and there are also sauces, milk of all kinds.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Tal graduated with a degree in Biology and from the University and studied Bioinformatics in the Department of Computer Science, which focuses on solving biological problems using the computer and forecasts using statistical models and artificial intelligence. During her degree she worked five jobs to fund it and herself and graduated with the poor timing of the high-tech bubble burst.

She was able to find a job at a cyber company as the person responsible for mapping software weaknesses, moved to QA, and progressed to product management. After the wedding she decided to set up a venture herself. "My husband had a software-based social media marketing startup that came to help businesses generate a fan base on Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit and I was his lab. At the same time I used his tools to raise awareness of the climate crisis in European and American audiences that began to open up to Al Gore's film.

"I did not do it for profit, but I learned what it is like to start a business from scratch, I set up a startup that closed after a year and a half and in 2010 my husband and I set up a startup for interactive messaging. We invested all our savings and started working, but failed to raise money before launching the product. And we had to close. "

Reality brought Tal back to the labor market and "culture", from there she moved to "aeromobility" and just before it closed she was approached by Gong. "My husband heard good things about the company. I was skeptical, but when I met more and more people I fell in love, because the DNA of the employees is unique. There is no judgment, everyone is fully responsible for what he does and wholeheartedly."

Digital flows into the vein in the veins. From a very young age he dabbled in computers, built websites, programming and after studying electronics, the IDF recruited him to the ICT Corps and he found himself building the base portal of Bahad 7. After graduation he studied computer science at the College of Management in Rishon LeZion and was accepted to Artimedia ", Smart internet advertising and built the system that manages the campaigns and advertisements.

Because he lacked the technical orientation, he moved to Collage, which deals with smart ecommerce, moved to Signal Analytics and ECI, where he managed a team of five people and then the corona started." One day, "he says," a friend posted a post, 'Do you want to work with me?' And in a completely cynical section, with no serious intent, I submitted a resume. And out of a desire to look for a job, I found myself here and this is one of the best moves I have made.

"All the interviews were zoomed in and only the last one was face to face, and it's not easy because you can not always reflect your abilities through the camera and without direct contact. I arrived at the offices at the end of the second wave and no one noticed I was new because there was huge excitement of people seeing Each other".

Shai went through a classic geek track: a computer major, service in one eight-unit in a technical position and after her release she was debating whether she even wanted to stay in the field. She enrolled in a program in computer science at the Hebrew University combining art studies at Bezalel, and had experience in drawing, sculpture, video, and painting.

"In September 2020, I had a liver disease that I live with," she says, "and I had to downshift so my studies went beyond what was planned. When I finished my degree, I looked for a job and struggled, because many places just did not come back to me, only small start-ups.

"Then I came to Gong, my first job in high tech. I asked to be interviewed head-on and the atmosphere was pleasant, with an emphasis on professionalism and personal responsibility, but also on balance between home and work. I started working in the second closure, had personal zoom meetings with staff ", That I could ask her any question in any field."

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: Oron has no such thing as going to bed without playing a little game of "Fifa" first, because he is addicted. Besides, he improves his culinary abilities in Asian cuisine and goes to the gym every day with piety.

Tal practices yoga twice a week, returns to running after a period of pause and listens to podcasts. Shai draws and draws, and climbs climbing walls with a few other guys from the office after work.

Corona: Tal says that the company upholstered them from the beginning, encouraged them to take home equipment from the offices, those who felt the need could receive psychological treatment for the family, there were sweet deliveries home, zoom performances by Lior Soshard, Red Band, even organized a virtual virtual run with headphones, yoga and functional training .

"We received a free mourning and registration for the babysitters and cleaners website. The CEO explained to us how important it is to take care of the mind and fitness and we did random one-on-one meetings to meet new people."

Oron: "The slack was grilling people and offering an event, that's how I was exposed to people I had no contact with before. Following the dizzying success, we continue them frontally."

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Added value: All the events in Gong are deliberately modest, there is no eye-popping and pyrotechnics, but an intention to mark important events. When there are those who hit the gong and everyone gathers to drink chasers together, eat chocolates and cakes and pies that the workers bring from home. The teams have a tradition of Coffee Break once a week, with each member taking care of refreshments by turn.

Once a quarter there is a "recharge", the company's global silence from Thursday to Sunday, and make sure to be "offline" without interruptions and everyone dies for it. Founder and CEO Amit Ben-Dov, devotes a long walk every new employee, in this land office Yarkon Park and back.

Numbers on one raid his office in San Francisco, made in one day 34,000 steps with the workers there. Besides, there is a raffle of breakfast with Ben Dov and those who have been with the company for over a year are invited to attend the board meetings.

Shai: Every employee is entitled to a one-week professional course of his or her choice, even if it is not in the daily core occupation.

There is a running group, Pilates, Heat, once a quarter there are trips to which one guest can be invited, and separate family trips and besides each team goes out on its own formation days.

Everyone has Cebus, but also catering every afternoon that solves the dilemmas of what to eat and is usually also healthier.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

What to wear

: When there is an important zoom, Tal throws on a jacket, but in general they come dressed comfortably.

Where to work from

: In principle, strive to work twice a week from the office and the staff coordinates with each other when this happens.

Shai shows up for work every day, because it is most convenient for her to work from the office, surrounded by people, and Tal admits that sometimes it just saves cooking.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Oron says that he is accepted in the market and that money is not the important parameter for him.

Shai, who is, as mentioned, her first work, has nothing to compare and Tal really has no claims.

What's next

: Professional development is important to everyone.

Tal wants to grow with the company, which is now in an abnormal momentum, and says that employees do not leave the company even when they are forced to relocate due to family constraints and continue to work from a distance.

Shai keeps an eye on the "front-end" course, with her goal being to reach the "Paul Stack" team, and Oron just enjoys every moment.

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